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    Pontiac Trans-Am

    Sorry, that project was never finished..never got the energy to finish it off
  2. KTM_Calle

    Far Cry military modding

    You must be ironic. Try pushing a barrel down a cliff or why not a set of steps, watch it hit every bump and stone, and if you are a bit lucky you might hit someone down there, they get knocked to the ground by the barrel and mangled as it rolls over them. Then try it in ofp... And if we are talking for example helicopter physics, they helos dont use very much physics in far cry, because they are mostly scripted. Why? They are not controllable by players, so lots o' physics would not be needed. And if you want helo physics, shoot one down from the sky and watch all the bits fly around and hit people in the face.
  3. KTM_Calle

    Something really Nasty!

    Looking wonderful  What kind of boat is it? (Dunno if i missed it or you didn't type it  ) Edit: Aha, "Nasty" Class...silly me
  4. KTM_Calle

    1989 Pontiac Trans Am GTA

    *Bump* Updated pictures in first post
  5. KTM_Calle

    1989 Pontiac Trans Am GTA

    Well, idle sound inside and outside the car would be fine. Is it possible to have a separate sound when you start the car?
  6. KTM_Calle

    1989 Pontiac Trans Am GTA

    Trans Am in the winter?? Don't make me hurt you!
  7. KTM_Calle

    1989 Pontiac Trans Am GTA

    Looks very good Â
  8. KTM_Calle

    1989 Pontiac Trans Am GTA

    Im not sure how im gonna do with the lights, can i disable the lights when they are down? I might do the Camaro, if i have the energy for it
  9. KTM_Calle

    1989 Pontiac Trans Am GTA

    Looking good! Oh, btw - I drive '89 Camaro IROC-Z - very close cousin of this car, I've been thinking about making one of these for OFP... The model is almost complete, unfortunatelly I have no time to finish it PS.: Make sure to 'weld' centerline vertices before releasing the model! Do you have any pictures of the Camaro? Dont worry, the center seam will be gone!
  10. KTM_Calle

    1989 Pontiac Trans Am GTA

    350/open header would be great!
  11. KTM_Calle

    1989 Pontiac Trans Am GTA

    Bigger, 427ci (7 liter?)  Pic Engine pic Oh damn, you are really my idol! Thought you had a 3rd gen! Gen 1 is even cooler  It'd be wonderful if you could try to record that sound, nothing is more beautiful than the singing of a big block  427 in a '69, thats an unusual combination, is it not? :edit: nah, Jeeps are not my cup of tea, sorry
  12. KTM_Calle

    1989 Pontiac Trans Am GTA

    The Frightened Chicken will be there Red and black versions are planned
  13. KTM_Calle

    1989 Pontiac Trans Am GTA

    Yikes, that sounds terrible at the end.  If it is possible to do w/ a regular mic and get some decent quality, I can record my Camaro exhaust sounds if you want. You have a camaro? You are now my official hero! My ofp got a little fucked a few days ago, so i cant hear sounds in sp, only on online servers  Yes, the vertexes are not merged, i did a fast import from MAX to OFP to get a look of things, and i have gotten rid of most of the "seams" now. By the way Maximus, is it a 350 (5,7 L)? Or a 305(5,0 L)? Or something smaller? :EDIT: The Firebird/Trans Am and the Camaro are both GM F-bodies, and it is only minor differences between them, so it is not impossible that i make a Camaro also :EDIT 2: What the hell, i'll post a newer pic, where i've gotten rid of a few of the seams, and i've put a TEMPORARY texture on, to see how it would look
  14. Thought this game needed some more VEEEE_EIGHT! :EDIT: Updated pictures
  15. KTM_Calle

    Steyr aug & owen mk i

    I can assure you he did. The source