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    This is really off-topic but i really need pro help. Whats the script for getting a forum? Sorry I really need help! Sorta Looking for a sqriupt thats less then 15mbs so it fits on angelfire.
  2. Koolkid101

    Whats the best paintball gun

    Whats the best paintball gun for the cheapest price? $100-200 Also a realistic gun would be nice, just not so realistic that the police are gonna shoot me. Also are there any airsoft arenas in vermont?
  3. Koolkid101

    Climate Change

    Maybe it's not because of us, and it's some sorta natural thing that happens on Earth, but it still can't be good to have these things in the air anyways....
  4. Koolkid101

    Heavy Earthquake in Asia

    Time for China to step up to the plate, 2.6 million doesn't seem like an aweful lot for the 2nd most powerful nation in the world. http://www.beijingportal.com.cn/7838/2004/12/29/1820@2448124.htm
  5. Koolkid101

    US Civil War Mod ver.1.0 Beta Released

    Everything works fine in MP from what ive tested Any servers playing it some sorta mission for it? That'd be really nice
  6. Koolkid101

    US Civil War Mod ver.1.0 Beta Released

    They can go prone, but not lie down?
  7. Koolkid101

    US Civil War Mod ver.1.0 Beta Released

    How does this work with MP
  8. Koolkid101

    Heavy Earthquake in Asia

  9. Koolkid101

    US Civil War Mod ver.1.0 Beta Released

    It plays alright with 9 squads on my 4 year old dell. Not really fast but easily playable.
  10. Koolkid101

    US Civil War Mod ver.1.0 Beta Released

    I can't find the bayonet option but if your the officer you can command your men to fasten bayonets.
  11. Koolkid101

    American civil war mod close release!!!

    paindealers' link works but if it goes down I'll email it to someone.
  12. Koolkid101

    American civil war mod close release!!!

    Where was that place that you could upload files and have them up for 7 days? Anyone wanna email it to my gmail acount, only 20mbs?
  13. Koolkid101

    American civil war mod close release!!!

    Ohhh it might be released today....
  14. Koolkid101

    C&H Night

    Edc and SilentPro raped us in C&H:(
  15. Koolkid101

    F14 Tomcat Footmunch & TomiD

    nope. it reads Phoeix.... the name Phoenix is copyrighted the United States AirForce, and All Rights Reserved the Depardment of Defence, therefore usage of the name is disallowed without express written consent of the owner or inventor of said product. so he had to make up a new one  ROFLCOPTER, is that really true?
  16. Koolkid101

    Best country in the world?

    I haven't really noticed that much of a difference in quality of life from where I live in the Vermont and when I visited Europe.
  17. Koolkid101

    Wanzer Pack 15 - Wanzer Mech

    How do you download... Oh found the link here http://translate.google.com/transla....Enet%2F
  18. Koolkid101

    Rome: total war / napoleon total war

    A good place to download this demo is http://www.download.com/3001-7485-10311998.html?idl=n they have very fast downloads, 320kbs.
  19. Koolkid101

    The IANA is messing with my internet

    Ok, I'll try to put it as trusted, it's come up before but now it was slowing down the internet a lot. Ok I think it worked, thanks.
  20. Koolkid101

    The IANA is messing with my internet

    Ever since I've gotten Zone Alarm the found out that the Internet Assigned Numbers Agency has been trying to connect or something to my computer. I plug in the ip into ARIN WHOIS and it's the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. Everytime they try to connect or whatever they do it causes my internet connection to slow down thus kicking me out of battlenet for sc. They've tried to connect exactly 405 times now since ZA was installed, what do I do? 415 ATTEMPTS ARGHH
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    Since there are fights with rifles and stuff do people strafe around alot like they do in COD and UT2004 or is everything slower.
  22. Koolkid101


    I didn't like how in UT2004 you sorta glide around, is it the same with this? Or is it a bit slower and realisticer
  23. Koolkid101

    Korea... next?

    There wasn't exactly any oil in Afghanistan.
  24. Koolkid101

    Operation enduring freedom

    Damn that's some nice photoshopping
  25. Koolkid101

    Airsoft & Paintball and those in between.

    They had problems with the old models, but the new model 3's are great.