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  1. kevbaz

    RFA Sir Tristian

    Looking promising mate
  2. kevbaz

    Yomping 4 Heroes

    With just 2 days left untill we start our sponsored yomp we have raised close to £2500 for Help for Heroes. Big thank you for all your support and if you havent sponsored us then please do, even if its just £1 it all helps, you can do it very quick safe and secure online via the big red button on our website www.yomping4heroes.com Please feel free to join us at the Plume of Feathers on sunday lunchtime (hopefully!! :)) for a few pints Were raring to go now, fully kitted fully motivated :) thanks
  3. kevbaz

    Yomping 4 Heroes

    It was a really good week this week, We have featured in the local press, we have recieved over £600 in donations including giftaid in total now and we did a short midweek training session. It saw us Yomp 4 miles through the city in 1hour 20mins at a reasonable steady pace, i was personally carrying a huge 65lbs in my bergan, could certainly feel it in my neck and shoulders come the end ! :) We have a much longer route planned for bank holiday monday so no day of rest for us! annother evening midweek training session will be held also. Our Facebook group now has over 150 members which is fantastic and support continues to grow 6 weeks today is day one of the yomp :)
  4. kevbaz

    Yomping 4 Heroes

    Thank you very much mate everything really does help, so thank you again! We are set to feature in tomorrows local paper (Evening Herald) but here is a link to the online article http://www.thisisplymouth.co.uk/news/Yomp-HELP-FORCES-casualties/article-1283168-detail/article.html The response so far has been brilliant, please continune to support us :) many thanks
  5. kevbaz

    Bayonet/knife poll

    Just cant get my head around why people cant just accept that other people would like to see this implemented, conjouring up all sorts of bs just to have the last word, bluntly refusing to say "fair enough" and would rather continue to spill shite from their gobs than to actually get it in their head that the world doesnt revolve around them and that other people may actually have a different opionion from their own.
  6. kevbaz

    Campania de Malvinas MOD

    Looks good chaps, any plans to get it into arma2?
  7. kevbaz

    Yomping 4 Heroes

    There was no team training last weekend due to prior arrangements, i however managed to dislocate two fingers on my left hand whilst playing in goal on sunday :) We have our interview/photoshoot booked with the Herald this sunday so were looking forward to that, our team t-shirts arrived and they look absolutley fab. Planning continues and donatations are still coming in on and offline, if you havent done so yet then please do, its a fantastic cause and we need all the support you can give us! thanks
  8. kevbaz

    Pilot proxy?

    thanks :)
  9. kevbaz

    Pilot proxy?

    the drop down is blank for me? ive typed in driver and its given me the proxy triangle but if i want to view the model in bulldozer it errors saying it cannot open the .p3d for the driver/pilot thanks for the help, not done anything like this for about 5 yrs (scince flk work :))
  10. Thinkim having a blonde moment, but how do i get the pilot proxy into 02? ive done create>proxy but i dont know what to type in the box? cheers
  11. kevbaz

    Bayonet/knife poll

    Quote... http://blogs.mirror.co.uk/observation-post/2009/04/bayonets---the-future.html
  12. kevbaz

    Bayonet/knife poll

    people seemingly have a misconception about the use of bayonets, to me its coming accross as though a "bayonet charge" is someting resembelling the charge of the light brigade (minus the horses) or red vs blue of the battle for independance fields.. Bayonets serve a purpose in modern day military combat, fixing bayonets doensnt mean charging 500 meters into a grassy field to have it out with some dodgy oppo's, but its about the unexpected in close quaters, your clearing an enemy position, your weapon may jam or the flaming mukkas may suddenly appear from knowhere. All of the above is not only applicable in real life, but also in game, is this game not trying to be a modern 'mil sim'?
  13. kevbaz

    Yomping 4 Heroes

    Thanks for the tip and the support :) Recieved some good news today, the local paper is going to be running a story on us and also The Sun are going to be plugging us on their "Friends of Heroes" page :)
  14. kevbaz

    Yomping 4 Heroes

    The site has now been updated with some pics and a write up from the weekends training :) cheers! :)