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    Very strange problem

    I've supposedly given up and left yadda yadda but meh. Maybe you should try reinstalling Windows. You aren't supposed to uninstall DirectX 9; I think that is why you are having problems. When you reinstall windows, make sure you install DirectX 8.1 (if none of your games, like Mechwarrior 4 or Soul Reaver 2, have it on the installation disk and you cannot find it online because it's a real bitch trying to find anything online, e-mail me and I'll send it to you).
  2. Any of you who read my posts know fully well where I stand on the issue of Operation Flashpoint's many problems. After many months of little improvement and little promise of improvement, I have become weary of Operation Flashpoint (I am not only talking about the complete death of the version one point four six online community). I am not falling away from it because it is "too hard" or "too realistic," or even because I have "gotten bored of it." The opposite is true. Bohemia Interactive seems to have abandoned what made Operation Flashpoint unique and is now heading along a more popular path. Now, most of you will see this thread as "attention whoring." That's fine. You say, "Yay! The whiney, grumpy, nitpicky guy is leaving!" But I ask you, am I really the only player that is displeased for these reasons? More importantly, am I the only player that has not bought Resistance, and has also become weary of Operation Flashpoint, for these reasons? I will tell you. I am not. You are rid, perhaps, of one more of us, but the problems with the game still remain. Well, if you are happy with it, I suppose that you need no change. I do await Operation Flashpoint's sequel - not the next patch to attempt to fix the previous one's newly introduced problems, and not the next degradation. Oops! I mean "expansion." I do not have a great store of hope for this, but I have some. I remember what Operation Flashpoint originally was.
  3. Kermit

    Planting satchel charges

    The following rant is not talking about this particular search, as it appears to have been a half-hearted stab. However, I cannot think of a better place to address the issue. Whenever someone posts something that has been discussed several times before, it is automatically assumed that they did not search, or that they searched for thirty seconds and then gave up. However, the truth is that a search usually yields many things that are closely related to the problem at hand but which do not help to solve the actual problem. I speak from experience. I myself have been irritated (although not at this forum) when someone posts a thread which is a repeat of many previous topics that have been discussed to death and can be easily found with a two minute search. However, especially with something as specific as scripting, you cannot expect a general principle to provide the answer a specific problem. I have spent an average of half an hour per problem searching here under different words for answers to my various problems. I grow weary of wading through pages of threads that have little to do with my problem, so I make my search more specific, which gets me no results whatsoever. Then I post a thread, and am told to search. Now, I do not blame those who want people to search before posting. However, they must realize that often they do search, sometimes extensively! I do not have time for wading through bullshit. Mission editing is time-consuming enough without wasting a full sixth of one's free time for the day. Yet some people (although I will not say most) seem to be very grudging about giving out information, especially if they have given it already to someone else. It just isn't right.
  4. Can one set the probability of presence for an entire group, so that either the group will be there at the start of the mission or it won't? If you do it individually for each unit in the group, then at the start of the mission that group is quite sparse, but always there are some units there (although technically if you restarted the mission several billion times, there'd be a time when they are all there or none are there). Perhaps something could be arranged by assigning the group an identification?
  5. Kermit

    Vote ofp into worldcybergames!

    Actually, having Resistance twice will actually hurt its vote count, unless everyone who votes for Resistance votes for it twice (which isn't very probable). You see, having it twice divides the number of votes for in two. Perhaps someone ought to inform them of their error.
  6. Kermit

    Is ofp 2 even a reality?

    Operation Flashpoint has one of the three most idiot-free mulitplayer communities of all time. The other two are Red Baron 3D's and IL-2 Sturmovik's. I am not prepared to choose which of the three is the most idiot-free. If you want some contrast, try out Battlezone or Counterstrike. Those are the worst two I've ever seen. I am really surprised at how bad Battlezone is; you expect Counterstrike to be bad, but Battlezone...
  7. Kermit

    New official unit !

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (SpaceAlex @ Dec. 25 2002,22:51)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">G36a is for mulitplayer and single player missions, not for campaign missions.<span id='postcolor'> Play Red Hammer. You use the G-36 in that campaign. Who gives a damn about whether or not it was made in nineteen eighty five. Of course, it would be nice if they left it out of the nineteen eighty five-based campaign. The problem with the G-36 is the damage value (it kills in one shot every time no matter where it hits even though it is the same caliber as the M-16).
  8. Kermit

    Popping smoke?

    I confess I did not search this time because every time I search I get something close to what I am looking for but not quite it. I thank you for your help.
  9. You heard him. He even gave you words to search under. If you come up with nothing using those search words, then you can complain to him via private message and he can delete the message without reading it. When searching, set the search date to the beginning.
  10. Kermit

    Man, that was hard..

    I, on the other hand, do not recommend it. I recommend getting the original Operation Flashpoint and the Gold Upgrade (Red Hammer and the patch and all that). However, most people like Resistance. Much more do than don't, so you probably will like it, especially if you like the demo.
  11. Kermit

    Popping smoke?

    That does help a lot. Â Thank you very much, Bos'n [edit]Even though I now know where I want to put the helicopter, I cannot put it there. In the "on activation" field of the trigger, I put this: "uh60mg" createunit [2908,20,1735,groupalpha] That is using the format described in the command reference in the mission editing section of this site. However, the game doesn't like the way I wrote the coordinates. Also, I cannot figure out how make the helicopter start out flying. Is there something I could put in the init field to make it do so? Maybe it would look something like this: "uh60mg" createunit [2908,20,1735,groupalpha,fly] Help![/edit]
  12. Kermit

    Christmas trees?

    You have my apologies. I didn't mean to slight you, I thought you were giving us a little Christmas joke. At another forum I attend, people do photoshops all the time. It adds a little humor.
  13. Kermit

    Christmas trees?

    That's an excellent photoshoppery. Â Have a merry Christmas.
  14. Spitfire, there are also tides to account for.