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  1. I played trial by fire mission earlier with 1.03 at vet. Still the same problem. Enemies spot you instantly in very dense bushes with no troubles while you are prone or crouched, while you can barely see their heads through the dense grass and still looking where they are while bleeding to death.
  2. King Poulet

    Ai thread

    i'd like the leader AIs on team to be more specific when giving orders. Like, ALL MOVE TO THAT TREE! Which tree? wtf, there's like hundred's of them... I think OFP used to be much more specific, like adding 2 o clock or something. Saying to left or to right isn't helpfull neither, confuse me more than anything.
  3. Disapointed with the sound too. Gunfire from 500m still sound like I was just as 10m from it. And AI's Xrays vision through vegetation still active, it not worth putting vegetations ON yet. Looks like I pass. Thanks for the effort BIS tho.
  4. King Poulet

    Interface discussion

    I don't know if it has been mentioned, but I want a PAIN direction indicator like most of games. Since the sound is broken poor on this game, I can't tell where the bullets are coming from.
  5. King Poulet

    PvP: An Endangered Species

    That's doesn't add-up nor making sense. No matter how realistic the game is, if the community wants PvP, maps maker should at least focus for the best balance on both side that doesn't make more experienced player to pick the same side because of possible exploits, terrain flaws or vehicle superiority, otherwise it not fun for any players on the other side and would never join the server simply for that reason. It not a win win solution in long term. Why do you think BF2 servers are mostly infantry only nowadays? Vehicles map are just too unbalanced with the exception of few. J-10 maps with an average player as pilot could completely dominate a game just by himself because the J-35 has too much flaws and couldn't dog fight for ****. I remember in my OFP days, there was a tank map, M1 vs t80, equally numbered and same distance of the objective. Yet, I could beat an entire battalion of t80 with the M1 because it had less weak spot and was much faster. It was much harder on T-80 because there was a light slope on their side of the map that render the t80 tank slower than the m1 and I could never be the first to arrive on the objective technically. And the funny thing is, when the map was filled with AI as players, it looked balanced, but in the hand of good players, it was totally different, especially if they were aware of the flaws. I know there's map that actually work, maybe it sheer luck or because the game is new. I won't be surprised too see many of you taking advantage of a side and always sitting on it because of the flaws. I'm actually suggesting to to keep balance in mind if this community wants better PvP for starting.
  6. King Poulet

    ArmA II more popular that COD

    er wait, this is the multiplayer forum, isn't it what we are discussing now?
  7. King Poulet

    GPS malfunctioning!?

    well thank you... so much controls to learn :D
  8. King Poulet

    ArmA II more popular that COD

    it not even on IGN list, but IGN weak sauce too (Diablo III in the top 100? wtf)
  9. King Poulet

    GPS malfunctioning!?

    I wish they could make the GPS showable on fps view instead of map only. As a matter of fact, I just don't understand why they couldn't just put a map overlay on it instead of just flat numbers. It not like we haven't the technology to do it today.
  10. Yeah I can't have much speaker sounds because I live in an apartment, and I much prefer headphones since I don't have budget for a decent speaker system. I can live with sound imperfections.
  11. Is the game would benefits some fps boost if I add an external audio card? I currently use my default Realtek and I can use an Audigy 4 if I could. Some games doesn't really matter if I use software or hardware audio but some have some quite differences. I'd like to know if ArmA could do a difference.
  12. King Poulet

    ArmA II more popular that COD

    that's unpossible
  13. King Poulet

    Graphics engine improvement

    Damn that was subtle, you are right, never noticed before. Maybe too inanimate?
  14. King Poulet

    Game physics

    Something really bothered me on this game is you can plow an entire forest with an APC, while you can't pass over a wall of rubbles. This is to me unacceptable. OFP originally allowed you to plow singles trees but you couldn't on dense forests, I was ok with this.
  15. King Poulet

    Graphics engine improvement

    Trees reacting to winds. It kinda flat and lifeless as it is. Which brings: does this game has wind? When Ghost Recon was released 8 years ago while playing OFP, I was just flabbergasted of the trees effects. 8 Years later ArmA still lacking in this area.