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  1. It's alive! Dude, I'm waiting for the Blender -> Mlod Eporter since I first stumbled upon this thread months ago, any idea how long it will be until a release (a Ballpark number would be fine, weeks, months, a year ...) ? Anyway, looking forward to it :)
  2. With the frequent beta releases I found it tiresome to make new language patches all the time, so I wrote a little script. It will also make a langauge patch for non beta versions. Maybe it's useful for some of you too, if you're interested, get it here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/z9gi5v Check the readme, you need to put your arma2 path in the bat before the first run. I'll answer further Questions here, if there are further questions. KKB
  3. Yeah, sorry about that, that wasn't exactly helpful. :o ;) Looking forward to it! Just pm me once the release rush dies down a little. KKB
  4. It does. As I wrote, I love the Idea. I think what I miss most in the current state is a simple "Download and install ACE2 mod now" option, optimally in the first console menu that opens. I wouldn't mind configuring and setting up things with the server later on. I'll check it out
  5. If you have to release 3 youtube vids of how your installer (not even the product itself!) works, then I'm sorry, but you're doing it wrong ;) I develop Software myself, and I know how an idea can grow into something you love, which makes sense and everything, but in the end you lost your users. Guys, seriously, you start a server which people access with their webbrowsers to manage your mod?! Are you kidding me? :eek: I'm actually sitting here laughing, it's that bad. I love the idea of the whole mod manager idea, ease of update etc, but holy shit, please start again from scratch. With the reputation of the ACE mod this thing has the chance to become the de facto standard way of mod distribution, please don't force _this_ down the communities throat. I'd love to discuss some ideas with those in charge of the updater now, if you're interested drop me a line. KKB
  6. Thanks If you want to, sure. The air raid siren sound is built in the game, just a matter of activating it when something happens.
  7. Vanilla Arma 2. Modules are another class in the editor (besides Units, Triggers, Waypoints etc.) I think it does, IIRC I read something about artillery calculations being done on the server. Don't know for sure though.
  8. Artillery Module at work: It's all gameplay, no scripting. Effects are awesome. Mad props to the "Arma2 is just OFP with better Addons" crowd ;)
  9. I made a little video based on the example mission by Headspace.
  10. KKB

    Change the Language in Arma 2?

    Thanks Meek! Looks like I've been wrong, if you are suddenly a seagull then that indeed might be FADE. I always wanted to see the fabled FADE myself (how about a -fade command line switch so we paying customers don't miss out? ;) j/k), maybe I try messing with the files in Dta... :D As stated in the danish forum, overwriting original content is always a bad idea (FADE or not, there will be the issue of BIS sign keys no longer working which might give you grieve trying to play online), always use modfolders and/or custom PBOs, this way you will always be able to start the vanilla version. You can change everything without touching the original files.
  11. KKB

    Change the Language in Arma 2?

    I doubt that, since any addon could trigger FADE if this where true. Actually, AFAIK FADE was never mentioned post OFP - CWC, end even back then I suspect it has been more FUD(1) then Fact (I don't know for sure, but my money is on FUD :p ). If you tell someone his illegit copy will slowly degrade, then it will. Suggestion is a powerful thing. Just look around in more recent threads of people having smoother gameplay with -maxmem4096 than with -maxmen2047, even though the devs have clearly stated that 2047 is the limit, higher numbers won't change that. But I have to admit, FADE might be the best copy protection ever, wether it is indeed implemented in the game or only in the pirates brain. Pure genius, illegit copy holders never know if FADE is at work... :D (1)FUD: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt
  12. I get "Out of range", regardless where I click on the map. Tried with Mortars and M119. Any Idea what may be the issue?
  13. A lengthy discussion about this can be found here. I think the conclusion was that binarizing the p3d puts rvmat info into the ODOL, but only the first set, injury/damage materials need the rvmat file itself present in the pbo, the "primary" rvmats probably don't need to be present in the final pbo. A reliable way to put the secondary rvmats in the pbo is to add *.rvmat in the copy files list (which will copy the primary rvmats too, but they are small so whatever). It's important to get the path infos right though, check the thread I mentioned above, Sy gives good instructions how to do that.
  14. When in UAV control mode (at the terminal) call up the map screen and left click on the village or whatever, it will circle that area (you can also see the waypoints of the uav on the map). Anyone here had any luck getting a steady view of the area? It's impossible to keep the camera on the target with the mouse when the uav makes a turn. Some kind of target lock is essential to make it useful. It helps if you let it fly higher, but there is no way you can reliably use the laser marker. You are lucky if you are able to mark an interesting spot with B. The all or nothing zoom is kinda bad too. If there is a "lock camera on one point" option I have missed please let me know. Oh, and one last thing, where do the missiles go the MQ-9 carries? Am I supposed to mark a target with the laser pointer after firing a missile?
  15. Thanks! :) I see! Thanks so far, more infos will be apreciated, allthough I reckon that documentation is not that high on the BIS todo-list at the moment ;) That works of course, but even if I move it to the extreme sunny side I still get a greyish sky. That might have to do with my slightly outdated gfx card though, will buy a new one anyway. BTW, the included Logic Modules are: Alternative Injury Simulation Ambient-Combat Manager Artillery Artillery - virtual UAV First Aid: Action Functions Construction Menu Act of War (not sure if thats right, it's Kriegshandlung in the German Version, but some translations seem fishy) Garbagecollector Military Symbols High Command - Commander High Command - subordinate Preload Manager Secondary Operations Strategic relation layer (? Strategische Bezugsschicht, not sure what thats supposed to mean, so my translation might be off) Surrendering Animal Module Carrying injured to safety Weather Civilian vehicles Civilians Zone restriction Thats quite a lot to figure out :)