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    New Anim pack for replacing Anim.pbo

    Maybe I'm stupid, but I was under the impression that this pack was going to include more non-static animations. So far, the only changes I've seen are how the soldier holds the weapon in standing, crouching and prone. No new safe weapon animation, nothing.
  2. KTottE

    Glow-Sticks addon!

    Actually, in-mission added eventhandlers should overwrite addon-supplied ones. So the glowsticks should work, but other effects tied to the units might be disabled.
  3. KTottE

    Glow-Sticks addon!

    MrZig just recieved the updated version, so I hope we'll see a new ZIG_GlowStick addon pretty soon
  4. KTottE

    Glow-Sticks addon!

    All the sticks currently light up the environment. The green is the brightest, followed by the blue, and red comes in at a third place. Perhaps you have something wrong with your OFP settings?
  5. KTottE

    Glow-Sticks addon!

    There's a much easier way of accomplishing it though I've tweaked these a little bit, and I'll be trying them out with my squad for the next few days. Once that's done, I'll send the modified addon over to MrZig so he can release a new version of this addon. The changes include: * No burning sound from the glowstick object * They come in bundles of five * They take up pistol ammunition slots instead of regular ammunition slots They should be tested and ready to go in the next two or three days, and then I'll send the changes over to MrZig ASAP.
  6. Works very well on Radeon 9800 Pro 256Mb, 4.6 Catalyst drivers. I'm sure this will make OFP a much more enjoyable experience
  7. KTottE


    [FILO] is alive and kicking, although it's not about making OFP addons anymore. We might make some for OFP2, but that depends. The reason the [FILO] addons were made was because [FILO] wanted to see those weapons in the game. If they already exist, or if someone else makes them, there's no point for [FILO] to make them as well [moose] is both related and unrelated to [FILO]. [moose] is a group of gamers that play games ranging from Operation Flashpoint to Americas Army and Lock On. We also play other games in various degrees. [FILO] consists primarily of HuBBa (he's the only productive member of [FILO] today ;)), although other people from [moose] are around to pester him and drive him to excel at what he does I hope that answers any questions The [moose] website can be found at http://moose.kicks-ass.net/ and the [FILO] website can be found at http://filo.ofpec.com/
  8. KTottE

    1.97 servers running at:

    The 1.96 final is the final revision of that version (instead of being 1.96 beta or Release Candidate 1), not the final OFP version. Although I don't think BIS will be rewarding us with more patches before OFP2, unless some spectacular super-bug is found, like the CD jumps out of the CD-player, breaks down and stabs players to death.
  9. KTottE

    Post your desktop

    My Desktop (1600x1200, 640Kb) Observe how a good desktop should look.
  10. KTottE

    Why do you do it???

    I work with Swedish Forces Pack because I want to see swedish units in Operation Flashpoint. That's the simple explanation. We continue our work because we can't let go, there's always one more thing you want to see in OFP, so we make it Missions (and accompanying scripting) I make so that I can enjoy the addons I like with my friends. In the case of making addons, the reward is simply that I get to see the addons I like in OFP. And by releasing the addons I'm making it possible to use these addons in multiplayer games with friends and aquaintances. In the case of making missions, the reward is that I get to play missions that I like. It enables me to build any mission I want using any addon I want. Which ensures me that the mission will be realistic (within limits), and because I usually play with "proper" players, the mission is played out in a realistic manner. None, actually.
  11. KTottE

    Odol explorer v2.0

    Considering that ALL addonmaking and ALL missionmaking started with sneaking a peek into BIS' things, "stealing" their stuff if you wish, where would we be today if BIS had made it impossible to do that?
  12. KTottE

    Recent development...

    I swear to God, if one more person posts in this thread claiming that GPL or another open source license is removing or preventing the rights of an end user I will come to your house and slap you over the head with a bucket of common sense. If you want to see GPL and other open source licenses in action, you are very welcome to visit http://www.sourceforge.net/ and http://www.freshmeat.net/ . Thousands of open source projects and derivatives of those projects, and the best thing of all is: It works perfectly. The only person so far to give a good reason in this thread not to open-source addons is Dinger. I do agree that completely open source things ("Here, have it all!") would probably cause issues, much the same issues that Dinger mentions. But on a smaller scale, things would work just fine. Swedish Forces Pack (which I'm involved with) have shared in the past, and probably will share in the future, models, scripts, textures and sounds with other addon teams. We see something that we like (such as a script-effect) or something we need (such as a model), and we ask the author of said thing if we can re-use it and perhaps modify it (mostly that's the case with the scripts) for our purposes. Not once have we been turned down. Not once have we turned down an addon team that wants to use our things. And the main reason I have for participating in this thread is that I don't want the above to change. I want addon teams to work together and share things for the common good. Because, let's face it, there is no point in reinventing the wheel. As for which open source license that is best suited for distributing addons and scripts, that's a whole other discussion really. And nothing says you can't use different licenses from time to time. Write a good script that you don't want to see closed down, use the GPL. Write a good script that you don't really care if it's closed down, use the BSD license.
  13. KTottE

    Recent development...

    Are you listening to yourself DM?
  14. KTottE

    Recent development...

    I just think it's sad that a thread dedicated to the discussion of a serious matter (a more and more closed mentality among addon makers) turns into a slander-fest between people and mod-teams. And, reading this thread, it's not always the peoples fault that the discussion turns from the original topic to be focused on one or more mod-teams in particular.
  15. KTottE

    Recent development...

    Yes, there are a lot of different software licenses. GPL Compatible Licenses and GPL Incompatible Licences Note that just because the licences are incompatible with GPL does not mean that they aren't free software liences. The BSD licence is an example of one that is not compatible.
  16. KTottE

    Recent development...

    So you are saying that the GPL is flawed because it prevents people from closing an open product The GPL (and other open source/free software licenses) allows anyone to freely use the product. If it's a computer application they can use that (such as an IRC-client, forum software, Operative System, mediaplayer) just as they want. It also allows anyone to freely modify the product, making improvements or changes that they deem necessary, and then releasing this update/modification to the general public, as long as they provide the source material for the product. If the GPL allowed people to take the contents from open/free products and include them in closed products, it would serve no purpose. The GPL was created specifically for allowing and promoting the use of free and open products. It's entire reason for existing is to ensure that a product released under it will remain free for everyone to use.
  17. KTottE

    Recent development...

    I'd just like to hop in here and give DeadMeat a better understanding of what the GPL (and also other open source/free software) license means. General Public License There you can read the license in it's entirety, but I'll sum up the tasty bits for you all here (it's a whole bunch to read). <ul> [*]Anything released under the GPL can be modified by the end-user. [*]If you make any modifications to the item released under GPL, you are required to distribute this altered version along with the 'source' (in addon-making this would be the unPBO:ed scripts, models, textures and sounds etc.) so that further modifications can be made. [*]You cannot take an item released under the GPL and include it in a closed work (taking a GPL:ed script and using this in a binarized addon and not distributing an un-binarized version would constitute using it in a closed work) Now, you don't have to send out the source along with whatever you make, but you must allow people access to the source if they request it. To take the addon-world as an example you can distribute a binarized addon (that contains GPL:ed things), and if anyone asks you for the open version of the source, you e-mail it to them so they can look at it, learn, modify it, improve it. I'm not sure if DeadMeat misunderstands the General Public License, or if I'm misunderstanding what DeadMeat is saying, but I felt this clarification was necessary. That being said I agree with Vektorboson. There is too much "This is mine, mine I tell you!" mentality in the OFP addonmaking (and scripting/missionmaking for that matter) community. If people are so afraid of others deriving of their work, what's the point of even releasing addons, just play with them yourselves.
  18. KTottE

    The "community"

    First of all I would like to clarify that I'm writing this in my position as the head honcho in the #ofpec IRC channel (on irc.quakenet.org), and not as an addonmaker. In fact, the only addon I've ever made that's made it beyond my computer is the time-fused grenades used in the ECP, and those were heavily modded by the ECP guys Now, the "crusade" that DeadMeat is referring to (I won't use that word since it sends the wrong kind of message) is that I have noted a rather sad trend in #ofpec, where most of the time people can't get help with their editing or addon related questions, due to the others not caring or even actively flame people that come in with questions. Now I don't know about you, but I think that's rather bad in a channel that's supposed to be there to help people with editing and addon related questions. So, what I am doing is that I will actively work to improve the attitude and atmosphere in the channel, trying to eliminate some of the harsh language and get rid of the flamings. It is possible with cleaned up IRC channels, I have visited them so I know. Now, this process in the #ofpec IRC channel has nothing, whatsoever, to do with what DeadMeat started this thread off with. In this thread he is speaking in his position as a member of the BAS addon team, and not in his position as #ofpec staff. Our IRC channel has rules regarding foul language* and flaming, and we will actively enforce our rules if someone breaks them. Note however that this regards foul language and flaming, and not peoples opinions. And it has nothing, whatsoever, to do with this thread. If someone comes into #ofpec and has a lot of grief about BAS addons, he's very welcome to express this, as long as it's kept within the rules of the channel (don't use foul language and don't flame people). This also holds true if someone comes in and thinks George Bush is a bad president, or thinks that the Rolling Stones should retire, or whatever the topic of the discussion may be. We will not, ever, kick or ban someone for disliking an addon, or disliking an addonmaker. We will kick or ban someone that breaks the rules of the channel. That being said I figured I would contribute to the topic of this thread. Our hopes, at least my hope, is that by our actions we can create a flame-free place for people to come to. Once we have inflicted this small change on the OFP community, we will try to inflict it on the rest of the community too. Now, I am realistic, I know that there will always be the small bunch of people that are never happy, that always finds small mistakes in peoples work, and of course there's the people who simply enjoy harassing other people. We know we can never change them, and we don't want to change them either, it's quite simple to just ignore what they say. What might be an idea however is to highlight the other people in the community. We all know that the rotten eggs are just a fraction of the community, but why aren't we seeing more of the majority of the community? The ones that are able to give constructive criticism etc. If we try to encourage them to get more involved, and if they behave, we will see a dramatic drop in the amount of rotten eggs. It all boils down to respect. The community needs to respect the addonmakers for their talent, but mostly just for the simple fact that they are actively trying to improve the game that we play and love. But at the same time, it's a two-way street. The addonmakers have to respect the community. Without the community, there would be no real reason to make addons, and any artist has to respect his audience. Treat people the way you want them to treat you
  19. KTottE

    Operation white nights ak5

    Or attain express permission from the original author...
  20. KTottE

    Operation white nights ak5

    There is, to my knowledge, no FNC in Counterstrike, so how could we possibly have ripped that from CS? Especially a 100% fictional AK5 model which is purely our design... Why don't we work together, or at least not against eachother, all for the benefit of the community? It's not like we recieve money for addons downloaded, so we can't loose any profit from having a 'competitor' out there. KTottE, SFP Crew NOTE: I apologize for semi-hijacking a thread dedicated to Operation White Night's AK5, but I really resent the implication that SFP steals models or rip them from Counterstrike, especially since I know how much Shar and Eekster has worked on those. They deserve all the credit they can get.
  21. KTottE

    Missing addons: groups

    I'll just download them, easier for everyone Plus I'm half-way done already.
  22. Right, has anyone but me encountered this? What happens is I join a server to play on, but it tells me I'm missing this one addon. I check with the mission maker(s) and they check what addons they've put in the mission and I know I've got all of them. I check the mission.sqm and I know I have all the addons in the required addons list. Anyway, I'm going crazy trying to figure this one out, as "groups" is not exactly a descriptive addon-name I'm having problems finding out which addon it is. ZiRo tipped me off it might be a poorly made config.cpp which somehow bugs out when it tries to create groups for OFP, you know the ones you place in "F2 mode"? Not sure if that's the problem, but everything could be a solution to me right now. What I have installed now: FDF-mod BAS addons INQ WeaponPack INQ_MP5SD P2A2 (Flaregun) Baracken DLM Landrovers Kegetys Russian weaponpack (Had the problem before installing these) KMM International Soldiers (Had the problems before installing these) OFrP Air (Before my HDD-crash I had these and it worked) OFrP Armes (Same here) saru.pbo (island, forget it's name, had the problems before anyway) snYpir's support pack (had the problems before installing this) As it's hard for me to peek in on the other guy's comps I can't tell you what they have that might differ, but if you know anything, please just help me. This is an unexplainable error actually Oh, btw, one of the guys sent me a mission.sqm from one of the bugged out missions that the game wouldn't let me play, and I found that he had three entires for a SoldierGSaboteurPipe (side GUER) in the .sqm, but there was no corresponding unit on the map. So I removed those three entries and I was able to play the mission. However, I don't know what addon this is. Any ideas, help or thoughts?
  23. KTottE

    Missing addons: groups

    So I need UCE's units? *grumbles and downloads*
  24. Have you tested that in OFP? Because # mod 1 has worked for me in the past...
  25. Why not use the mod command? So do'er like this: _wholeInteger = _number mod 1 Then you will have a whole integer to work with, I.E 1, 2, 3, 4... edit To make it easier for you: _wholeIntegerWestSpawn = westspawn mod 1