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  1. Kacy

    Casing sizes?

    Ahh, i found the answer - Yes it is possible, with resistance It's really simple too. In the config file under the area where you define the ammo class, you add this; cartridge="FxCartridgeSmall"; And thus, when you have a smaller caliber rifle, subgun, when it fires it will eject pistol cartidges. Back to work i go, Kace
  2. Kacy

    Casing sizes?

    Hey guys, I was thinking earlier about how wrong it looks when say a 9mm MP5 is ejecting 5.56 casings. I'm sure it's possible to change what type of casings a weapon ejects, but i hav'nt the first idea what to do. If anyone has any advice on what to do or where to look, i'd really appreciate it. Thanks, Kace
  3. Hey guys, I'm having a bit of trouble with an MH60K I'm making; So here it is. I have removed all of the seats in the cabin area, and added a few ammocans to sit on for the troops. 3 Sit on the cans and 6 Sit on the floor, leaving two to sit in the doorway. My problem is that i have no idea how to get the soldiers to sit properly in tune to their position. For example. I want the two sitting in the doorway (Proxy.cargo.01, Proxy.cargo.02) to sit on their butt with their legs hanging over the side. And for the ones on the ammo can, i'd like them to just sit with the regular "Cargo" action. And for the 6 remaining, i would like them to be sittin' on their butt with their legs crossed. Maybe this would help explain it better: I would like the 2 in the doorway (Proxy.cargo.01, Proxy.cargo.02) to sit with their legs over the edge. CargoAction[]={"OnChair"}; For the 3 on the ammo cans, i would like them to sit like they were regular cargo. CargoAction[]={"Cargo"}; And for the six on the floor, i would like them to sit crosslegged. CargoAction[]={"EffectStandSitDown"}; So, how in the heck do you define what move goes with which proxy. I know there must be a way, so any help would be great. As you can tell, i am definately NOT a coder, so if you could spell it out for me, i'd appreciate it! Â Thanks, Kace
  4. Kacy

    The littlebird!

    %*$(@! So let me get this straight... There is no such thing as 2 sided texturing in Oxygen? Because this is REALLY setting me back! With me having to duplicate the polys of the interior, the Face count is around 8k. I could reduce the detail, but that would take weeks itself : x So, am i missing something, or what? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Kace Oh! And what ever happened to www.OperationFlashpoint.cz? They shut it down or somethin'?
  5. Kacy


    Nah... that's the way it goes. Flashlights are often mounted on Suppressor tubes. For instance the MP5SD uses them. It's easier then making a new adapter or forearm Cheers, Kace
  6. Kacy

    Freezing at desktop?

    OFP has been working fine for me for the long time that i have had it. Then out of the blue about two weeks ago Whenever i go to start OFP up, it freezes my entire system. I have to reboot (not even alt+ctrl+delete works) manually, then try it again. Usually it takes about 10 to 15 reboots to get the game running. I've tried reinstalling several times, and even cleaned up my memory, thinking it might of been a memory related problem. But no matter what, this keeps on happening. I can't see a cause for this - No new addons, no new patches, no editing, nothing. It just came up from nowhere. I would appreciate some insight to this problem so i can get back to my editing. If you are in need of further information, feel free to ask and i will do my best to provide. Thanks Kace
  7. Kacy

    Importing gif as textures to o2?

    That's odd. I've never heard of anyone having that problem before. With me, it's usually the exact opposite - TGA's carry the best quality and clarity where as GIF's are terrible, and distorted. I'm not sure why this is, but i'm hoping BIS could help us with an explanation. Cheers, Kace
  8. Howdy everyone! Thought i would give you an update on the LittleBird project i'm working on. Right now everything is working great, save for some texturing problems and the spotlight. But they should be solved within the next week. Just like the real MH-6, 6 soldiers can ride on the outter planks, and have a viewing radius of 180 degree's. Kinda cool to ride around with nothing obstructing your view. Â Â The pilot has an awesome FOV, with very little blocking your view as well, thanks to the bubble canopy. Also i have personally recorded the sound off of a real Hughes MD500E (civilian version) and am currently working on getting that in game. Sooo... with any luck it should be done somewhere in the near future. Hopefully within the end of june. If ya'll would care to see some screenshots i've listed the links to them below. Sorry if they're a bit grainy or dark... my computer does'nt like screenshots taken from DirectX Â Â Any suggestions, comments, or whatever are welcome. But i do want to remind you this is nowhere near done. It still has some work left to be done! www.geocities.com/aftershockdesigns/betatest/Screenshot2.jpg www.geocities.com/aftershockdesigns/betatest/Screenshot3.jpg www.geocities.com/aftershockdesigns/betatest/Screenshot4.jpg www.geocities.com/aftershockdesigns/betatest/Screenshot5.jpg www.geocities.com/aftershockdesigns/betatest/Screenshot6.jpg Let me know if any of the links don't work... I think they're ok, but i've been having trouble with Geocities... whatelse is new? Â Â Cheers, Kace
  9. Kacy

    Rotor axis help?

    Gah! I am such a moron. After i posted i found out about the vertex pins in the Memory LOD as PSC said. However i was having trouble with the forums and was not able to post. Now it works just fine. The chopper is pretty much finished saved for texturing and some low detail LODs. I'll prolly post it up here for all of us 'breathers' to play around with sometime in the near future. I'll post some screenshots if you guys are interested. Thanks for all of your help in this problem  Cheers, Kace --edit-- ScreenShots are listed here; http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=12965
  10. Kacy

    Rotor axis help?

    Oops... try it now, i updated the link. Silly me, i forgot it was case sensitive : p Kace
  11. Kacy

    Rotor axis help?

    Heya Peeps, So far i've gotten my MH6 Lil' bird in game and flying but i am still having one major problem which i don't quite know how to solve. The main and tail rotor spin on axis's that are not in their center, so they are spinning all over the place. They are not just off center and spinning... but the rotors themselves are spinning in a O pattern, along with the tail rotor. Does anyone have any suggestions or idea's as to what i am doing wrong? Such as tag names or something? I have a picture if it helps describe the problem. Any help would be much appreciated. Â Thanks Much, Kace Picture is at; www.geocities.com/aftershockdesigns/Beta1.jpg
  12. Kacy

    More texturing problems

    Antichrist, i had your problem as well, but it's easily solved I'll just do a step by step for ya, and hopefully this will get ya going. 1. Wherever Buldozer is installed (in my case C:\o2viewer) create a file in the name of the PBO you intend to make. Lets say... if you wanted to create an M16, you would have C:\o2viewer\M16. 2. Put all of your textures, Config, P3D's, and everything in that file that you will be using for your addon. 3. Open up the model in Oxygen and be sure you have 'texture library' opened which can be found under 'Window'. 4. When you open up your model, the textures that your model is using will show up there. Now, here's where it gets a little confusing. Hold Ctrl + Double click on a texture name in the library and it will highlight the mesh that is using that texture. Right click anywhere in the viewpoint to activate it and press "E". This will bring up a window entitled "Face Properties". On the very bottom is the location of the texture being used. 5. Click on the folder to the right of it and locate the same texture, but in your new file you created (C:\o2viewer\M16). When you have located it, press 'open', 'apply', then 'ok'. Then proceed to do this to all of the textures your model uses. (you do not need to do this for the muzzle flash). 6. When your finished with everything, you simply stuff the M16 file and it will create a PBO as i am sure you already know  And presto... your textures should work ingame. Hope this helps ya... and i'm sorry if it comes across as elementary to most of you folks... but i'm trying to make it as easy as possible. God knows i needed it spelled out for me!  Cheers, Kace
  13. Kacy

    Roadway lods?

    Thanks for the info Suma. I was begining to wonder that myself Thanks much, Kace
  14. Kacy

    Roadway lods?

    I've been toying around with roadways and such for a little while and i keep running into the same basic problem. People can walk on them fine, but no vehicles whatsoever will aknowlege them. They will just fall through as though it was'nt there. Now, am i overlooking something, such as not putting a tag in, or not setting the right properties? It seems a few other people that i have talked to are sharing the same problem as well. Does anyone know what we're doing wrong? Or if we are? Â Thanks! Kace
  15. Kacy

    The g36 family..

    Nice work so far, VipHeart! G36C looks great in the screenshots. Have ya'll given any thought to working on any other varients of the 36, family? There's actually a varient made for the German CT unit (GSG9) that has an integral suppressor, similar to the MP5SD, I'll see if i can find a picture of it... looks pretty sweet! Â Â Cheers, Kace