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  1. No, the "it" I have is the game. I DLed patch 109, not a patch for queens gamit.
  2. No, I just DLed the updates, where do I find this "queens gambit" thingy?? I added the DBE1 in the target field also. never mind, I found it, looks like something I have to buy. hopefully not having this file, won't mess up anything.
  3. Hi All, I reinstalled Arma, installed the 108, then the 109 updates. When I start up, I get: DBE1_hotfix requires addon DBE1 not sure how I lost this addon, anyone know what it is?
  4. KDog35

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    Hello Sash! Yes, same thing here; too much lag. I've got the 6600 duals, 2 gig of ram and a ok ati card, cannot run Arma. BTW Sash, remember us taking snap shots of each other doing flybys upside down in the A-10?? Got pretty low there a few times; the good days of OFP.
  5. KDog35

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    I know, this is a lame question, but how in the hell do I turn off my Macfee program?? If I open task manager to close, it will not let me. Arma runs very very poorly on my system and trying to do whatever possible to help the performance. thanks.
  6. KDog35

    Arma and Vista

    Glad I read this topic. I have Vista Home Premium and have been very dissapointed in the performance running arma. My specs are: dual core e6600, 2 gig ram, X-fi SB sound card, ATI 256gb card. I feel really stupid asking this, but is there another way of turning off programs besides going to start up/run "msconfig" and un-click the programs you do not want to run?? What is Indexing and how do I identify under start up to disable? I want to know what this "Aero" is so I can make changes also. Please help, i want to get this game running better and i know it will only take some adjustments.
  7. KDog35

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    Bunks, "my system is not working as it should", well follow up with some help. And speak in simple terms, some of us are not computer experts like yourself. I want to play the damn game with the computer I have, I'm not spending any more money. If 1500 dollars is not enough for a tower, then I'm re-installing OFP.
  8. KDog35

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    Guess I will put my complaint here. Arma is just way too laggy. Do I need to spend $2000.00 on a computer to run the game? I've got dual e6600, 2 gig ram, and a 256 ati card and the performance is very poor. My res is set on the very lowest, all other settings on low, and view distance on 800. I could handle all the other problems noted here, but not being able to control my aim because of lag just does it for me. When I bought OFP in 2002, my computer then was nothing special and the game ran fine. This game seems very cool, wish I could play it and enjoy some graphics and have some control over the mouse.
  9. KDog35

    AMAZING TWEAK -Floating Zone & FPS

    ok, i have an ati card and looked through my settings, any advice on what to set for better performance..? thanks.
  10. KDog35

    AMAZING TWEAK -Floating Zone & FPS

    Could you explain that again. I can make an adjustment on my card through the control panel?
  11. KDog35

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    I just bought a new computer. 2 dual e6600 w/2 gig ram and a ati vid card (forgot which one). honestly im not happy with the performance. I read here this game does not support the dual processors. I was hoping the patch would help this.
  12. KDog35

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    Hmmm, I think I messed up. I live in the US, bought the game here, DLed the international version upgrade to 1.08 and installed. Is that bad? is it the same thing? Because I don't see any difference in performance like others here are saying. what ya think...??
  13. KDog35

    Retail Store Availability?

    I checked best buy today and no copies, so i just purchased mine at walmart.com; i'll have it this thurs.
  14. KDog35

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    I think I get the best for processor and memory, the E6700 and 4gb ram - that should hold me over for a while. It better dang sure run AA.
  15. KDog35

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Sorry, I did not bother to read all the replies to the question I wish to ask. I'm looking to buy a new computer in the next 2-3 weeks and wanted an opinion regarding processors. Do you think it's better to get the AMD 64, or 2.4 dual processors? thanks