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    Indian army

    I'd wager that Pakistan buys American equipment for the same reason that India buys Russian equipment. No great mystery.
  2. Taconic

    Lest we forget...

    I'd like to add this: On the night of 9/11, I remember watching CNN and seeing footage from places like Paris, London, and Berlin. I grew up in the '80s. I sort of took it as a given that Europeans generally hated the US (and Americans) for plunging them headlong into the Cold War (and more specifically for events like Vietnam and Grenada... to name a couple.) I grew up respecting my country's accomplishments on one hand, but feeling ashamed when viewed through the lens of European criticism on the other. I actually had a Czechoslovak teacher in third grade that spent 30 minutes telling my class how inferior Americans were to the communists one day--it didn't really have much effect on me until I was much older, but it definitely influenced the way that I viewed my country. But on 9/11, it didn't matter. Something terrible had happened, and I realized that everyone--British, French, Spanish, Czech, German, Belgian, Italian, Lithuanian, and more--had forgotten about history. They, like me, were watching their TVs and trying to understand why--and how--something like that could happen. For the first time in my life, I didn't feel ashamed to be American. I felt a kinship with the world. I thought that maybe we'd all be able to put our differences aside and come up for a solution to this terrible problem. But that didn't happen. And it makes me angry that my country ruined that goodwill. I don't want to turn the thread into a discussion about that, but I do want to thank you people from around the world for your initial goodwill. It was incredible for this American to see, and it's something that I will never forget. I hope that someday we can return to that state--albeit it under better circumstances.
  3. Taconic

    Lest we forget...

    I slept through most of it. I was awakened by what I thought was a clap of thunder, but later realized was a sonic boom (the flight path of some of the F-15s took them over my area.) Then I spent the rest of the day watching CNN. It was a pretty terrible event. I just wish that the Bush administration hadn't mismanaged the reaction to it and turned the initial international goodwill back into international hatred toward us.
  4. Don't include "warfare" mode in the campaign. Now, I realize that warfare is a major MP mode (even though I don't play it,) and I think that it's good that BIS has incorporated it into the game for that reason. When I got to the first "warfare" mission in A2, it seemed to work pretty well and make sense--seasoned combat units being given command over less experienced units... ...but then I took the village and had to "build" a base and "buy" units. The campaign was brilliant up to that point. I don't think that something Command and Conquer-esque has much place in the main campaign of a mil sim. For me, it was a real immersion killer and a blemish on an otherwise great campaign. Other than that, I really have no complaints about Arma 2. It's a very worthy successor to OFP. I also hope that Chernarus isn't abandoned, as the Eastern European settings are one of the high points of OFP and A2. Hopefully another expansion will return to it. :p
  5. Taconic

    Very simple OA suggestion

    I actually think HR is a good campaign... even with the warfare elements. The open-ended missions were great and the story was more than adequate (certainly better than Arma's, which I found really difficult to care about.)It just would have been much better without the warfare aspects and, as you said, some more open-ended missions instead. I just hope that we see some FDF or BAS caliber campaigns for A2 from the community, but I'm not holding my breath since those didn't seem to materialize for Arma.
  6. Taconic

    Very simple OA suggestion

    Yeah, I'm not at all opposed to that. The CoC CE missions were some of the best in OFP.I just think the whole Command and Conquer base building/money gathering/unit building aspect detracts from the campaign as a whole. And it seems that's the general consensus. :p
  7. Taconic

    Silent Hunter 5 announced!

    I never bothered with SH IV because the Pacific is a pretty boring theatre for sub combat. They really should stick to the Atlantic permanently.
  8. Taconic

    Very simple OA suggestion

    That does not require that any element of warfare be included in the mission. Many OFP missions accomplished that long before warfare existed (and, IMO, are far superior to anything that has ever been done with warfare.)Large scale missions? Sure, I support that. Missions in which you control more than one squad (CoC CE style)? Absolutely. Missions in which you have to take towns, "buy" soldiers, and manage money convoys? No thanks. It sort of kills the whole realism/immersion aspects of the campaign. Having to say, "gee, I'd really like to get another BRDM, but I'm going to have to wait another 90 seconds for a supply convoy arbitrarily gathering money in a war zone to arrive from Novy Sabor" doesn't really do much for the suspension of disbelief.
  9. Taconic

    Very simple OA suggestion

    Well, I hope not. :pI just can't imagine the reasoning for it in the RH campaign. Other than that, it was great. I actually probably would have liked it even more than CWC and Resistance if not for the "warfare" missions.
  10. Taconic

    Being rambo is unrealistic Eh?

    Sounds good. Thanks.
  11. Taconic

    Being rambo is unrealistic Eh?

    Any good books (in English) about Simo Hayha? I've always found him to be an interesting person (and have always had an interest in the Winter/Continuation/Lapland wars in general.) It's a shame that most people are completely unaware of that part of WW2 history.
  12. Taconic

    The Icarus Project

    I back this 100%. SP has been sadly neglected since the days of OFP.
  13. The box states that the minimum requirements are: Dual core P4 3.0GHz 1024MB of RAM GF 7800 256MB My system meets these requirements. 2 3.06GHz Xeons (not dual core, 2 actual CPUs) 2048MB RAM GF 7800GS 256MB (latest drivers) WinXP Even with everything in the graphics options set to "very low," AA/AF/PP off, and view distance set to 600m, the game is basically unplayable. I can't complete the first campaign mission because my framerate is < 10FPS and the LODs of the foliage and buildings default to something so low beyond 100m that I really can't even tell what I'm looking at in the environment. I meet the minimum requirements, so I was hoping that I could at least play the game even if it wouldn't look so good. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. Basically, I'm just wondering if I'm missing anything. Switches, perhaps a way to force higher LODs (ala OFP--I can live with 10FPS if I'm able to tell the difference between a house and a rock in the distance,) or anything else I may have overlooked. Thanks.
  14. Yup. No, it was 250167296, but now it's changed. 257949695 All of that has already been done, but I don't even have the option for "normal" textures. The only one that appears from me (aside from the first time I ran the game) is "very low." Good tip. It's currently 300000. Is this LOD-related? Yeah, it's AGP, which is why I don't just get a newer card.Aperture is 256MB. I will try all this and report. Thanks for the input. ---------- Post added at 05:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:50 PM ---------- OK. I can report that something in that list of changes (still haven't messed with scenecomplexity) definitely helped my framerate. Before I would get mid to high teens on the Utes airfield with no other units placed--it's now 25. However, I still have no options beyond "low" in textures. The first time a "normal" setting appeared, but I haven't seen it since. I figure there has to be a way to force it in the config, but I haven't found it. Nighttime performance is also still pretty bad. I figure this has to be because of lighting effects. Is there any way to change the lighting precision anywhere? That might make the first campaign mission playable for me.
  15. Taconic

    ARMA 2 and aircraft

    My take: Arma's flight modeling is better than OFP's. However, it's still far below par. I have a full CH setup for flight sims (CH Fighterstick, CH throttle, CH rudder pedals) and I don't bother with them at all in OFP/Arma because, frankly, keyboard/mouse control works better. I would love to see the flight models in Arma approach what you see in DCS or Il-2, but the simple fact of the matter is that level of fidelity would turn off 90% of BIS' potential customers, cost a lot of money to implement, and generally be lost on people because few people have the hardware to actually take advantage of something like that. I can dream, though... But I can completely forgive BIS on this point because OFP/Arma are about ground combat. As far as I'm concerned, the ability to fly the aircraft is just a little bonus tossed in. If I want a flight sim, I look elsewhere.
  16. Yeah, I know. I'm just painted into a corner with my current system and was hoping it'd handle Arma on low.Eventually I'll upgrade. I'm just a bit bummed since I was looking forward to Arma 2 since I actually have some free time this summer. :p
  17. According to the box, the minimum requirement is a 256MB GF 7800. That is exactly what I have (256MB 7800GS.)Upgrading is not an option, either. My board doesn't have a PCI-E bus. This means I'd need a new motherboard, which in turn means that I would need new processors. That's not an investment that I can afford any time soon. I didn't expect great performance, but I was hoping to at least be able to play.
  18. My copy finally came today. I'm actually pretty disappointed. Not in the game, but in the fact that it basically won't run on my system. I can put up with 10 or 15 FPS, but object LoDs are so low that I can't even tell what I'm looking at. I realize that I have an odd system config (2x 3.06GHz Xeons, 2GB RAM, 256MB GF 7 series,) but I was hoping it would at least be playable. It's really a bummer. I wasn't looking forward to anything else coming out this year and it's going to be a couple of years before I can afford to build an entirely new system. Oh well. I don't regret the purchase since BIS deserves the support. I just wish I could play it.
  19. Taconic

    North America Release / Publisher

    My Gogamer order will arrive tomorrow. Can't wait. I don't see any real reason for anyone in the US to wait until the 7th for it. Getting it from GG now will only be a few more dollars.
  20. Taconic

    North America Release / Publisher

    I also just got notification of my gogamer order shipping.
  21. Taconic

    North America Release / Publisher

    My Gogamer order is listed as sourced/processing. I certainly hope there isn't a problem. I've used them for half a dozen imports in the past and there have been no issues.
  22. Taconic

    us date

    Import it from the UK. That's what I've done.
  23. Taconic

    Another Eastern European Setting?

    A lot of these recent posts reek of some sort of misguided guerrilla (counter)marketing attempt by entities that may not want to see BIS succeed.
  24. The terrain data is based on part of the Czech Republic. The country is fictitious.
  25. I don't think that people object to that.I think that people object to the childish tone of the original post.