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  1. I love the little settlements on Everon. Malden is pretty good aswell.... Don't like Kol...ummm the russian one
  2. modern day warfare sucks. Just look at Afghanistan, there is no big scale fighting. Only rangers and stuff. I hope OF doesnt turn into some game like Delta Force. I already hate all those black op missions. I want to see more big scale attacks with armor support and stuff. WW2 would b good. But the Falklands would b perfect as OFP is a island game. Shoot Argentian guys....woohooo
  3. Kirovski


    i think their should also b more civilians, like some people driving around in cars, like in the bonus mission at the end of the game. Cows would b funny to have in the game....great for target practice
  4. Kirovski

    Still on my first campaign

    the ranking system confuses me. Ive done a coupla bad missions, will this have any effect getting to better ranks or what ?
  5. Kirovski


    c-130 ? wtf is this plane gonna do in this game. I think their would b a small problem landing the plane somewhere else then the airport on malden.
  6. Kirovski

    winter olympics begin in about 2 hours

    1. I have better things to do rather than watch the olympics 2. Neither of em r interesting 3. Hockey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Kirovski

    Whare U From

    omg u left out europe u dumbass..... ah...there we go, ur American, that explains all...
  8. Kirovski

    real military

    I aiming to join the cavalry as my dad was a Tankcommander in a Leopard back in ´79. Navy is for gay sailors...thats why the US Navy is so big.... Just jokin....dont u yanks get pissed off now......
  9. Kirovski

    Princess Margaret DEAD

    now thats a bugger aint it... who cares, royals don´t do sh*t these days. They r a waiste of our taxes.......
  10. Kirovski

    Fudge  XP

    Windows ME ? muhahahahha worth pissing on..... As long as OFP works on XP im happy
  11. Kirovski

    Offical Crappy Computer

    I started playing OFP on a P3 450Mhz, 128 SD RAM, Diamond Viper 16MB.....so don't complain... I got a P4 1.8Ghz, 256MB DDR RAM, GF2 now  2 bad XP is slowing it down....
  12. Kirovski

    DoD2.0 in 24 hours

    DOD rules ! My nick is Hetzer
  13. Kirovski

    We've got a......

    common....can´t you guys see how played that video is... How could the cam´s b around in & outside to film the guy... Anywayz....cheaters suck, it only ruins the game....
  14. Kirovski

    New System

  15. Kirovski

    New System

    Hey guys, im back from the dead. I got a new system: P4 1.8Ghz 256MB DDR Ram Geforce 2  (64MB) Windows XP.. Should OFP work fine with this ? Or will XP f*ck it up ?? Very soon i´ll b online again kickin all of ur asses, I´m upgrading to 512MB DDR RAM soon since my dad was being a tightass and wanted to stick with 256MB....... Kirovski