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  1. OFP, Red Hammer and Resistance, way bac when... Never made it to ARMA, but strongly thinking of picking up ARMA II now :)
  2. KingBeast

    Which guns do you own

    hi-point 45 is basically a cheapo piece of junk. fire once, and then throw the gun at intruder. also, your sig image exceeds forum width of 600 pixels. ahem, my hi-point only jams when I apply slight upwards pressure to the magazine. Gosh. :P lol I know its a piece of junk, it shoots okay though. Come may this year when I hit 21 I will be purchasing one of the following: 1911, Browning HiPower, Glock 17. I'm not sure which to go for, I want them all As for prices, my hipoint was probably around the 100/150 dollar mark. My FAL was like 600 bucks, but I paid too much for it. Nice to see you are still around Ralphy ;)
  3. KingBeast

    Which guns do you own

    heh long time since I have been here, but this thread appeals to my new americanised self ;) Below are the following. My FAL (parts of South African origin, have since bought a new receiver cover to mount a scope onto), my hipoint .45 auto, the other two are my father in laws but I have them here most of the time for when I shoot on the weekends. Little .38 revolver and 12 gauge mossberg. Shooting slugs with the mossberg is fun
  4. KingBeast

    The Iraq thread 3

    As much as it sucks for those people that miss out on their commendations due to the actions of a few bad apples, I think its something that has to be done. As far as I always thought, the actions of each and every member in a unit/brigade represents the group as a whole. ie not that they are all torturous prisoner abusers, but clearly the culprits must not have cared much about their units reputation when they were taking souvenir shots of abused prisoners.
  5. KingBeast

    Uscm mod

    Hello thar, ive been out of the community for quite a long time and unfortunately ive lost my APC after a format and clear out of backup CDs. Shame really because it worked in game, only problem was my shoddy texture work Really sorry i didnt finish this off before dissapearing Bastler, all the best to you guys starting this up again.
  6. KingBeast

    Mystery illness

    Well im getting on my flight to the US on Friday, so im a little bit worried. The fact that I have Asthma and have suffered some bad attacks before doesnt really help my state of mind either One thing I am curious about: What kind of cleaning goes on in the planes now? Is there any kind of wipe down,, or do they just pick the litter up and wait for the next load of passengers? Kind of worrying that all sorts of nasty bugs could be lurking in the air con in an airplane...
  7. KingBeast

    Child soldiers

    Just out of interest, and a little bit off topic, but what is the huge attraction of being able to carry a firearm around with you? I would feel pretty sick with humanity if I had to carry a gun around with me just to feel safe.
  8. KingBeast

    Mid east

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (PitViper @ April 14 2003,17:44)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">"I hate Israel!" the movie.. http://www.israelnn.com/news.php3?id=41433 sigh.. when will the middle eastern get over its infantile culture of antisemitism?<span id='postcolor'> You are right pit-viper, it is childish Anti Semitism. Just like your post is blatant "Anti Middle Eastern". You would generalise an entire region that are mad at what they see as occupying forces? I know almost for a fact that if you replaced the Palestinians with any other nation in the world today, that nation would probably be doing the exact same things to Israelis. Well, probably no Suicide bombing because that is a distinctly middle Eastern way, no stereotyping there, but there would be armed militias conducting terrorist attacks, bombings and various other wrondoings. It doesnt matter what race or religion you belong to, when you feel oppressed and mal-treated, violence seems to be the answer. It isnt the answer of course, but what else can you do when you feel like you have no freedom and your future is belonging to someone that is in your country, your country that has housed generations of your family and is now being slowly but surely taken away from you.
  9. KingBeast

    India and pakistan next?

    Hellfish, all I am saying is that any nation with nuclear weapons that is at the throat of another nation with nuclear weapons is a risk. But a risk that no one will counter. If two men are holding grenades with the pins pulled out and shouting at eachother, do you step in and knock one of the guys out or stay well out of the way? This is what I am saying. Nothing is going to happen to nuclear nations as long as they have the ability to create massive destruction with said nukes. For instance, if it was certain that Saddam had nuclear weapons capable of reaching Israel, would the US invade Iraq and condem the Iraqi regime, or stay quiet and make friends with Saddam to make sure he doesnt do anything nasty? Finally, I dont think the Cold War stand off between the Soviets and the US is comparable to India and Pakistan. In a small degree yes, but the difference is India and Pakistan are connected to one another, and there is near constant skirmishing in Kashmir.
  10. KingBeast

    India and pakistan next?

    They can be considered a threat in that they have nuclear weapons and are in a constant state of 'on the brink of war' which means they could end up using those nukes, which would then trigger Pakistan to use them also.
  11. KingBeast

    India and pakistan next?

    India and Pakistan are both clear and real threats, which is why they likely wont be attacked for a while. Its all very well to attack a Dictatorship that probably doesnt have any WMD, because you know there wont be any serious concequences (ie no chemical or biological attacks took place in Iraq.) Im sure it would have shook the world if Saddam had launched a Salvo of chemical SCUDs into the heart of Israel, and the world wouldnt be too happy with America for provoking such an action. But that didnt happen... However, if you want to go and play with India and Pakistan then you have to be ready for the chance of a nuclear war. So why bother? 'Just try and keep them happy with us and let them destroy eachother' seems to be the policy for Bad leaders that are a REAL threat.
  12. KingBeast


    Paying a monthly fee isnt really that bad at all, if the game is good.... I have played a good few online games with am onthly fee and each of them lasted me 1 or 2 years. In which time i didnt spend as much money on other games, so the tiny tiny monthly fee is justified if you ask me. I might just get this one
  13. KingBeast

    Your favourite military marching music

    Its quite inspiring singing along to Finlands "March of the Jaegers" Quite dark verses/lyrics in places, but its fun to sing along to finnish music  Here is the first part of the song translated to english: Deep is our blow, our hate is invincible, We do not have the mercy, nor the homeland. Our luck is at the tip of our sword, We do not feel the mercyness. Our cry of war will be given for the country, Which is cutting its chains. Our defiance will not be passed, Before the people of Finland shall be free. Our defiance will not be passed, Before the people of Finland shall be free. composed in 1917 - March of the Jaegers/Jaeger March
  14. KingBeast

    The Dogs of War

    BBC Reporter Raggeh Omar reported on the hotel incident, and I saw the video footage also. All of the reporters said they heard no gunfire in the hotel, none at all. The tank just opened up, you see it pointing right at the camera then boom! Camera goes all fuzzy, Raggeh falls over and such. The military said they were receiving small arms fire and RPG fire fro mthe hotel but the journos insist they heard nothing and they were in the hotel :/
  15. KingBeast

    The evolution of the mission editor

    cam0flage ive never seen that before :/ The only thing i can put clsoe to that is that once you place a soldier you cant change what side he is on. I am always able to change what unit type he is though. Tagchen Paladin With all of these "I Support war with iraq" and "I dont support war with Iraq" sigs, I thought I would support something far more important