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    Serious problems with ACR

    Why should ACR be ran as a mod to begin with? I buy the DLC from Steam, it should work, that simple... I shouldn't have to make any changes on my end at all to get the DLC to function properly. That is a crap ass way to do business. I've purchased both BAF and PMC, both worked fine the moment they were installed. Why is ACR different?! /rant
  2. J3ST3RM4A3

    Serious problems with ACR

    Does not appear to work. Ran Steam as admin and did not see any change... Redownloaded ArmA 2 again, ran Steam as admin, here is what happened when I launched the game. http://i50.tinypic.com/313n3q1.jpg (520 kB)
  3. I am having serious problems with ACR and was wondering if someone could help resolve. This DLC does not appear to be setup the same way as BAF and PMC. I had to do a -mod=@ACR in the command line just to get it load up because there does not appear to be any other way... I have removed the entire game from my Steam directory and re-downloaded everything and still this has not resolved the issues I am having. When I do load the game as a mod, all of the buildings are missing and there appear to be other missing files... See below: http://i46.tinypic.com/33y5538.png (1879 kB)
  4. J3ST3RM4A3

    Running Arma2 from SSD

    Here are my load times on an SSD. http://youtu.be/pRD8LmK-EJE?hd=1
  5. J3ST3RM4A3

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    How do you get this to launch with Steam? I have ArmA 2 and ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead both on Steam. I saw what appeared to be the new DLC being installed but cannot find it in the game.
  6. Ive got CBA and the addon both installed but how do I load it into the C-130? <-- noob :p
  7. J3ST3RM4A3

    K Rail

    Those look nice. Here is what I just got setting up after downloading those. Thanks again for the links guys. Really appreciate it! Ive got so much to do with these.
  8. J3ST3RM4A3

    K Rail

  9. J3ST3RM4A3

    K Rail

    I check that site daily for new addons, even searched the addons section and no luck.
  10. J3ST3RM4A3

    K Rail

    Are there any objects out there that look like a K Rail barrier? The tank barriers are nice (ww2 ones) but it would be even better if there was some k-rails in the game for setting up check points. They are widely used in Iraq/Afghanistan and many other countrys that require them for military use. Here are some pics, if there aren't any available perhaps someone in the addons community can cook some up. :P