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  1. Hi guys. Last time i played Arma 3 there was some problems about optimising and vehicles. I mean all the unrealistic damage models and tab lock magic missiles, 360 degree super radar and such. Also game is lack of vehicle types and even two sides were using same vehicles,guns. So anything changed since official release? Any improvements on vehicle segment or damage/lock mechanics? I really like to play some multiplayer mods aswell if there is any.
  2. I do. FX 8350 GTX 670 Reference 4 gb 16gb ram Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 And i got similiar fps rates with those people up there.(at highest settings with aa)
  3. The bad is when you realize even Battlefield 2/3 has more realistic weapon targeting systems than Arma.
  4. May i ask what the hell are the developers doing all these years? Its been 3 GAMES ALREADY OVER 7 YEARS. And its getting worse than Operation Flashpoint itself! Im just wondering if developers even wanted to actually develop this game or make it even arcade to sell it more folks? I mean where is the realism here? Tanks based on HP points, worse "lock-on, missile" features even than Battlefield series which actually not aim the realism(!) i wonder whats next. All these changeable helmets and weapon customisation is something that even can modders do. Do we have to wait some realism modders to handle these stuff for the developers all these years? Im really having a hard time to see what improvements they did on ARMA 3 over ARMA 1 and ARMA 2.
  5. http://d24w6bsrhbeh9d.cloudfront.net/photo/a3YdKmN_460sa.gif
  6. Thats really a bullshit. Im getting regret about what i bought. Same old stories for years. What do devs do actually im start wondering? More fancy graphics so you cant play the game from FPS drops, thats all we got so far.
  7. JarmenKeLL

    FPS problem.

    I was JUST about to post about the FPS problems. Im always getting around 20-30 fps(lower than 20 in action) in multiplayer. Actually Singleplayer is not any different much than multiplayer. Keeps flowing around 30 FPS in SP. Its just beta i know but every arma game had optimising issues. But still im waiting for the full version to be optimised. I am playing at ultra settings with 8x aa 16xaf. My pc specs; AMD FX 8350 X8 4.0GHz Geforce GTX670 4gb 16gb DDR3 1600MHz Ram Windows 7 64bit OS Also does ARMA supporting multi-core? How many cores the game using right now? And if not supporting multi-core, will it be in the future?
  8. It will be in our v1.00 release mate. You have to wait little bit more unfortunately:)
  9. We already thought about that. Probably it will be in our v1.00 release. But i cant guarantee for now.
  10. JarmenKeLL

    September 1939 Mod

    Fantastic Job Topas! Love those tanks!
  11. JarmenKeLL

    WW1 Mod - ArmA 2 CO

    Sounds promising. I think there was not any WW1 mods. Really good luck guys i can't wait to play it.