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  1. A few more from me MATKAL operator: MATKAL medic: PALSAR Golani LAW: Might be used for new EGOZ (based on the SWM ghillie sniper):
  2. Jewish-Freak

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    IDF Sayeret MATKAL operators posing for a picture during training. IDF Sayeret MATKAL ambush an afghan Sheikh, location unknown. Addons Used: The Lost Brother's Sayeret MATKAL (WIP), The Lost Brother's Taliban and Razani by Nicholas Bell.
  3. Hello, a little update from your truely. And today, updated IDF Sayeret MATKAL operators. Machine gunner: Radio Operator: Some picture of them in action: 1. 2. @Darkhans The Namer is not yet used by the IDF but we will probably add one in the future. and a little special from me: (First mission in a hopefully upcoming campaign) Operation Orion: The Story of The IDF Elite In Sahrani
  4. Jewish-Freak

    Vilas' addons

    Here's a picture of the AMD-65 in our region Another one And another one form Lebanon, might have been handled by an Hezballah armorer.
  5. Hello there, a little update from me. Updated IDF infantry: The Most noticable changes are the new Hi-poly "Mitznefet" helmet covers and the new radio operators. You might notice a few more changes, take it as a challenge
  6. Jewish-Freak

    The Lost Brother's Mod: IDF Infantry Ver. 4

    Well, my guess is that you dont have one of the required packs, probably the newest weapon pack. Anyway, it's easy enough to check, you can force the game to start the preview by editing something in the mission editor and then pressing the continue button.
  7. Hello, A little update from me. As you all know, having a firefight in close quarters with a scope attached to your weapon isnt a pleasent thing to do. Yesterday i encountered a bug in ARMA and decided to exploit it. <OBJECT CLASSID="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" WIDTH=450 HEIGHT=332><PARAM NAME=MOVIE VALUE=http://www.armedassault.eu/Television/BISvideo.swf?vquality=hq&youtubeID1=l4-rQXcVj5E&linkID1=http://il.youtube.com/watch?v=l4-rQXcVj5E/&youtubeID2=&linkID2=&youtubeID3=&linkID3=&youtubeID4=&linkID4=&><PARAM NAME=PLAY VALUE=TRUE><PARAM NAME=LOOP VALUE=TRUE><PARAM NAME=QUALITY VALUE=HIGH><EMBED SRC=http://www.armedassault.eu/Television/BISvideo.swf?vquality=hq&youtubeID1=l4-rQXcVj5E&linkID1=http://il.youtube.com/watch?v=l4-rQXcVj5E/&youtubeID2=&linkID2=&youtubeID3=&linkID3=&youtubeID4=&linkID4=& WIDTH=450 HEIGHT=332 PLAY=TRUE LOOP=TRUE QUALITY=HIGH></EMBED></OBJECT>
  8. Jewish-Freak

    International Politics Thread

    I didnt follow this thread, but here's a nice and to the point presentation of what really happened in the land now known as Israel in the 20th century. What Really Happened Information about Arab riots perior to the establishment of the Jewish state: 1920 1921 1929 1936
  9. Jewish-Freak

    The Lost Brother's Mod: IDF Infantry Ver. 4

    IDF Squad mirror has been fixed.
  10. Jewish-Freak

    The Lost Brother's Mod: IDF Infantry Ver. 4

    the R was removed on purpose, the RAR itself is corrupt. So please use the Rapidshare link for now. As for the weapons, yes, it is the correct version
  11. Jewish-Freak

    The Lost Brother's Mod: IDF Infantry Ver. 4

    Thank you for the report, I'll establish a new mirror shortly. Edit: Not relevant anymore, the mirror has been fixed
  12. Jewish-Freak

    SA-2 Guideline

    There's one in the Lost Brothers Mod (Addon Pack 3). It's somewhere around page 5-7 here.
  13. Hello, Jewish Freak here. On behalf of the Lost Brother's mod, I'm glad to present the latest IDF Infantry and weapon packs. IDF Tzahal: Note: This addon does NOT replace the original LoBo Infantry (for performance's sake), however, it adds completely new IDF units. Additions: IDF Golani: The regular forces of the Golani Brigade, well trained and highly motivated, these form the first line of defence against the potential threat in the north. Will be found under IDF Golani in the mission editor. IDF Unit Egoz: A special purpose force within the Golani brigade. This unit was re-estabished during the 90's ,as the IDF's premier Counter-Guerrilla fighting force. This will also be found under IDF Golani in the mission editor. IDF Tzanhanim (Paratroopers): The IDF's paratroopers Brigade. Famous for it's red boots, these forces led the assault on Jerusalem during the 6 Days War in 1967. These you will find under IDF Tzanhanim. IDF PALHAN Givati: The engineering company within the special operations battalion of the Givati Brigade. These highly trained soldiers are responsible for a variety of different engineering tasks. These units will be found under IDF Givaty in the mission editor. IDF Duvdevan: A special operation force within the IDF, often used as a raiding force, these conduct both undercover and conventional operations against militants in the West bank. These units you can find under IDF Duvdevan in the mission editor. (Please check readme file for credits.) Unit Egoz Operatives posing for a picture in the Sinai desert. IDF Tzanhanim familiarize themselves with the M2 0.50 Cal Heavy Machine Gun. An IDF Paratrooper spots for hits during the M2 training. IDF Weapons: This is an pdated weapons pack, with modified M-16 based weapons and much more. (please check the Readme for credits) Download: LoBo's Infantry Pack Ver. 4.0 IDF Weapons Ver. 1.4 Required addons: LoBo's Addon Pack 3 Llauma's Heads BAS's JAM 3 Best regards Jewish Freak of the Lost Brothers Mod.
  14. Jewish-Freak

    Installing Johnny's Marines.

    You should be playing missions which have Johnny's marines in them, you wont come across such missions too often though. Here's a replacment PBO, install it to have your regular (BIS) units replaced with Johnny's marines. ArmAHolic page
  15. Try the FlyInHeight command: Plane Flyinheight X; X - Height in meters. You can use it in the Init field or in a trigger/waypoint