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    What's to say some smart terrorists might NOT do the same thing there manberries? I'm for recreating the cities, it's not like they don't know them pretty well anyways.
  2. Jarvis

    Jet Fighters

    Yeah, I wonder if someones still working on the carrier. Â That would be sweet being able to land and take off. Oh btw, I wonder if you would be able to drop tanks and fly lighter or something like that...
  3. Jarvis

    Ww1 mod

    hmm what language are you native of? I'm sure some one who speaks the same language will be able to help you better on theses forums. Just trying to help. Some one will eventually help you.
  4. Jarvis

    Jet Fighters

    Awe man.....awe man.... *drooooooooooool* Do not stop...lol
  5. Jarvis

    Modelling with solidworks?

    We had a modeler that used AutoCAD and mainly modeled static buildings, which was good, but when it came to vehicles and such it wasn't the best choice to use...
  6. Jarvis

    RH weapons

    What's with you people constantly nagging him. The creators made the damn guns so people in the community could play with them.
  7. Jarvis


    Atleast make yourself a new login name so it's less embarrasing.
  8. Jarvis

    Wind deflection

    Very nice, was hoping and waiting for something like this to come along. Great job!
  9. Jarvis

    Vte missions

    I'm waiting for an airial dog fight map.
  10. Jarvis

    Nam units

    By the way, I really like the colors, good job and I've also seen the new soldiers ingame (in the new vte) and they are really good. Can't wait for more keep it up!
  11. Jarvis

    Xam 1.4 video

    Those sounds are wicked, I think they are great! But what about the killing-to-deafening cuncusion of the 120mm abrams? and the french, is there english voice overs? and the tank ai still takes 20 seconds to engage lol. But I love what I see great job!
  12. Jarvis

    Nam units

    Just hit the back button and lost my post...damnit Anyways I'll keep it short. Â Did a search and came across this and came up with this: http://www.hrc.utexas.edu/exhibit....360.jpg http://www.mooremilitaria.com/Helmet%20Band%20Army.JPG http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d76/rancid375/Helmet1.jpg -don't know authenticity of these though http://www.the-forum.com/EPHEMERA/rjr.htm http://cigarettes.euro-cig.com/gallery.php?id_cap=39 Probably worthless but interesting to look at. And also look at this for combat boots: http://www.mooremilitaria.com/reference.htm Btw whats up with that hat, give it OD colors atleast, should only be a few helmets with that too...
  13. Yeah the last few days I've been trying to find a server with ppl in it. Maybe there should be "play" days? Nights where people are off of work or school, just an idea.
  14. Jarvis

    Jet Fighters

    Nice, can't wait!
  15. Jarvis

    Jet Fighters

    Yeah I just dled it tonight and the models and textures are a bit low quality, but definately cool to fly. Although I would prefer better handling and the Mig19 is useless to fly almost...