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  1. I need to know how to respawn in vehicle? I want to make a mission where players respawn in parachute.
  2. JukkaN

    ArmA 1943

    I took some screens from Opel Blitz (click the picture to enlarge): Pic 1 Pic 2
  3. JukkaN

    ArmA 1943

    We could make lots of thinks for the mod. We have started making this mod in 17th June so it is in early stage. At this point we need to focus on addons and stuff.
  4. JukkaN

    ArmA 1943

    Hi folks, visit ArmA 1943 new website!
  5. JukkaN

    ArmA 1943

    Hi everyone! Faust has now finnished the textures:
  6. JukkaN

    ArmA 1943

    Faust has made it even better:
  7. JukkaN

    ArmA 1943

    Hi folks! We got now german Opel Blitz made by Faust. GIJOE94 has writed a cofig for it. (we got it ingame) It needs to be textured, made bigger and have more LOD's
  8. this playmove "TestSurrender"
  9. Put the Airstrike.Intro in your users missions folder. usually in Documents\ArmA\missions Then go to ArmA mission editor, select Rahmadi iland and load mission: Airstrike
  10. No, The soldier got "Use airstrikesmoke" action and if u use it the explosion will appear soon.
  11. JukkaN

    ArmA 1943

    We got problems with adding the textures on that tank. Does anybody know how to do this?
  12. I need to make textures for model. How do I cat the rigth scale for the textures?
  13. JukkaN

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    Nukes at night: Nuke 1 Nuke 2 Nuke 3
  14. JukkaN

    ArmA 1943

    Are you willin' to help us? If you are please post what you can do to us.