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  1. Is it possible to: - Make Steam see and recognise the ARMA II install and OA install? - Then be able to buy both PMC and BAF DLCs? It's an issue that has cropped up, after trying to buy the DLCs in the Steam midweek madness sale. Would one maybe need to move the Arma2 install folder to the "D:\GAMES\Steam\steamapps\common" folder, or do a fresh install into that "common" directory, or no option left but to buy Arma2 again from Steam?
  2. Still no solution for this? Our (remote, hosted) server doesn't show on the list. But!!!... once it shuts down, it becomes visible for a minute, but no one can connect then, as it has shut down by then. BE on or off doesn't make a difference... Server is a Quadcore Q6600, 3GHz, 1GB DDR2.
  3. JAMF

    Falseprophet's fx mod..

    Yeah. That didn't work unfortunately. [EDIT] SIX_pack1 was conflicting, apparently. It's working now, after removing @SIX from the startup.
  4. JAMF

    Falseprophet's fx mod..

    Thx! And the defense, it should be flares and such against missiles.
  5. JAMF

    Falseprophet's fx mod..

    Others see my animation, but I can't get an ammo box to appear from the ammo truck? Could it be the sequence of mods? Do I need @XEH before yours, which I put in the @LSD/addons folder?
  6. JAMF

    ArmA like you've never seen it before

    Did you use a song by Apocalyptica as music for the AH6 movie?
  7. Judging from his sig, I would guess Spanish: "Ojo por ojo, el mundo se quedará ciego."
  8. JAMF

    SD Amunition

    I was wondering why I got located with my M9 SD in the shrubs. I also wondered why, when choosing the M9 SD from the menu, it selected the standard M9 bullets and why they didn't sound different. My bad for not putting 2'n'2 together.
  9. The Shrike for the M16/M4. Vapourware in reality (apparently), but a nice option it is nonetheless.
  10. Is there a way to create body postures? Would be interesting to see how difficult it is to create the skydive postures.
  11. JAMF

    DMSmokeEffects Beta3

    He's using Chammy's Sound Mod (CSM).
  12. JAMF

    harrier vertical lift off

    nm, it has been said already.
  13. So I plonk this AAH-Example.Intro directory into my C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\My documents\ArmA Other Profiles\JAMF\missions directory and launch it from the editor or how does this work?
  14. JAMF

    Joystick preference?

    Quoth the Raven...Point Magnet! Glacier Girl isn't comming to Duxford. I was dying to get close, or even hear her live. I could cry.