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  1. actually in OFP was several cti version, MFCTI, CRCTI. there was no official cti mission. That came with arma 1, i think
  2. hi could you raise a ping limit a bit 40-60 maybe, im hovering in your server always in kick area
  3. JonXu

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    People who complain about low income don't know how to play this mission. Benny already pointed out the main problem ( empty town ) normally when I play as commander then I make sure every town is occupied. I'm a lone wolf type of player. Mean max amount of troop I need is 3-4 gunner, ammo and repair. Rest I just send to empty town to idle there. In some versions there is UVG-s in light fac, those count as occupant so I send those to town. so in conclusion 3-5 occupied town = 15 unoccupied town
  4. JonXu

    Warfare BE

    1: cooldown is a bit MMO thing, not my cup ;) 2: ammo should cost money, this is asset what cost alot of money. idael play is that you must return ammo truck to base to buy ammo and then travel back to battlefield. nothing should be free. repair can be somewhat cheaper then ammo but still, in order to repair broken tank u must have parts, but tools are usually durable. 3: you lucky that you dont have to use fuel truck :D (most of the times)
  5. JonXu

    Warfare BE

    and then people will abuse to rearm tablocking attackchoppers for free
  6. JonXu

    Warfare BE

    i second the gear issue, after 3-4h session base looks like pile of weapons and ammo
  7. JonXu

    Warfare BE

    is possible to limit this magic radar? i'm thinking of limit radar range to max visual distance (ie max visual distance is 4k radar is showing stuff what is 4k away)
  8. JonXu

    Warfare BE

    well, imo barracks, airfactory, heavy factory, ammo and repair depo are weak compared to light factory and control center. by class system you mean what? i don't like the idea that slot based restriction to weapons, cars, helis, planes etc? Like when i join server i get only rifleman position then im doomed to run with 5.6mm weapon? the thing i like about cti is the freedom, where to build base, what loadout i want, etc down to when i attack enemy. cti is about freedom. if you do class based system then it should be something along the lines "engineer = repair stuff" "medic= revive, offer spawn", "pilot= hmm maybe airlift? can't think something else atm :)"
  9. JonXu

    Warfare BE

    You are playing in US server who has tweaked the reward system. in other servers (russian , european servers) normally is 90 per car, 300 per tank, and 1000+ per attack shopper. i joined today that server and made little over 100k in 40 min just by flying around and shooting everything. 6000+ per tank, 1000+ per any other stuff on ground 24000+ per attack shopper. and got accused for hacking :D basically i cant rearm my armed orca every 3 minute. this is also working as it should be on other servers, so it must be something to do with moding the mission.
  10. JonXu

    Warfare BE

    erhm mission is great. but currently seems to be too many wasteland/dayz kids joining, is it possible that in any friendly fire, player gets 2-10min jail (everytime)? or all you who host public servers and normally no admins around make server kick, on any friendly fire. worst enemy atm is your own team :D
  11. JonXu

    Warfare BE

    finally found thread :) i think free to call by anyone with fund reduction or limited range like "semi close" and maybe "semi medium" atm in altis i can sit with my arty anywhere in map and shoot every corner of map. in one game i had every city in map contained like 1000 mines. it was fun to drive tank but other then tank no way. or maybe for arty complex tech tree? or like individual training for squad leader.
  12. JonXu

    PhysX3_x86.dll Crash

    this crash i getting on my nerves, today ( last 2 hours crashed 4 times ) , normally i can play pretty long before PhysX3_x86.dll Crash, some times it will not crash. idk. ohh and always happends in multiplayer, i play cti type of maps mostly
  13. nice little hunter wreck http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=174991699 grid 226 168
  14. JonXu

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    Futuristic nah, hide behind glass, invisible to IR thermal or grab a "space blanket/ thermal blanket/ Mylar foil. not so futuristic. i was wondering why this is not in ArmA thermal blankets i mean. and TI in arma is too simple also, rocks and other heat absorving objects must also appear on thermal image but in arma they are all grey/green