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  1. JIN

    Dedicated server auto restart

    to me this works better :begin c:/game.exe goto begin
  2. JIN

    Dedicated server auto restart

    maybe it is cuz im using sprocket version 1.08 that didnt contain the arma_server.exe i have to add -server in the paramater of the game exe to run as server
  3. JIN

    Dedicated server auto restart

    there is no eror in the command line with infinite loop i mean that the command works well but launches the server infinitely =with this i mean i can have 100 servers running in like 20 seconds
  4. hello...i trying to run armed assault dedicated server on firedeamon this is my configuration: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="yes" ?> - <Service> - <Program> <Executable>C:\ArmA\arma.exe</Executable> <Parameters>-server -config=server.cfg -port=2302 -profiles=c:\ArmA\16RD</Parameters> <WorkingDir>C:\ArmA</WorkingDir> <ConsoleApp>false</ConsoleApp> <Delay>3000</Delay> <Name>arma</Name> <DisplayName>arma</DisplayName> <Description>ArmA Console version 1.08 : port 2302 - sockets</Description> <ForceReplace>true</ForceReplace> </Program> - <Options> <PreLaunchDelay>5000</PreLaunchDelay> <ShutdownDelay>5000</ShutdownDelay> <ShowWindow>0</ShowWindow> <AffinityMask>15</AffinityMask> <Priority>0</Priority> <JobType>1</JobType> <InteractWithDesktop>true</InteractWithDesktop> <StartUpMode>1</StartUpMode> <LoadOrderGroup /> - <Dependencies> <ServiceName>lanmanserver</ServiceName> <ServiceName>lanmanworkstation</ServiceName> </Dependencies> <EventLogging>false</EventLogging> <AppendLogs>true</AppendLogs> <IgnoreFlags>2</IgnoreFlags> </Options> - <SMF> <SMFEnabled>false</SMFEnabled> <SMFFrequency>0</SMFFrequency> </SMF> - <Environment> <Variable /> </Environment> - <Scheduling> <StartTime>00:00:00</StartTime> <EndTime>00:00:00</EndTime> <StartDate /> <EndDate /> <RunDays>127</RunDays> <MonthFrom>0</MonthFrom> <MonthTo>0</MonthTo> <MonthDay>0</MonthDay> <RestartFreq>0</RestartFreq> <RestartDelay>0</RestartDelay> </Scheduling> - <DlgResponder> <CheckFrequency>5000</CheckFrequency> <CloseAll>false</CloseAll> <Enabled>false</Enabled> <IgnoreUnknowns>true</IgnoreUnknowns> </DlgResponder> </Service> i really will apreciate the help u guys give me ...big thnx in advance
  5. JIN

    Dedicated server auto restart

    makes me infinitely loops the startup
  6. JIN

    Dedicated server auto restart

    what did i do wrong @echo off :start "C:\ArmA\arma.exe" -server -config=server.cfg -profiles=c:\ArmA\16RD FOR /F "TOKENS=1* DELIMS= " %%A IN ('DATE/T') DO SET DATE=%%B FOR /F "TOKENS=*" %%A IN ('TIME/T') DO SET TIME=%%A ECHO 3 %TIME% 0.33 %DATE% goto restart it startsup but dos thing dispears and when arma console gets closed or crashes it wont restart
  7. JIN

    Toool to setup parameters

    ok i found it it was firedaemon
  8. JIN

    Dedicated server auto restart

    damn i try to figure out that script the only thing it does to me is activate arma exe like infinitely so i better stop running it is there someone that knows how to just start it up once when crashed or to start up
  9. ive read about this tool but i cant find the link anymore its mostly used when running a dedicated server etc to set parameters and make it run easyer like it can restart it when crash etc and it was a tool u have to pay for it i think if someone has an idea or can remember me the tool i would really apreciate otherwise can someone explain how i can make a autorestart feature after crash i tried with the bat file scripts but it makes me restart the game infinitely
  10. i bought the game from sprocket as main use on a dedi box this means i bought the game and downloade it straight to a dedicated box in uk when i live in belgium now after installing i notice that there is no server exe for arma and also the game exe is locked i register my lisence but like this is a server i cant even start up the game(cuz of the video adaptor)and looks like the exe is still locked what can i do to resolve this plz help i cant even modifie the exe for server use atm am i screwed or can we fix this....
  11. JIN

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    game shops know me as the real ofp fanatic well i got to say the only change  thats been made  between ofp and  arma are the grafics  there is  no real game beside a CTF or DM C&H  that are completly unfiinished even those made by the devs its a  simulation of army but there is no  real instrument working ET: quake wars even wolvnstein works like a  complete multiple  batailon  instrument in arma u got to play ctf and then sometimes  the sound when u take the flag doesnt work where is the realism u intend in your game  playing CTF really lack of objectives and and these realism factors its not cuz the game looks like watching  bbc worldwide with war news for someone with glasses that its looks realistic to me there should be  multiplayer scenarios i hope to see mmo factors in this game cuz why  having so huge map if  there only  been used  1square km of it for a ctf and the new expantion all i hear about is a laughter havin some rabits  running on the plains with that mofication u guys doing i only see stpid mp games la  hunt the rabbit the one that has the most score  becomes master hunter **** please its allready crowd by  coops u cant find neither  start a ctf with out the  mass cheaters so untill i dont see any change  realistic gamestyle no ctf and all that unrealistic doing u see me on ET QW and ye devs check the game out plz u might get some  inspiration out of it and with the  engine u guys running u might maybe  have 5 % of the content that ET QW has so whats top technologie  it aint  arma anymore  norr ofp it get  old the only thing that can make u proud is maybe u bank account  with all the retail boxes but most part all leave with the same opinion as me and i dont wanna hear  another fan saying it aint tru  cuz i  will start thinking u paid  by bis to calm the mob and persuade players keep playing it anyway i know no arma fan *** will agree  and see what it has brought u bis they like to fool on the  baby editor for nubs but they scared to get rolled in a fight  versus players  that doesnt even looks  like something  great u guys need a  new advisor and inspirator ..im available for 2000$ a month u got my mail  if u want succes before and years after rellease for some mass warfare like irl in a game none solo but in MP gl  u know where to find me ps :its not cuz a comunity says so that the worlds says ...so im with world u guys making games to  be the best ...or to make the game for your comunity and let them destroy it whith them silly short thinking ideas and no i dont want  bf style games norr CSS i want arma but not like  arma i know now
  12. pb works fine for those that wants to create mods its all server based configs to allow those mods and client version only need to update there once in a while for the fight against cheat and a ROE system would be real nice its not some army term its really something becoming aplied in games
  13. JIN

    Public Ban List

    ive checked many games  that run with anicheat softies or with the  upcoming ROE systems that will be everywhere within games AA does it EA does it and  doom engine games does it +they use banlists from a lill everywhere like gbl is doing for arma atm they have like pb  and a r.o.e system and like average 5 banlists from  anti cheat comunities and i can say even if they cheat it will be  fast forgotten cuz they  wont be long ingame they even kick  people with  teribly bad and offensive  provoking language banlist only is not a solution with there last methods really need some extern cheat catchers or ROE that need   an End User Lisence Agreement to kick  or ban them for a good while and  i dont say u dont find cheaters but i guarantee u much lesser then on our servers here  at this moment
  14. seeking players to have fun drink beer while get shot and blast some cheaters away  this server is running like perfect E6600 core2duo.. this is not the best server spec  is  much to forward for the  game actually but  its a decent one and  not shared 100% ArmA we are a french clan : recruting open only for  frencheez -------------------------------------- recherche jouers pour se eclater avec un bierre pendant  que tu te fait sinistrer pour envoyer les cheater a la lune  ce serveur tourne comme parfait E6600 core 2 duo.. cest pas vraiment ce qui a  de mieux ..cest meme  bcp trop avance pour le  jeux actuellement  mais cest pas mauvais et cest un serveur non partager 100% ArmA ont est un clan francais  : recrute  francais suise francais  belge francais et les canadien francais  sont pas exclus non plus si ta une bonne conection Find us in game trouve nous  ent jeux ou/or http://16rd.forumactif.com/index.forum Contact bifindus akira shakira kasper for/pour recruting/recrutment tonton decidra si cest bon ou pas Â