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  1. Are you seriously telling me you can't see the thousands of posts on these forums complaining about performance? Or the fact that it's the #1 issue here?

    Still, if you've missed it so far, there's no way a sentence from me is going to make the blinding obvious apparent to you. And I'm sure that for the miniscule amount of people here who use tri-GTX280 cards, it's great - I'm pretty sure you're part of a rather tiny minority.

    Don't listen to some people on this forum. A lot of people think that just because their rig runs alright on the game, it means that the game is fine and its your PC thats the problem. Its not true.

    I've got a good PC, i can run the game at max settings between 20-30 FPS and beyond. But i know for a fact that the game is still badly optimised and there are plenty of people with awesome rigs who cannot run the game how it should be. And patch 1.03 messed up ArmA 2 for me, leading to CTD's and graphic bugs, and my setup hasnt changed.

    Just ignore the people who claim there are no problems :) they're either ignorant or fanboys.

  2. 1.02

    Summary of things to note in 1.02 for me. (After fresh reboot)

    • I got Receiving... black screen on and off in single player
    • Had flashing textures on buildings all the time
    • Had bad performance looking in certain directions, FPS drop by 70%
    • Had CTD's sometimes, specifically with Device Freed error
    • I did manage to have the odd 30 minute game
    • I could not play MP because of the Receiving... problem

    Summary of things to note with 1.03 for me. (After fresh reboot)

    • Texture loading for buildings takes much longer
    • stuttering and low FPS is more common now even in small villages
    • Flashing white triangles small and large mainly on ground happens after a couple of minutes play, accompanied by very low FPS, 5 FPS
    • CTD's more prevelant, happen after a few mins now all the time
    • Cannot get a SP game happening unless I am in the forest ONLY
    • Shadows flash, appear/dissapear unnaturally and all over the place

    I am lost for words, new drivers installed, new patch and I have to give up. Had high hopes graphical glitches would be addressed in 1.03 seeing that many were complaining but all that was fixed in general was mission bugs, flares etc I mean WTF!

    Car analagy again - Your cars engine is screwed but all you do is change the friggin blinker bulb and expect the engine to work better, WTF!

    As a last resort I am going to get a brand new HDD, install Windows 7 fresh, ARMA2 fresh, GPU drivers fresh. If that doesn't work then LOL

    I have the same issues.

    AMD Phenom II Quad @ 3.2ghz

    4GB RAM

    GTX 275 896mb

    Completely unplayable. Reinstalled Vista yesterday, latest Nvidia drivers, no luck. Gonna download Windows 7, but i didnt want to dual boot this thing... Hope theres a hotfix for this...

  3. Yeah, I've noticed this too. The presence of BIS's unsolicited basiji militia is strong in this forum. Better not say anything bad about the game or you'll catch a club in the eye.

    Indeed, this game is far from perfect. Thats a fact. People have a right to complain, if i didnt like the series i sure as hell would complain, especially if my computer is way above the recommended specs and it didnt run properly.

    The OP gave a fair review of the game, saying it could have been good and outlining the issues he/she has come across which have stopped him playing.

    Fan boys: Sod off.

  4. Just as a reference my pc i just bought:

    AMD Phenom II 955 X4 Quad @ 3.2Ghz

    4GB Crucial DDR3 RAM

    XFX Nvidia GTX 275 896mb

    It runs ArmA2 maxed out at 1280*1024 with steady frames of 30-40 FPS... did have occasional 'stuttering' problems but then i fixed that by changing the Render Frames Ahead to 8.

    Built for £600 from scratch if anyones interested, www.ebuyer.com

    Hope it helps anyone as a benchmark :)

  5. AMD Phenom II x3 720 @ 2.8ghz

    4GB (2x2GB) Kingston DDR3 1333 RAM

    Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P DDR3 Motherboard

    1x 1GB Radeon HD4870 Chipset

    Vantec ION2+ 600W PSU

    22x Samsung DVD RW

    Sata Seagate 1TB HDD

    Samsung 23" 2333SW Monitor

    Thats about it, all in a NZXT Apollo (Black) Case


    EDIT: all (except for the monitor of course) in a NZXT Apollo (Black) Case

    I would estimate you'd be able to run the game smoothly on high settings!

  6. There used to be an anti TK script in ArmA.... it seemed to quell the surge for a while actually.. i put it into a couple of my maps i made.

    When my PC arrives in the next few days i'm gonna start work on making various small PvP maps, none of that complex bezerk stuff.. simple PVP scenarios which may drum up some interest.. I'll try and make it more tactical than most PvP's.. maybe certain sides have less players, but are better equipped, and the other team has more players but less equipment.. So there will be a NEED for teamwork to win.

  7. Hey yall, long time follower for ARMA 2, didn't really Enjoy the first but i liked what i played of the demo and the videos and big follower of OFP2 and PRoject Reality

    but anyway's i was seeing what yall were typing and i was wondering if anyone has this set up and what are the specs they can run it at.


    GTX 260 Core 216 SLI

    i7 920 (Not Overclocked) Or 4890 1gb Crossfire

    4Gigs of DDR3 ram

    What is the exact settings and can i run AA on with either?

    I'd suggest you go for one card rather than SLI.. dunno if it equates to a GTX295 if u got rid of one of the cards? Otherwise how about a GTX280/285?

  8. hello!

    i just bought ARMA2 and wondering if theres gonna be any "huge" wars

    1000+ VS 1000+ Battles [Teams] and when u die ur gone.

    thanks in advance

    Closest PVP u could get (made entirely of real players.. no AI) would be the 100+ player battles u get at Charlie Foxtrot (formally IC-ArmA) http://cfarma2.com/

    As far as i know anyway...

    AI Puts a lot of strain on the server..but on CTI maps they end up with a LOT of players (AI + real players) because each player can spawn their own personal AI plus theres AI resistance forces etc... So you're looking at hundreds of characters in a game at any one time.

  9. The reason crosshairs are used is because when u have a game like ArmA 2 where u have a floating point crosshair... you cannot tell where exactly you're aiming at the time.. because you arent physically holding the gun so you dont know by the direction you're holding it.. having this sort of crosshair allows u to know the GENERAL direction you're aiming.. but will stop u getting easy kills from miles away without using the irons!

    Very good work.

  10. im new to pc gaming, im waiting for my pc bits and bobs to arrive so i can get setup.

    im ordering

    amd phenom II x4 quad core 955 3.2GHz

    ati radeon hd 4890 1024mb gddr5 (950MHz)

    corsair tx 750W atx PSU

    3x2GB ddr3 (1333MHz)

    from the info that ive given you can you tell if i can run arma at a decent rate/or if it will run it at all?! thanks alot!!! if you need more info to tell... please let me know. thanks for the help in advance people.

    ps if you can give me some of your opinions on what to get feel free im looking to buy all the equipment soon so the quicker your suggestions the better.

    thanks again

    Should do!

    I've just ordered my PC today and its fairly similar!

    AMD Phenom II 955 x4 3.2ghz Quad

    2x2GB DDR3 RAM 1200mhz (summat like that)

    Nvidia GTX275

    Someone told me the spec looks good on paper but ArmA2 can sometimes be wierd about certain set ups...

  11. i havent got ArmA 2 yet so i'm basing this off other peoples observations and how ArmA played out but...

    I think the major gap in the market, so to speak, is that there arent really any tactical PvP maps... Bezerk seems to be the most popular... and to be honest (in arma at least) it was just people jumping on, everyone rushing for the nearest vehicle and then a load of single players running around fragging..

    I think what a lot of PvP players will want is a TACTICAL PvP mode, not so complex as CTI perhaps where things have to be built etc, but somehow i think players need to be encouraged to work as a team.. maybe some sort of evo system for points unlocks more stuff etc, and you get more points if u work as a team (if you're in close proximity to team members and focus on one objective agaisnt the enemy you get more points, which u can spend on new weapons and vehicles)...

    Cut out the complex scenarios, but keep in the tactics? Just a suggestion.. if i was any good at mission making i'd have a go myself.. but atm.. still waiting for both my new pc and my copy of ArmA2 to arrive :)

  12. Its not for me.

    But whos to tell you what you can't do in a game which you can freely mod?

    And like everyone says... killing, horror of war, blood and gore.... its all bad anyway, doesnt make us bloodthirsty killers (..much :D ). If someone wants to make it i'm not going to cause a fuss.

    I do like the 'gangland' scenario however.. adding women/prostitutes or whatever adds to the atmosphere. You've all probably played GTA...