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  1. Don't listen to some people on this forum. A lot of people think that just because their rig runs alright on the game, it means that the game is fine and its your PC thats the problem. Its not true. I've got a good PC, i can run the game at max settings between 20-30 FPS and beyond. But i know for a fact that the game is still badly optimised and there are plenty of people with awesome rigs who cannot run the game how it should be. And patch 1.03 messed up ArmA 2 for me, leading to CTD's and graphic bugs, and my setup hasnt changed. Just ignore the people who claim there are no problems :) they're either ignorant or fanboys.
  2. Jack-UK

    1.03 frustrations

    I have the same issues. AMD Phenom II Quad @ 3.2ghz 4GB RAM GTX 275 896mb Completely unplayable. Reinstalled Vista yesterday, latest Nvidia drivers, no luck. Gonna download Windows 7, but i didnt want to dual boot this thing... Hope theres a hotfix for this...
  3. Jack-UK

    1.03 Performance

    Its actually unplayable for me. If i look at trees the game actually freezes.. what the !*&*? Going back to 1.02...
  4. Jack-UK

    1.03 Performance

    My game has just ground to a halt twice... i dont know what the hells happened but it just freezes and crashes when i get near trees? Was fine in 1.02... Rig: AMD Phenom 2 Quadcore @ 3.2ghz 4GB RAM GTX275
  5. Jack-UK

    Arma 2 - For real?

    Indeed, this game is far from perfect. Thats a fact. People have a right to complain, if i didnt like the series i sure as hell would complain, especially if my computer is way above the recommended specs and it didnt run properly. The OP gave a fair review of the game, saying it could have been good and outlining the issues he/she has come across which have stopped him playing. Fan boys: Sod off.
  6. This pc is better than mine and i can run it maxed on 1280*1024... So i'd assume yes?
  7. Just as a reference my pc i just bought: AMD Phenom II 955 X4 Quad @ 3.2Ghz 4GB Crucial DDR3 RAM XFX Nvidia GTX 275 896mb It runs ArmA2 maxed out at 1280*1024 with steady frames of 30-40 FPS... did have occasional 'stuttering' problems but then i fixed that by changing the Render Frames Ahead to 8. Built for £600 from scratch if anyones interested, www.ebuyer.com Hope it helps anyone as a benchmark :)
  8. Well theoretically it should do well, but i cant predict whether or not that particular setup will fail for ArmA.. Its pot luck.. but theoretically its a high end pc for ArmA2
  9. I would estimate you'd be able to run the game smoothly on high settings!
  10. erm.. i'm pretty damn sure thats not underwear.. Shame on you BIS :P
  11. Jack-UK

    Most AI you've gotten to play at once

    I think its 144 groups of units! So you could have 144 leaders but plenty of soldiers under their command!
  12. This pack looks AWESOME. I've just read through the manual, and i'm planning on making some small PvP scenarios just to inject a bit of variety into servers.. hopefully it may inspire more talented mission designers to make more PvP maps! Appreciate the work you've put into this, well done!
  13. Jack-UK

    PvP: An Endangered Species

    There used to be an anti TK script in ArmA.... it seemed to quell the surge for a while actually.. i put it into a couple of my maps i made. When my PC arrives in the next few days i'm gonna start work on making various small PvP maps, none of that complex bezerk stuff.. simple PVP scenarios which may drum up some interest.. I'll try and make it more tactical than most PvP's.. maybe certain sides have less players, but are better equipped, and the other team has more players but less equipment.. So there will be a NEED for teamwork to win.
  14. I'd suggest you go for one card rather than SLI.. dunno if it equates to a GTX295 if u got rid of one of the cards? Otherwise how about a GTX280/285?
  15. Jack-UK

    huge war

    Closest PVP u could get (made entirely of real players.. no AI) would be the 100+ player battles u get at Charlie Foxtrot (formally IC-ArmA) http://cfarma2.com/ As far as i know anyway... AI Puts a lot of strain on the server..but on CTI maps they end up with a LOT of players (AI + real players) because each player can spawn their own personal AI plus theres AI resistance forces etc... So you're looking at hundreds of characters in a game at any one time.