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    Severe performance problems

    I have lower specs than you, and i only get around 15 FPS also. This game is simply poorly optimized. Yes, the graphics are very very good, but even on the LOWEST settings you get around 15 FPS on the average gaming rig. Not good BIS. Seriously, OFP wasn't this bad back in its first few months. I get 70-80 FPS in Americas army + BF2 also and they aint that much different graphically. Though i look forward to your patches for the Full Game as your patches for CWC, Red Hammer, Resistance were very good and had a lot of improvements. But please, sort out the graphic optimization! This is a brilliant game and i'm still going to buy it, but you are going to lose customers who cant even get the impression of the game because they have under 10 FPS.
  2. Jack-UK

    Your ideal PC to play ARMA?

    Ah cool, thanks for the response. Im looking to spend up to £200 on a new GFX card then i guess, and maybe i'll overclock my CPU while im at it. =)
  3. Jack-UK

    Your ideal PC to play ARMA?

    Im running on an AMD 64 3700+ @ 2.4Ghz 1 GB RAM DDR2 ATI 9550 Radeon 256mb I want to upgrade my machine, but i dont have much money to spend. So what would give the biggest increase in FPS? More RAM? Better/Overclocked CPU? Better GFX card (more graphical mem?) I'm clueless to what would give the biggest effect lol
  4. Jack-UK

    The Ideal ArmA System

    Well ive played OFP since 2001, with much less lag than i can play ArmA now. But this game is very hardware intensive, and as beautiful as it is, many people (like me) are struggling with the hardware requirements, although i am over the minimum spec i only acheive an FPS of 15 max on lowest settings. So i was thinking, what sort of system IS ideal for Armed Assault? And no, i am not asking about the absolute TOP hardware, as they are out of reach of most of gamers, although people would love to spend £400+ on a DX10 GFX card most people cannot or will not pay so much. I'm thinking of upgrading my system from a 2.4ghz AMD, 1gig RAM, ATI Radeon 9550 256mb. But im not sure whether i should wait for the top end hardware to come down. A lot of people are going out and spending good money on hardware, but is it worth it? So, what sort of system do YOU think is AFFORDABLE, but will be quite OPTIMUM for Armed Assault? Brainstorm away =)
  5. Jack-UK

    Demo Troubleshooting thread.

    AMD Athlon 64 3700+ @ 2.4ghz 1 GIG RAM ATI Radeon 9550 AGP 256mb Win XP I get a max of 15 FPS, which is insane as i can run Americas Army on Full GFX at 60-70 FPS and games like FEAR at around 30-50...