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  1. jumpinghubert

    Arma Reforger/Arma4 VR Support

    I don't think anyone is asking Bohemia to create a perfect VR integration. Just that only the engine is changed so that everyone can create a VR mod with this engine that brings the basic features like 3-D rendering and controller motion support. And who would be so negative and destructive to be against another of hundreds of Arma mods. Or is there comparable "reasoning" with other mods? It would be the mod that would deliver by far the biggest immersion gain.
  2. jumpinghubert

    Arma Reforger/Arma4 VR Support

    I hope vorpx supports reforger soon. What is missing is controller support.
  3. jumpinghubert

    Arma Reforger/Arma4 VR Support

    vorpx has geometry 3D rendering for arma3, which is true stereoscopy. I use it for flying in arma3 with my HP Reverb. Via wmr motion smoothing (45fps to 90fps), my 1080Ti is enough. With a simple hotkey you can switch to the monitor view (virtual) so you have full access to all arma3 functions, including the editor. What I'm still missing for 100% immersion is motion controller support so that I can play the infantry part with gunstock :)
  4. jumpinghubert

    Arma Reforger/Arma4 VR Support

    do you speak of yourself in the plural or do you represent a group? Anyway, I only speak for myself. It's not about arma3, but arma reforger and arma4. It can be assumed that the cpu will not be the bottleneck to the same extent as with arma3. do you know vorpx? With a slightly reduced range of vision and a graphics card from 2080Ti and with an HMD with reverb resolution, arma3 is already fully VR suitable. It can even be used in full functionality in vorpx via virtual screen with a hotkey. At the time there was only the rift and the vive your arguments would have made sense, now I'm just subsuming that under "naysayers incoming". It's not about presenting a 100% working VR-Arma, it's a request from the thread starter to initiate the first steps from BIS that the modding community can tinker some mods themselves. E.g. to vorpx hand controller support. Excuse my English, it's not my first language. one further amendment. It's basically just a mod request for access to VR functionality, namely: for those who are interested in it. Up to now it has been my basic understanding that it is pointless to explicitly speak out against a mod just because you don't like it. There are about hundreds of mods in arma, which I personally don't like. It would never occur to me to go into great detail hundred times why this mod shouldn't exist, this mod shouldn't exist in this form or should only exist in the future. That's crazy.
  5. jumpinghubert

    Arma Reforger/Arma4 VR Support

    There is nothing wrong with letting the mod community create VR mods. The Developers just need to allow access to their engine. They don't have to do anything else. Even in arma3 a lot was possible, even weapon handling via motion controller: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1UzLh-WVVw Claiming that you have to reduce the view distance, graphics or depth of the game so that it runs in VR can only come from people who don't do VR themselves. With reprojection it is sufficient not to get below 45 fps. Modern graphics cards do the rest. They have enough power. the naysayers incoming..
  6. Many thanks for this great addon! Its incredible to fly this machine in VR.
  7. jumpinghubert

    Virtual Reality ARMA - Oculus/HTC Vive

    I get very good results with vorpx since it supports real geometry 3d instead of fake 3d modi. Its important to set custom resolution higher than screen res of the hmd in arma3 config. With my dk2 (960 horizontal and 1080 vertical) I set in the arma3 config 1422x1600 and in arma3 profile the correct fov (with arma fov changer) and aspect ratio (roughly 4:5). With asw I can set objects distance to 2500, rest on high and standard and some AA. But its a lot of work to find all the right settings in vorpx. To fly the ah64 longbow (nodunit&franze-mod) after learning to start up, make waypoints, handle the weapon systems in several youtube tutorials is a new level of gaming. For infantry sadly ironside is a little bit corrupted so you can only shoot with crossair or scope. I use my ultra old nostromo n52 to give my squad orders with macros. @kremator microsofts have implemented in the wmr´s something like asw, called motion reprojection.
  8. jumpinghubert

    VR Support?

    Hey, many many thanks for the little update! Yes the stereo effect in vorpx isn´t very good, not enough separation and the near separation is inverted (for example the own weapon in the right screen of the hmd is separated to the right side and in the left to the left side). You can check it with closing one eye and look to a nearby object in reality. As an effect of this invertion the weapons and all nearby is too big I think. So the overall look is little bit wrong in vorpx. My alltime favorite is elite: dangerous in spite of the not existing story. But I will give bridge crew a try. @kremator Its very important for good optical results to use the oculus debug tool for arma3 if you buy vorpx. Without it its very pixelated still with very high custom resolution, for example with 1280x1500.
  9. jumpinghubert

    VR Support?

    fps is not an issue because you have lots of ingame settings you can pull down and have the freedom of mission making to adapt to the limitations of the current low-res hmd´s. I played yesterday 2 hours without problems. I can post all my settings but I think it makes not much sense because I have a dk2 clone only (dk2-specs (960x1080/75hz)). The main things are: -arma3.cfg to set your hmd-resolution or higher: 1080/1200 (a little bit higher than the res of my hmd) -username-profile to set your hmd-fov on base of the resolution you set in the arma3 config http://hia3.com/tools/armafovcalculator-en -vorpx -oculus debug tool to push the hmd-renderresolution to 2x. By far less pixelated still with my crappy 960x1080 per eye. -ingame I pushed in addition the render to 150%. In small missions i am able to reach the 38fps most of the time to come into the asw-zone, the 3d-effect isn´t very good (not real geometry 3d) and the weapon is nailed to my head-movement so I had to adjust it 1:1 in the vorpx-menu. My problem is I can´t go back to monitor anymore still with this crappy "solution" for arma3. Last but not least: Where the heck is NeoArmageddon!! :p @clawhammer if you have with monitor 2% immersion, with vr 88% immersion and in the matrix 100% immersion then you can´t use the matrix-solution as an argument against the step from 2% to 88% in immersion. Sorry but I can´t follow your logic. Most people who makes the "its not perfect so its nothing for me"-argument haven´t tested a hmd in one of their favorite games.
  10. jumpinghubert

    VR Support?

    Welcome Stewart in the world of the nay-sayers.. @joostsidy it is possible you see it wrong. Its less work than you think. Look at vorpx, there are lots of cons in the 3d-presentation (no real 3d geometry) but its possible to handle the game in vr with edge peak and a couple of hot keys. @kremator I am able to play this game in vr with vorpx above 37fps (asw and dk2) with a R9 290 and i5 3570k (incl. custom resolution (1500x1333)) in single player with up to 60 ai. @MK84 "not everyone" isn´t an argument, do you know? On the other side of "not everyone" is "a lot of vr-users". Ähem, i am one of them.
  11. In vorpx you can offset the eye interoccular distance per eye per inch in stereoscope mode triangulating it (lol). In other words: aiming works well still with this crappy vorpx in arma3 (optics and ironsight) and it seems to works very well in this first alpha mod with hand controllers. I hope neoarmageddon will give some feedback on this thread :)
  12. Vr will fit perfect to the arma-universe because arma3 itself is a niche and all additions to this game (inf-simulation, helicopter-simulation, weapon-simulation). So it adds with every niche new players. It seems neoarmageddon and another guy are working on a vr mod (but sadly since a couple of months no update):
  13. jumpinghubert

    Oculus Rift & Arma 3?

    Please please NeoArmageddon release your mod in the current state of developement! Alpha...beta....better than nothing! With vorpx its still a mess....
  14. Thanks dasa for this very professional documentation. I get 44fps in yaab with ultra preset in 1080 and aa off ( with a 3570k @ 4.8Ghz and 2666mhz ram). Thats a big difference to your 62fps! With the newest intel generation arma3 seems to benefit a lot!
  15. Only strat & yaab with standard ultra preset/0 aa/1080, that would be wonderful :)