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  1. I solved this problem by using RivaTuner to run my GPU fan at a constant 85% rather than letting the fan run under auto management. I don't know what OA is doing that A2 doesn't but whatever it is causes my GPU to overheat and do it really fast too. Only game I own that requires this.
  2. Thanks Prof, I'll try that tonight. Is that numpad minus or regular minus?
  3. Are you getting the little yellow warning sign in the system tray and the "display driver stopped responding and has recovered" error? If so I have the exact same problem. A2 will run for hours and not do it, OA does it every time within 10 or 15 minutes of mission start.
  4. I get the "display driver has stopped responding and has recovered" (which crashes the game) after about 10 minutes, never had it with A2 so for me A2 runs, OA does not. I would have to call that worse.
  5. In Game Map Unresponsive

    Yeah I know the feeling. Same here Smee, where ever the cursor turns form the red brackets to the gray arrow the mouse loses all functionality in the map.
  6. In Game Map Unresponsive

    You can use 8462 on the numpad to pan it and numpad +- to zoom but it isn't as fast as using the mouse.
  7. In Game Map Unresponsive

    I have the same issue. Running 1.02
  8. You use the dpad to navigate menus and it works fine although you can't access the specific number menus, only the spacebar menu from what I can tell. Speed control is analog, depends on how much you tilt the left stick, you can actually move faster with your rifle up than you can using wsad. Zoom is analog, so you can partially zoom by partially pulling the left trigger, you'd probably have to use outside controller mapping software to do what you talk about in question 3. You could map a button to freelook and be able to use it like you would the alt key I guess, I have TrackIR so I look around that way.
  9. I'm not using the default profile and it works for me. I changed the one in the Name.ArmA2profile file in the ArmA2 Other Profiles folder.
  10. I do the same as you, using the gamepad for driving and flying and that thing was rattling all over my desk in a firefight. I was thrilled to see that line in the config If not I was going to have to get a little pillow or something for the gamepad :)
  11. In your arma profile, down near the bottom you can set "vibrations" to 0 and it will turn off controller vibrations.
  12. I use it in vehicles. It has a built in profile that works well and even has the proper 360 controller button prompts. On foot I still use the keyboard to have access to all the keys but I actually find the left analog stick better for movement since you have more control over your speed.
  13. Patch 1.03 suggestions

    Swap between Aware and Danger modes on spacebar menu, similar to hold/open fire.
  14. Alert & Danger modes

    I'd like to see Danger and Aware mode switches added to the spacebar menu like hold/open fire are.
  15. Will you still play ArmA?

    They have some big shoes to fill and it's codemasters so I don't have very much faith. That said, I'd love to see some competition in this genre, I think it would drive innovation.