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  1. I bet it`s a half done stuff

    yes. There are untextured parts, as you can see above.


    We are concentrated on polish stuff. Most of germans comes from outside. We corrected them, added some items, but generally it's old models, because WH in 1939 looked a little bit different than later, ie: most of units diden't have Y-straps, etc.

  2. so do we need "Invasion 44 mod", can you say anything about missions/campaigns?

    Yes, You will need Invasion44. There schould be a campaign, but it's to early. we have to made some more units.

    Here You have first screens of underground  army soldiers supported by one of captured PzV named "Pudel", Warsaw '44:






    Seldiers have SS insygnia still sad_o.gif but it will be removed.

    PzV model and textures comes from Invasion44, we added underground insygnia.

  3. Could You explain ethymology of undergoing cities?

    Meklenburg- Vorpommern: Teterow, Ribnitz-Damgarten, Pasewalk, Pritzwalk, Rathenow, Gustrow, Wolgast

    Brandenburg: Luckau, Kyritz, Prenzlau, Beeskow

    Schsen: Kamenz, Pirnau, Zwickau, Chemnitz

    Or rivers: Recknitz, Warnow; Schwielow see...

    It's aparently slavic, but much more has names changed a little bit, or translated: Riesa (Ryza), Bautzen (Budziszyn), Meissen (Misnia), Cottbus (Chociebuz), Neuruppin (Rupia).

    All above you can see on small maps of Germany 1:4500000. If You take any biger map...

    Why so many towns and willages in east Germany has non german names? Is it possible, that Germans like so much polish or czech names?

    If Slavic tribes came there in VII c. (according to Your theory) so they lived there for less than 300 years, why most of geographical names comes from Slavic languages?? People always change alien names by familiar ones. But the process is slow, after 300 years there will be some remenants, but after 1000 - no way.

    But it's not the place for such discussion, if You know any good medieval forum, let's go there.

  4. werent Nazis Blonde haired with blue eyes?

    Well it,s complicated:

    1. All east Germany (old DDR) were concuered in XI-XII century. Previously that land was Slavic. After... as well. Even in XVIII century 50 km from Berlin You were unable to comunicate in german...Look at map and names of vilages. Real feldm. E. Manstein's name was Lewinski (he was adopted in childhood). In the end of XVIII c. Germany take more polish lands, as Slask (Schlesien), Pomorze (Pommern) and others. Soldiers from that lands aparently ware not germans.

    2. In ww2 German Army incorporated so many non german soldiers. In 41/42 many frontline divisions had even 50% volunteers from Russia. Many german units in Warsaw Uprising was non german, i.e. Kaminski Brigade.

    3. The faces comes from Invasion 44, and we will not change it for compatybility reasons. It looks much better than original from BIS.

  5. Unfortunately, you're wrong. There were big amount of modern buildings in our country.




    all above build in mid thirtys.

    And "Drzymala trucks" are good only for Gypses, and this particular men walked out against german occupation and germanisation rules. Half of europe had a laugh from german administration because of him.

    Anyway, thanks for interesting.

  6. That is not so simple. The point is, that the original BIS heads was completely removed , and replaced by Llauma. To come back to BIS ones, you need change the heads once again. In this way, you dont use w39mod, like different mod, but place addons in normal addons folder, because in the config there is no any info for BIS heads, like tekstures, faces configuration etc. If you wont tu use any models with Llauma wih w39, do it, and remove the init line for faces in config.

  7. The picture shows the 1 Pulk Szwolezerów Gwardii (I Régiment de chevau-légers (polonais) de la Garde Impériale raised 1807. Biggest battles: Somosierra, Wagram, Borodino, Berezyna, Lipsk, Hanau, Waterloo.

    25.10.1812 in battle of Horodnia Kozietulski's squadron saved Napoleon from become POW or death.

  8. There will be cavalry in w39, we are working on it. But no any lances or sabres, cavalry was fighting as infantry, and horses was used for fast moves.

    hussars (husaria in polish) was in xvii century. They had longer lances than infantry, and therefore their charges had "atomic power". Batlle of Kircholm 1605: 3800 polish soldiers vs 14000 swedish. Charge of 300 hussars wiped out swedish army in 20 minutes.

    Husars (huzarzy in polish) was the different units, used generaly on he west of europe in the same time.

  9. It's 4:45 AM now. Exactly 67 years ago, on 01.09 1939 Germany invaded Poland with no any reason given by our country. WW2 was started. This mod is for memory those brave people, our grandfathers and grandmothers, who defended our homeland.

    This is an alfa demo v.01. Not all addons are finished yet. There is few errors and mistakes.

    We used Gavin Infantry Pack, some weapons from Upminder (unfortunately we could'nt contact with him), and Llauma's heads. The heads are incorporated into game config, so there is no any bugs ingame (ok, only one, at that time - the textures in player edit menu does't changes). We'll release separately that config, which will be compatybile with all llauma's heads in 1-2 days, because many mods are interestad in.

    We would like to thanks Gavin, Upminder, Llauma, WPS, WWIICZ Mod and others.

    And the link for download:


    The upadate: