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  1. Bi wiki:

    You can calculate it from vehicle armor and hit value of weapon that should be able to harm the vehicle. tgtRadius is radius of virtual bounding sphere calculated in vehicle geometry.

    damageResistance = (HIT*HIT)/Armor*((0.27/tgtRadius)*(0.27/tgtRadius))

    is tgtRadius means the radius of a biggest sphere, which can be put into the vehicle body in geometry LOD (= 50% the smallest measure: Height/Length/Width)?

    If yes, i've got completely different results, that in oryginal config...

    How should it be calculated?

  2. right now BF 110 has two weapons (accept bombs): one mg with 4x faster rate of fire - it "plays" four mg, and the second one "plays" 2x20mm on the same way. One can not fire both at the same time.

    A rear gunner- not now, maybe later...

  3. Quote[/b] ]But is good to know that a game licensed by Codemasters and developed by BIS belongs to the licenser and not to who did it.

    As far, as i know, You are wrong. The name "Operation Flashpoint" belongs to Codemaster, the game (engine, models and all the stuff) belongs to BIS. Thats why we have ArmA, not a OFP2. So, it's strange, that one says Arma is complitely new game.

  4. no. 1st post says, that OFP and Arma becomes completely different games. That becomes more than a year, after release. You cant put ANY ofp content into Arma. If i have a permission to use something in OFP, it can't be used in Arma.

    And it says more: if i cant use official mlods (because it's broken), and i cant use illegaly upacked mlods- i cant do anything. Officialy- i shouldn't know, how it works!

  5. if i unpack the BIS *.pbo, if i unrap the config, to see the scripts, classnames, it's reverse engeneering, am i right?

    If every addonmakers will ask BIS for permissions, the BIS will need few more workers, only to writing letters and testing a community addons. As i remember, there was about 3-5 releases per day for OFP (sometimes 100- 300mb or bigger).

    No community works in that way.

    Addonmakers work = more copys sold. Who will earn more money? Not the addonmaker, i suppose. If the community will be killed, i will have my job still...

    One more thing: why Arma becomes completly new game recently? Everybody know, it's patched OFP. What's the point?

  6. thanks for comments Belgerot. I'll double check the collars. We've got 2cm flak38 and mg34 on AA tripod already. I know, You wish 8.8 xmas_o.gif Unfortunately we'll not planing that right now. it's very complicated object (as all guns) for proper modelling. Maybe later. Flak38 and mg34 should be enaugh, i hope.

  7. well, i'ts very early WIP screens. Models and textures are similar right now, but not the same. I'ts not my fault, that german and polish uniforms looks similar, but look at the pockets. There will be much more differences later. The TKS is early WIP also.

    Textures- we used one or two files, as it should be. But why there are missed textures- it's Markek's manufacture secrets smile_o.gif

    @ Belgerot - waist will be reworked- thanks for that.

  8. Addons are made not only by modteams, but we have standalone ones as well. As a player, i was really upset seeing nice tank, wchitch can be killed by few rifle shots. Or undestroyable one...

    the response is not so big... But, for small arms is a simple quest (i hope so). It need just ammo and mags classnames, and so on. The bigger problem is an armour.

  9. if i understend, you need this:

    1. select all faces with choosen texture in texture library (ctrl+mouse)

    2. In Face Properties (that from your post):

    - texture- there is a path to colour (base) tex (_co.paa),

    - enable texture merging - marked v- like in your post

    - material - here you have to write the path to rvmat.

    make shure that you have correct paths to _nohq, _smdi and others in the rvmat file. To do so you can edit the file in the notepad.

    The effect is here:


    does it help?