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  1. JasonH

    Dawn of the Yomies

    Any updates to this mod? I'd like to see it catch on.. No one ever plays multiplayer with it anymore it seems .
  2. JasonH

    Cartridge Addon

    Yea I'm an utter nub when it comes to this stuff, reading those XEH pbo's is a little beyond me... All I know it I took out all my addons and it still wouldn't work. And I've got the Extended handlers at 1.9 or alteast thats what I downloaded.
  3. http://pc.ign.com/articles/932/932227p1.html After watching the trailer, everything I've said about this looken like another ArmA expansion I take back. It looks great and I hope to god it gets a better start than what ArmA gets. Instead of another OpFor clone it looks to be finally it's own game. Congrats and I can't wait to play it.
  4. JasonH

    New ArmA II Pictures!

    So we get to pay full-price for an expansion pack? Because it looks like the exact same thing as ArmA.
  5. JasonH

    Cartridge Addon

    Where's the XEH for this file? It's not in the .rar. Just some keys.
  6. JasonH

    Cartridge Addon

    Just got a message saying "Requires extended_eventhandlers"
  7. JasonH

    Cartridge Addon

    Btw - the link for the file is broke on the first post.
  8. JasonH

    Cartridge Addon

    Something is seriously conflicitng. D:\Games\ArmA\arma.exe -nosplash D:\Games\ArmA\arma.exe -nosplash -mod=@MBG_cartridges It won't even run like this.
  9. JasonH

    Cartridge Addon

    doesn't seem to wanna work with one of my mods... D:\Games\ArmA\arma.exe -nosplash -mod=@ArmAEffects;@JTD;@Lowplants;@SIX_Pack1;@CSM;@MBG_cartridges
  10. Okay got my game runnen alright but I can't get blood or tracers to show up now.. nothen. Help?
  11. JasonH

    nvlddmkm.sys/9800 GX2

    I get the same error, no sli. It seems to be a Nvidia thing I guess I dunno.
  12. JasonH

    ArmA Effects

    D:\Games\ArmA\arma.exe -nosplash -maxmem=512 -mod=lowplants;@Replacements;@DMSmokeEffectsBeta4_2;@ArmAEffects;@SIX_Pack1
  13. JasonH

    ArmA Effects

    It's no CTD it's an outright blue screen
  14. JasonH


    Just tried, said there was a file needed that was deleted so it failed
  15. JasonH


    Wow, hurting. Only 2 servers. 1 has 2 people (Kai and someone else) in it but it's passworded. The other is emtpy and cannot connect. And I can't seem to make my own server. Ugh!