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    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    Hi Guys! Been a while since I played the FFur mod, but I downloaded the new 2.0, and was blown away by the Ai tactics of bounding and overwatch, and may other things. Sorry if this may have been asked before, but is there a way to tweak it so I can shoot the target without waiting for the sites to stop moving, rather unrealistic if you ask me as military soldiers arn't that out of shape. I cant hit a dam thing as a sniper, because after moving a little bit Im breathing heavy and the gun sight is moving all over the place. Even after Im lying prone for a while not being tired, and I see some enemies the breathing starts again and my sites are all messed up. Great mod! The fire fights seem to take a long time now! I love it before, you could have 2 opposing squads and 1-2 are left from 1 squad within 5 minutes or more. Keep up the great work Tbird!
  2. im new to this scripting stuff, to use this script where do I put it?
  3. im new to this scripting stuff, to use this script where do I put it?
  4. Julian

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    no, i have no lag in terms of the grapics, or the card, i have no lag in game at all, its the way the gun moves, its to slow, you cant just aim at a guy, theres to much adjusting you have to do to shoot the guy. In version 1.07 which the mouse movement to aim was like OFP, quick, and sharp there was no delay. the delay is set in the cofig, for a certain amout of mouse movement lag to simulate that your weapons has weight, which I coulfd really care less, I'd rather not have that option on but I don't know how or what to look for in the config to change it, anyone got ideas?
  5. Julian

    1.08 Troubleshooting thread.

    I patched my game with the new  1.08, and the movement to aim the gun is heavy, its like there is slight delay to it, which in 1.07 there was none.  and any mission i make or play the soldiers have no weapons, except the mgs, everyone else has handguns, and grenades.  They have there guns but they dont show, everything else in the game seems good, i still like ofp better than this, more versatility simple movement, you try to make a better game, and all they give you is great graphics, they should have left the movement , and aiming alone, quit fixing what dont need to be fixed!  My computer runs this game smooth other than metioned above. I'm reverrting back to 1.07, and then im going to go play some OFP, at least they didn't screw that game up!
  6. Julian

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    I patched my game with the new 1.08, and the movement to aim the gun is heavy, its like there is slight delay to it which in 1.07 there was none. and any mission i make or play the soldiers have now weapons, except the mgs, everyone else has handguns, and grenades. They have there guns but they dont show, everything else in the game seems good, i still like ofp better than this, more versatility, you try to make a better game, and all they give you isd great graphics, the should have left the movement , and aiming alone, quit fixing what dont need to be fixed!
  7. Julian

    FFUR/SLX 2007

    justinas91 heres my e-mail address julianingerson@comcast.net send me your config, thanks man, much appreciated! check out my website when you get a chance www.187thMgDiv.com I run a clan for the game Red Orchestra
  8. Julian

    FFUR/SLX 2007

    justinas91 could you send me your config, I was looking around in the bin folder and saw the bin program , I was looking at the config and dodnt really know what im looking for, I think it would be easier, I know to make a copy. Thank you very much appreciate your help
  9. Julian

    FFUR/SLX 2007

    no i didn't I didn't even know you could do that, even then i don't know how to do it or what to adjust, or what im looking for, should I even attempt it, I was rather really dissapointed by these things i pointed out earler that for me even to try that i feel i would be wasting my time. But if changing the things in the config works then maybe I might take another crack at the mod.
  10. Julian

    FFUR/SLX 2007

    Hi everyone, Long time fan since the beginning, been playing OFP since it came out, I recently found out about the Ffur/SLX Mod and downloaded it. Â Â I set up a game in the editor to test it out, and heres what I liked and disliked: .love the music .units, and vehicle are well done .love the ejecting shells .love the smoke effect thats a plus for me .the AI was more than what I expected, excellant! .i never seen a soldier run so fast before that was cool .like the grenades what i disliked: .the heavy breathing but really the movement of the gun I hated that the most i couldn't get a steady shot especially when I was a sniper, i dont feel thats realistc i think that part should have been left alone like it was in ofp .the sound for some of the guns were ok realistic or not they really didn't make the game exciting .Accuracy, I would aim at a guy and the bullet wouldn't hit him, i had to shoot many rounds to kill a guy, I think it should have been left alone like OFP, that alone was a turn off for me .the recoil of a gun is to much mostly on the sniper rifles, no sniper rifle has a kick like that or at all whether it does or not doesn't matter the game is just redered not fun anymore well sorry to say I unistalled it and went back to my invasion 44 and other ww2 mods,ECP, and WGL. Â Thats my feedback , if the two thinfgs are adjusted the recoil the movement of the gun and the accuracy then I might go back ffur. Â The FFur I liked the most was 3.5 I had a blast with it!
  11. Hi guys, I made a mision on the desert island with 1 squad of russian, and a squad of US assaulting each other on a hill, well after half the us squad was lost, and the russians were killed, except maybe 3, a couple of soldiers from the us side healed the wounded rus soldiers, the rus soldiers got up and surrenderd, then the us solds on the radio said enemy soldier 50, then shot him. I was like what was the point of that, I think this has to be fixed were somehow in the script when the enemy or anyone surrenders it makes them neutral. To make it more exciting make the capturing soldiers bring the captured to a place like prison camp.
  12. Julian

    star wars what happend to it

    The storm troopers, and tie fighters have already been out, the galaxy of wars mod is still being worked on. Galaxy At War - Tatooine Preview This vid is what Acacyn has just made.  Heres the forum section he's in: http://gawmod.proboards85.com/index.c....&page=1 To quote Acacyn: "i have played OFP for 5 years already so dont say its not a good game  i have made my addons for OFP and there are many who await the GAW mod for OFP so there is no reason not to release the already done work for OFP " When you ask a question about whats going on with the mod seek it out by going to the forum and finding out, don't spam the forums with useless garble of star wars this and that, and why mod anymore for OFP  And who said whats the point of modding, or making mods for OFP anymore, because those who love the game still play it!
  13. Julian

    FFUR 2007

    Couple of things I have noticed is the fires when something is blown up they burn extremly fast, and never burn out. Personally this whole mod haveing to be as realistic as possible is ruining the real joy and fun of the game, and thats what it is a game, entertainment. If you want realism go join the army, or the forces. Make the game fun, make the tracers viewable every time, you shoot, make the guns sound hollywood. Yes a sort of realism is needed for this type of game, and mod to be war simulator, but sometimes the overkill on perfecton or exactness of how something sounds is at a point important and at another point pointless for we have people argueing here sometimes, here, other threads, yadada, and so about whos got the right sounds, or what not. Personally I could care less, just make it sound good, make it sound like it fits, make the gameplay replayable. Multiple weapons, and armoured, planes, choppers ect.,. This is what I always and still always love about OFP and its mods, the fact that there is a large array of weapons, and vehicles to choose from. In the editor I want to fly this chopper or plane, shoot this gun, be this guy, drive this tank, or vehicle. Sometimes I like sci fi, some times, modern, or maybe just a drive down to the beach. TB the mod is great I play all the time, I think making it realistically fun is more important than making it realistic. Leave the super ultra reality to the WGL guys. patching things as they arise would be more appropriate than doing another overhaul of the mod no offense or anything, I think that you over do it putting to much work in your own lap instead of just patching things as they arise. I'm sure you love OFP as much as I and all the others but make less work for yourself. Keep up the good work.
  14. Julian

    FFUR 2007

    Thanks TB for making OFP the best game to play again! Thank you for all your hard work, and dedication to the OFP Community Looking forward to seeing you in ARMA!
  15. Hi guys (waveing and saluting to all the OFP fans that are soon to be total ARMA fans after the modders get their hands on the mod tools) I downloaded arma when it came out, configured my controls like in OFP, and played the game, I have to say: Being an OFP fan since its birth, the graphics are definately a great improvement, the texture, the feel, ect. Ya sure the game has bugs who cares so did OFP, but any OFP fan knows this and understands what to possibly expect. Â There are definatley some changes needed, especially the flying of choppers and planes which if you want to compare to OFP I think it sucks but hey thats me, I flew all the time in OFP and I really think Arma needs an adjusment we'll wait and see. For a new guy to the OFP/ ARMA community their going to see it different. Well after playing with it for month straight mostly in the editor I like making my own missions, I went back to OFP. Â I'm really waiting for the mod tools to come out for the modders. Â When the tools are out then you know arma is going to come really alive, addons, total conversion mods, sound mods, guns,planes, units,boats,tanks, mechs, on and on and on and on, YESSSS! Â Â Â Â This my OFP friends is what makes OFP like christmas everyday because of the dedication and the love of the game, and you know what....................(Pauses for a second.,.,achm Minute) ARMA or Armed Assault for all you non OFP speaking gamers out there, is going to be ausome too, Arma will become ausome just sit tight quit your complaining, and bickering to each other and get excited. I love OFP, Â the best game I have ever played, and I can say that because I'm involved, and play it. To all the Arma waiters out there, its worth the wait, but the community is going to make the difference not BIS, OFP tells us this. (stops typing and lets out a sigh, while thinking about a new mission to make on the OFP editor:love: ) ..!! oh were still live my bad. Â