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  1. Johan_D

    Dawn of the Yomies

    I ment, I shouldnt hear a moan 300 meters away, but they scare the hell out of me, like they are 10 meters away of me.. brrrrr...
  2. Johan_D

    Using Animations

    Is there a list ? or demo mission?
  3. Johan_D

    Dawn of the Yomies

    One thing bugs me very much.. The sound is not comming from them it seems, it should be comming from the Yommies, and not be audible off range. Is there a solution for it?
  4. Johan_D

    farmland works in progress

    not much to see on the vid.. can you make it so that the sound of the zombies come FROM the zombies? and not audible on the whole terrain?
  5. Johan_D

    New Island from USEC

    http://itsdown.blogsome.com/ scroll down for more ideas! How is the map going?
  6. Johan_D

    Arma AI bugs (not 1.14 exclusive)

    Is there a script what can do this micromanagement for you ? preferrably added to the formation menu?
  7. Johan_D

    AI bug

    if the AI view angle can be reduced, then it is all solved. can we?
  8. Johan_D

    how do you tell them to get in

    Or assignasdriver, commander etc.. and in the waypoint add moveindriver etc..
  9. Johan_D

    Latest screenshots available

    Looking at the little hill in the first shot I wonder if it is 50 meters hill. If it is a smaller grid section, imagine what fun maps we can make. Johan
  10. Johan_D


  11. Johan_D

    Patrolling and messages

    the bling in the HINT command in a script, and the rest I presume you wait untill www.ofpec.com is back online. All is there in ready to use scripts.
  12. Johan_D

    The REAL Sounds

    Aren't there any sound replacement packs around?
  13. Johan_D

    Some Siege Equipment

    Ok, I wil await the mod to check it out, but those days the number of men wasnt important, only.. got much!. Sir, i shut up now, and wait and see Sir, Yes Sir!
  14. Johan_D

    WAFFEN SS screenshoots

    Progress update?
  15. imagine a Nam scene, with a village onfire, choppers around... Wow