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    Random restarts in mp

    ARGHH this problem is driving me nuts. Just played a map involving tons of vehicles, including tanks. A bit into the game I lost my sound (which happens less frequently than the reboot problem but when it happens it is ALWAYS followed by a reboot sooner or later). So anticipating that my computer would restart at any moment, I decided to disconnect and leave the game. Thinking I was now save from the problem, I went back to the server listings in OFP. I then wanted to check MSN and ALT-TABBED which then triggered a random restart. I have never before had a restart occur b/c of ALT-TABBING and I ALT-TAB a lot. Sooooo......any idea what could be causing this prob? Any help much appreciated.
  2. Jotun

    Random restarts in mp

    Don't have any addons installed at the moment...still happens
  3. Jotun

    Random restarts in mp

    I do not believe it to be a memory problem at all considering that I can play huge and demanding maps well as long as they haven't got tanks in them (I've now excluded choppers from this problem). I've got plenty of RAM and well enough space for my swapfile.
  4. Jotun

    Random restarts in mp

    This is a fairly new problem to me, I've only encountered it during the past month or so. The problem is that sometimes when I play MP, my computer will just restart completely. This seems to only occur when I play missions involving tanks (and choppers ?). I play smaller infantry based maps most of the time, some involving apcs and jeeps, and the problem has never occured. But recently, especially on maps such as Andersen Gunship DM or any other map involving tanks, the problem has occured. Never used to happen before, and it seems like playing SP with tanks and choppers is not a problem. I've made a clean reinstall twice, and I currently have none but the default addons installed. I have gotten no new hardware recently, or made any significant setting changes that I can think of. The problem might be related to 1.91 as I didn't install that version until somewhat recently.
  5. Jotun


    There's a difference between targeting in cadet mode and in vet mode. In cadet mode, the yellow square stays with the target for a long period of time, and you can target the same soldier repeatedly. In vet mode however, the yellow square is static over the last known enemy position, and does not follow the target around, and also disappears within 5 seconds. Also, you can only target a player once with it, at least within a few minutes or until the player has been killed. Since we play nothing but vet mode, I find targets to be useless, since you always end up getting bogus targets just pointing to the ground of where a soldier was previously (probably due to lag)...
  6. Jotun

    Recommended tuning suggestions

    To everyone with Geforce cards I would recommend trying to run the game in 16bit color. These cards perform a bit better with this setting apart from ATI's cards. You might get some viewing glitches like small white lines occuring every now and then, but I'd take that for the higher fps. I have a pretty poor system, but I've still managed to run Resistance without a single crash so far and no long loading times. Athlon 850Mhz on a K75SA mobo (very stable although I suspect somethings wrong with my processor) GF2 Ti 64Mb 320Mb 133 SDRAM OFP Benchmark: Around 1700 Resistance Benchmark: Around 2100 Running at 1024x768x16, most everything else defualted. I also made a clean install of 1.46 before installing resistance, and got rid of the enormous amounts of addons and maps that I had.
  7. Jotun

    Multiplayer ain't good

    What are you people talking about? MP runs beautiful...and yes CTF is very much playable .