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  1. Jester983


    Hey guys im looking at upgrading my motherboard and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for an Intel pentium 4 based mobo. Im currently looking at asus motherboards and abit motherboards. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Jester983

    Return of the king

    LMAO at 6. I did that throught out the whole movie. I couldnt help myself.
  3. Jester983

    Return of the king

    I saw it like 2 weeks ago. Im going to go see it again today also. I thought it was really good. One of the best movies ive seen yet. Anyone think they should make the hobbit into a movie? I sure do. I think that was a pretty good book. Not as great as the LOTR but worth seeing. Out of all the the movies which was your favorite?
  4. Jester983

    Need some suggestions on gfx cards

    How about a 1.7 amd ahtlon processer? Do i too need to upgrade it? Or would i be okay with a 9800 pro card?
  5. Jester983

    Need some suggestions on gfx cards

    If i have a mother board that supports 4x agp but not 8x will i be able to have the ati radeon 9800 pro (8x agp) in there?
  6. Jester983

    Return of the king

    I know i wont be seeing it tonight. Although i would love too see it tonight. I really wanted to go sit through all 3 movies again tonight but i got school tomorrow so its not an option really lol. Is anyone doing that? Seeing all 3 movies tonight. I know some theaters are having that. Id give credit to someone who could sit through all 3 movies and not be stiff or tired in the morning. Ill probably see it this weekend. You know its kinda sad that this is the last one. I mean every year for the past 3 years i would look forward to this and now its just about over. Just like the old saying goes "All good things must come to an end." Anyone feel that they should/should've made the hobbit into a movie?
  7. Jester983

    Need some suggestions on gfx cards

    Thanks for your suggestions guys. they help alot. One thing that i dotn get is what some of the letters mean. Like you guys are talking about XT cards of the 9800 radeon, and one im looking at is an SE. What do the letters mean? PS: If you guys have any more suggestions please keep posting them. its not just helping me out but im sure its helping out others. edit: link taken out cause it wasnt a 9800 pro card.
  8. Jester983

    Need some suggestions on gfx cards

    Hey guys im looking to upgrade my GFX card. Ive been looking into the ati radeon 9700 and the 9800 but i really cant tell the difference. Except that one has 256 mbs (9800). Any other suggestions would be appreciated. PS: Budget range is about $300 bucks. Thanks again.
  9. Jester983

    Computer problems

    Ive been having this more frequently. My computer restarts for no aparant reason. I know this will happen when it over heats. Every time its restarted all of the sudden ive put my hand right in the back to feel how warm the air is. Usually its not that warm. Maybe a bit warmer than room temperature. One time i had it restart on me not even 3 mins after i had started it up for the first time that day. Could there be a problem with my power supply or would it be overheating? Or is it something else? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. Jester983

    Possibly the funniest video game based show known

    Ive downloaded all of these. They're hilarious. Anyone been able to get 13 and 14 to work for them? Neither version works for me.
  11. Jester983

    Possibly the funniest video game based show known

    Anyone know the the bit torrent links for these movies? Im trying to download them but they wont start downloading.
  12. Jester983

    Saving jessica lynch

    What gets me pissed off is how they consider her the hero. Yea i agree she went through alot but how about the guys who went in and rescued her. Those guys deserve more credit.
  13. Jester983

    Went to the air show today

    Wow. that looks like fun. I wish we had more air shows down here. We used to have some stuff at El Torro but that got shut down (thank you very much mr. clinton) Nice pictures. I would love to see some more.
  14. Jester983

    Real world

    15, in my 2nd year of high school. Im in wrestling. I dont play ofp very much anymore because I got kinda bored of it. Thats it.
  15. Jester983

    California on fire

    Yup its pretty crazy over here. Its almost snowing you could say. With ash i mean, and im pretty far away too.