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    I have a Nano. Â Good to use in my car since i can connect it with my carstereo and it beats switching cd's the whole time. I hate Itunes, that s why i use Anapod manager, that way i can just drag & drop music into my ipod. Â It helps making it more userfriendly for me.
  2. JAP

    why did you use your username

    I got my nick from the one of the first ww2 flight sims i played i think it was on C64 or Amiga, can t even remember which one it was. I used japaneise but since most of the arcade highscores only allowed me to put in 3 letters i quickly shortened it to jap.
  3. JAP

    OFP : Happy Birthday 5 Years

    Happy Birthday OFP ! It s been ages since i posted here, and strangely this is the first website i open in the morning with my first cup of coffee. It s like already said a few times, it s the game combined with this great and might i add mature community that s keeping OFP alive. So congrats to us too I first saw something about OFP i think in the UK PC Gamer way before it came out, got the demo the moment it got out ... bought 2 copies ( gotta be sure ey ;-) ) the moment i got my hands on it which was a few days before official release since i had a computerstore back then and bought it directly from the supplier and been hooked ever since. There are months i dont even open OFP but then there are weeks i even have difficulty not playing it all day long, i think it depends on the time of year hehe. Mostly a new great addon or the OFP Photogaphy thread will spark OFP gamesessions for me. Dont underestimate the power of that thread. Because of the fantastic screenshots in that thread i convinced more people to play/buy OFP the last year then the previous 4 years together. Cheers OFP & Community, you re the best !
  4. JAP

    My hard drive’s about to fail, any advice?

    I ll second NOT buying Maxtor. They are having serious problems the last year. Selling alot of pc's / parts i must say over the last year the only drives that we re replacing are Maxtor. All die after about 6 months to a year. It s so bad we switched completely to Seagate. My advice, buy seagate. Cheers
  5. JAP

    NFS : Most Wanted

    Btw dont know if anybody knows but there are 2 patches for the demo. One lets you drive 3 Viper mod cars and the other lets you select cars for the challenge modes. You can select Cayman, 4 x lexus IS, GTO, 4x Viper, 2 x Golf GTI and the Mustang. You can find it on this website, sorry it s in dutch. NFS demo patch site Direct link to patch Patch NFS Demo Viper mod for roadblock challenge ( 3 different ones ) Enjoy, BTW, that lexus is sweeeeeet ! Jap
  6. JAP

    Pro evolution soccer 5 PCdemo is out

    I agree with Chris Death and more .. It s like it s really football now. My biggest problem going from 3 to 4 was the speed .. it just didn t feel right it the players moved way too fast. Now it s perfect. Also you have way more control over ballhandling i mean when trying to pass a defender etc the little sidesteps you can do and all without the hassle of pushing 1000 different buttons, it s all more in the speed you have and the way you move your left thumbstick ... brilliant. Now you can really hurt a defense as in pes 4 you couldn t really loose a defender now you can ... brilliant I even had a few ( not many ) runs i took out 4 defenders with 1 move ... brilliant In 4 nearly 80% of the crosses were in the box as now when a defender is pressuring you you wont get it in the box ... Doing the line just isnt that easy anymore and rightly so ... Switching tactics and substitutions have more effect then in 4, i mean bringing in ronaldinhio for Barcelona REALLY makes a difference now ... I have it for 2 weeks now and still i see stuff i didn t before and make me go  AI defending really is improved Switching sides or passing short distance with lob is greatly improved ! Keeper is waaaaaaaay better in coming off his line then in 4 Second line shots are awesome although practise is needed, running or shooting out of a turn is much harder to shoot then it already was ... but it s soooo f*cking satifying to actually score that way Freekicks .... mmmmmh greatly improved.  I scored more fk goals already in 2 weeks then with pes 4 in a year ! The fact that you can have shitty matches like in reallife where no team can do anything right with the ball are there also to my big frustration hehe Only thing i m missing from what they promised ... WHERE IS THE DYNAMIC WEATHER ? Didn t they promise it could start/stop to rain / snow during matches ?  Or else i m just lucky to almost only play in good weather. All things aside, this version for me is a very big step in the right direction ... now let someone make a good option file for the xbox version and you wont hear me again for another year ! I mean the fact that i play with Barcelona with Real life squad ( just to get into it ) on 4 stars and still loose from small teams and maximum win with 2-0 makes me a very very happy man :-) Fifa ... lol .... owned ... again ... by PES. Cheers /edit ( forgot to be negative ) - the music is much worse then before ( if that was already possible ) it s like elevator music now - the ref still loves the AI more although it s greatly improved - Kompany should be way better ;-)
  7. JAP

    Pro evolution soccer 5 PCdemo is out

    Sorry for the late answer, been pretty busy. Last Fifa i really played was 2000 But i rent it every year just out of interest to see if it s gotten better. Fifa 2005 was in my ps2 for exactly 30 minutes ... even the menu interface was total crap I give Fifa a shot every year ... but like every year it s a biiiiig letdown. I make it up by playing NHL and NFL series every year. Cheers
  8. JAP

    Pro evolution soccer 5 PCdemo is out

    You re lucky he didn t ban you for a week for saying fifa is better lol. I know he s a big PES fan too.
  9. JAP

    Pro evolution soccer 5 PCdemo is out

    Spoken like a true connaisseur of simulator games
  10. JAP

    Pro evolution soccer 5 PCdemo is out

    The problem with PES is the same problem with OFP. If you dont give it time you re gonna hate it. I cant count how many people thought OFP and PES sucked cause of it s rather steep learning curve but afterwards when they gave it some time thought they were the best of their category. So reinstall PES, get your ass kicked for weeks by the AI and then watch as you start getting better and start loving this series ... Enjoy
  11. JAP

    Combined Air-Land-Sea campaign

    I got my original copy of F4 lying around somewhere ... Can you post a list of links of all the stuff i need to patch/update an original install of falcon, or is it waaaaay too long ? Been meaning to reinstall a few times now over the years but when visiting the Falcon forums and seeing the downloads just makes my courage to do it sink into my boots. I ll have to practice i guess ... give me a few days and i will have got the engine started. Does anyone need someone to help with MP Missions for OFP ? Anyway, lemme know about the falcon downloads, only the essential stuff or things you think you ll need that to make it better. Greetz, JAP
  12. JAP

    Upgrade advice

    Nvidia 6600GT i think is best price/quality atm. I have one and i m very satisfied with it.
  13. JAP

    Boiling Poinit or New GTA???

    I read a review in a PC magazine about boiling point and they really liked the concept but there was alot of critisism about the game being a bit buggy and sometimes very messy and an unfinished feeling in the gfx departement of the game esp. interiours. Maybe it was still a review copy and they fixed those things in the final release .. i m gonna choose GTA
  14. JAP

    Silent hunteriii

    Lol winters ... Encountered my first passenger liner too today while doing the career .. was in the carribean. Hit her about 3 times all nice and clean and she was still afloat Then i had to step back from the convoy to reload from the outside tubes and some gfx glitch f*cked it all up The convoy more or less left her for dead since she couldn t sail anymore. Due to this glitch my weapon screen started flashing etc .. couldnt reload anymore so i had to end the mission without sinking her i still had about 5 forward torps left and 4 rear torps ... grmbl. I did sink 2 T2's and a troop transport of that convoy. But i wanted to soooooooo bad sink her. The moral of this story ... computers are evil things ! Here she is after 1 st torpedo hit ... Next mission i encountered two lone T3's otw to patrol zone Dont know what s up in '43 but they each needed 3 torpedos to go down Final torpedo hit on 1st T3, other one is manouvering around it and needed 1 more hit also My new submarine in it s subpen in Bordeaux Ex Ronin isnt gonna like my next kill ... spot why .. Cheers