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  1. Inimical_rize

    Arma 3 action menu

    Before you guys flip your sanity on me I've used the search function and the only thread to pop up is from early 2013. All I'm looking for is an update on this situation, as the action menu we currently use is starting to get on my nerves, playing PVP I've been killed too often at doors where I switch weapon so on and so forth. Has there been any confirmation on this being fixed/modded? Please excuse me I've been away from Computers for a while, working.
  2. Inimical_rize

    Trees foliage colors

    Hello aoshi, Try some google street view around the actual island or research some pictures and youll see that they're not that far from truth, be it what the devs can provide through an artifical world, I would expect modders to set about changing that possibly. If you've payed the ther versions of the game you would see that the 90% product bis releases is always developed on ten fold by bis but mostly the community. Try requesting a Hqres pack or Texture pack ect or somthing alng those lines.
  3. Inimical_rize

    Recent semi' stream CQB

    Yes I've been using it however the AI is what it is and I need a little extra from them.
  4. Hi guys, Inimical here. First off sorry if this is the incorrect place or been posted before, I did search but no doubt I probably done it wrong! I'm not a forum guy really. Anyway! So I've been in the military for 6-7+ years, forgive my foggy brain I was recently injured. Throughout the years I've heard some unbelievable stories of courage, laughter and tragedy. I would like to share my own experiences with you guys and other Arma fans by creating a comic using in game screen shots to set the scene. Just a few questions 1. Is there an ability or mod to construct a scene? I would like to say something like 'Garry's mod' posable characters ect. 2. Can anyone advise on what kind of program is best for photo manipulation? I do own a really old copy of Photoshop and I'm looking for a new one, I've heard new p.s systems are really tricky to use as there is tonnes more utilities. 3. Would anyone like to get in on this venture? no matter experience of the military is required, obviously experience of the game is a must, be it playing or programming. Just to assist with the screenshots/story line. Cheers guys. Inimical.
  5. Inimical_rize

    nvidia control panel (best setting?)

    So far with my rig (see sig) I can ultra everything how ever I'm not a fan of the blurred everything I get so I usually take the option to change the draw of blur to the max. I do apologise for not using the correct name but I am away from my computer and can't remember the option.
  6. I usually end up killing my troops for insubordination. or leave the group in dead ground and take one other member on hold fire to a flank and then move the rest in, this avoids one of the A.i becoming John rambo and massing everything en rout to the obj.
  7. Inimical_rize

    Serious injuries (graphic) - gore/violence

    Put it this way is Bis has said no it's down to the community, and if the community do it, it then falls to the indiviudal to install it or not. I for one am 50/50 on the subject, it certainly sounds like the communtiy want people to be vaporised by a direct H.E.S.H round from a mbt, or pulled appart by some fool who manages to tumble the chopper on a tree and some,ucky so and so catches a rotor to the sternum, but when does this all get a little too much for a game?
  8. Inimical_rize

    Hot key for view distance settings.

    Sounds good, the key placement would be important so if youre in air to air you dont tap it and the enemy disappear.
  9. I have jumped full c.e.f.o ( combat equipped fighting order) and it is ***** amazing, fast, scary, cool. Didnt know that mod existed, thanks guys.
  10. Inimical_rize

    Mortas Weapon

    Has anyone been as far,..... Not 100% sure what you are asking friend.
  11. +1, I like this. it does make sense. after doing firing drills for a firm i started people were trying to keep their eyes horizontal where as dynamic leaning eyes level to the sights decreases neck fatigue.
  12. Inimical_rize

    Action Menu - must do better

    I would like to know what Bis has to ay aout this, or atleast get some feedback as to why we shouldn't have wasted our breath on saying this. lol
  13. Inimical_rize

    Action Menu - must do better

    Edit: Whole post was a stupid rant Ok, whole wholeheartedly agree with everything said here that's in favor for this to be implemented. For those people saying 'Oh gawd I'd rather this not look a console port, ugh *sick* ew icky icky' Get a grip, none of you saying stuff like that could ever justify this Scrolling>Clicking>Rescrolling>Reclickingbecauseyouclickedthewrongthing>click>continue mission. Wrong! Maybe the highlights are a little over the top, however even a simple icon corresponding to the seat you want to select. Simplicity isn't rubbish or dumbing down, it's this 'FLUID' 'DYNAMIC' 'USABLE' and all these other phrases Bis throw out to cover up the 'We made more stuff guyz, and you can do all this other stuff with reflectionz and we called it dynamic and usable' Sprinkles on sh** still means its sh**
  14. Inimical_rize

    trouble selecting scopes

    Don't quote me on this Doctahg, But I believe if you just 'Click' the RMB it should pop straight to the slot it's supposed to be on? and I believe some times the inventory system can be broken or bugged via this mission maker who made the mission/campaign.
  15. Hello guys, So I'm ill at home and have about a month or so off, I've spent the last couple of days looking at how to mod games ect but not really getting anywhere with it. I would like to make a few simple (simple to me anyway) mods but not sure if i would need 3rd party tools or not. The first mod I want to make is a 'loiter' mod where you can program aircraft to fly in a circular pattern over a specific area, with an adjustable circle size. this would allow the pilot to look about via the map or targeting system to pick up targets. Some people have said I could do this in the Arma game it's self but I've no idea where to start. The second is poseable animations, as in when you enter Splendid camera you can click and place down anything in the game and pose it within the constrains of the model, so you can pose soldiers legs and arms, tanks turrets and choppers weapons, place tracers and explosions ect. I know many of you will say a vanilla shot is better than a posed shot but I'm attempting to make a comic book in the arma verse. just short snippets of what life could be like in the game. What do i need to achieve these mods, sorry for being an absolute noob! I really don't understand games ect.