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  1. IronPants

    "Tab" targeting issues

    Yes! To the rest of you: how about some productive discussion with Dr. Hladik about the specifics of A3 targeting implementation?
  2. IronPants

    Free view and Aim (infantry only)

    Excellent suggestion. I use freelook toggle all the time and it would be much better if the body and aimpoint reoriented to the direction I'm looking when I toggle off. It'd be a usability improvement and just makes more sense.
  3. IronPants

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    Looks good to me, I'll likely get this. I would definitely purchase DLC which brings A2 assets up to OA spec, though!
  4. I think it's clear that the primary intent behind the OA campaign was to show off the new stuff, rather than tell a story. I expected more interaction with the locals and more gruntwork, given the intro and the direction Harvest Red went. Resistance is still the benchmark of excellence for BIS campaigns, largely because it's such an immersive story. I think Harvest Red comes in second place, marred by the sudden and immersion-breaking warfare mechanics.
  5. IronPants

    Tank damage modelling in OA?

    Then why isn't it actually implemented (see taking out LAV-25 with makarov bullets on page 2)??
  6. IronPants

    Tank damage modelling in OA?

    Please BIS, implement cutoff values so that tank armor actually behaves like tank armor! I should not be able to make an MBT explode with small arms fire, I don't care how many rounds it takes - this should be impossible.
  7. Definitely a frustrating problem. Fancy AI algorithms become pointless if the AI won't even keep up with their leader or follow orders. Their danger behavior should NOT make them ignore orders.
  8. IronPants

    Guerilla Warfare [SP-Dynamic]

    I traveled by chopper when there was no one at the mission area in Panthera. Tried a radar mission in Duala and enemies were present. Restarted and got a defend mission, which completed before enemies showed up, though some apc started shooting before I spoke to the commander to end it. Exact same thing minus any shooting happened for the next two missions in a row; defend, mission completed about 20 seconds later.
  9. IronPants

    Guerilla Warfare [SP-Dynamic]

    I should add that I played the Panthera version .23, not Duala. Veteran / high strength across the board.
  10. IronPants

    Guerilla Warfare [SP-Dynamic]

    Just tried .23 and every time I get a defend mission it completes before any attackers show up. Also did a fuel and radar mission with no enemies in the mission area. Seems broken?
  11. IronPants

    SEAL Team Six

    I tried to grab a huntir monitor and gas mask in the briefing phase of the first mission (first campaign) but couldn't; every misc item taken appears twice in the inventory and replaces whatever else is in those two inventory slots. I haven't finished the first mission yet but it's great, thanks!
  12. IronPants

    dogs of war, Hind-D weak

    Only the newest hind, with the fixed cannon and bombs (Mi-24P?) has effective AT missiles. The other models have progressively weaker missiles, corresponding to their age. I still haven't found out how to disable the engine failure - if anyone knows please chime in.
  13. IronPants

    dogs of war, Hind-D weak

    Please share with us where to find this 'feature' - it's incredibly annoying and artificial to have my engine shut off at the first hint of damage, so I'd like to disable it as well.
  14. IronPants

    Guerilla Warfare [SP-Dynamic]

    I agree that battlefield clearance is necessary; incapacitated team members are in exposed areas more often than not. Tried a new game with the latest version last night, and just as I was walking up to the commander to end my first (radar) mission, the game ended due to loss of civilian morale! All I'd done was attack the radar site, load up the truck and drive it home, so it was very odd to have the game abruptly end due to circumstances beyond my control. I noticed that the
  15. IronPants

    Guerilla Warfare [SP-Dynamic]

    This mission reminds me of Resistance. It's well thought out and enjoyable. I just started a new game and the first mission was defense. In the ensuing battle I captured a vodnik and drove it back to base - but when I spoke to the commander and completed the mission my vodnik disappeared. How about letting us keep captured vehicles (like Resistance)? I've noticed two oddities, including what froggyluv wrote about where many ambushed infantry ignore us. On a few occasions after chopper insertion one team member just walked continuously away, ignoring (but acknowledging) orders. Thanks for the mission!
  16. It's common in simulations. Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs Hokum merged with the earlier game, Apache vs Havok for example. As for something new, the DCS series. Thanks for CAA1 and the opportunity to enjoy the great old works all over again.
  17. IronPants

    Patch 1.05 Satisfaction Survey

    I'm also disappointed that this was not fixed. Fundamental problems like this should be fixed ASAP, not wait around on the backburner. It ruins any mission with soviet tanks, which is the vast majority of them!
  18. IronPants

    what is this game ?

    Why hasn't anyone pointed out that Warfare is a multiplayer game mode? That's the reason it's so out of place in the campaign. Simply dropping Warfare mechanics in and leaving it at that was just lazy. I think the RTS aspects (money, factories pumping out units) of Warfare are not well thought out, but still a permissible abstraction in a multiplayer environment (because it facilitates large scale strategic conflict even though it's a lazy way to do it). However, in any kind of mission that tries to be serious / milsim it's a huge immersion breaker. That said, get your facts straight! There is NO "Capture The Flag" going on whatsoever. Warfare lineage does go back to "Capture The Island" game modes, but the two are very different.
  19. IronPants

    Is High Command buggy a bit?

    Select the team, then double click on the map to create a waypoint. Right click (IIRC) on the WP to change its type. This is all covered in the high command tutorial.
  20. IronPants

    C-130 Fixed in Beta?

    Please for the love of Arma fix this!
  21. I agree, since the first thing I do in-game is double tap shift in order to make walk my default movement speed anyway!
  22. IronPants

    Why does it say "Hold Breath"?

    You do realize that words have multiple definitions, right? In context, it's clear that this refers to the following: 2. respiration, esp. as necessary to life. 'Breath' does not only mean 'the air in your lungs' - it also refers to respiration, or 'the breathing cycle'. But I suppose knowing the definition of a word and how it contextually relates to a particular use is "overthinking it"...
  23. IronPants

    Why does it say "Hold Breath"?

    'Hold breath' does not refer specifically to any point in the breathing cycle; why do you assume it means 'retain as much air as possible'? What are you doing when you consciously loiter at one point in the breathing cycle (i.e. after exhalation) then? Holding your breath, that's what.
  24. IronPants

    INKO Disposable

    Thank you for this! Default behavior for disposable launchers is ridiculous. I second this suggestion. There needs to be an actual advantage to using the disposable launchers rather than just drawbacks. By making the rocket take up 3 slots you're effectively giving it the same encumbrance as an RPG7VR + launcher, which makes no sense. The number of slots taken up should approximate the relative weight / encumbrance of the weapons in real life.
  25. IronPants

    Badlands HQ squad building problem

    If you search for 'badlands squad' and invest the 2 minutes it takes to read a couple of the obviously titled threads you will discover the answer; you can't.