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    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.12

    I just bought the game a few weeks ago, so I'm not aware of the issues prior to 1.12. Here are my comments: - The windows in the A10 are too opaque. - The pilot's head position inside aircraft seems to be too low, making it hard to see anything below the horizon. The instrument panel doesnt need to occupy 50% of the screen area. It's difficult enough to fly with the limited FOV of a computer screen as it is. I would be nice if head position could be adjustable like in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Or some kind of "full screen" mode with small instruments at the corners of the screen. - I can never get my AI team mates to stick close to me. The AI stays in the prone position too long after the squad is no longer under fire. So when I bound to the next cover, I find that I'm all alone with my squad lagging behind and crawling around in the open. - In the "Contruction Convoy" campaign mission, the convoy sometimes takes an alternate route west of the route indicated in the briefing (it passes through Ortego instead). All of my carefully placed satchel charges are rendered useless. - The mouse controls in aircraft "drift" back to the center position too quickly, making it very hard to line-up gun/rocket shots. It would be nice if the mouse control behavior/parameters for aircraft could be tweaked. - The Humvee turrets speed is very slow when not zoomed in or not using the optics. I have to swipe my mouse across the pad way too many times to look around. Then again, maybe the Humvee turrets are slow to turn in real life, and I should use free look more often. - In the "Dawn of hope" campaign mission, the last objective never triggers after the Cobras come in and destroy the armor. I tried driving all the way to Corazol and couldn't find any stragglers. I always have to use the ENDMISSION cheat for this one. - Can't bind extra mouse buttons. I'm sorry, but I don't buy the "use your mouse software" cop-out. Every other modern game I've played recognizes my extra mouse buttons. Sure, my Logitech mouse software let's me bind key presses to the extra buttons, but there's no easy way to make those bindings take effect only for a specific game. If anyone knows about a utility program that can bind mouse buttons to key presses, and makes it easy to change "profiles" or recognize games, please let me know. - Powerlines look white-dotted and "shimmery" from a distance. Maybe they should be rendered without specular lighting? Leafy trees are also quite shimmery when they're far. All this shimmering is distracting and makes it difficult to spot enemies. - Vehicle sounds shouldn't be muffled if occluded only by a handful of trees. This is especially distracting when choppers are flying overhead. - AI drivers equiped with night vision goggles keep turning on the vehicle lights, ruining my night vision. - AI without night vision goggles see too well in the darkness. In the "Direct Hit" campaign mission, where it's almost pitch black, it's nearly impossible to get within 50m of one the camps without the AI seeing you and taking you out. The AI must have some kind of echolocation ability, like bats. - Very difficult to control where grenades land. While you're holding the fire button, why not show some kind of translucent 3D "funnel" to show the general granade trajectory. This will make up for the inability to "feel" the grenade toss. The ability to "cook off" a grenade before tossing would also be nice. - My character sometimes yells "Grenade!" when I place my grenades back into ammo crates. - Impossible to use optics/sights while lying prone in the grass, because the grass obscures your vision. Is the AI penalized this way too? I always thought it would be cool to be able to use your scroll wheel to continuously vary your stance from standing to prone, allowing small adjustments. This way, you could set your stance to the perfect height to allow you to peek over cover/concealment (especially sandbags). On the positive side: - The terrain visibility while flying is much better compared to OFP. - The ability to lean makes it much easier to "slice the pie" around corners. Nice for urban warfare! - The Gear screen is much better than the action menu mess in OFP. - Towns are starting to look more real. - Graphics overall look amazing to me. Keep up the good work, BIS!