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    Arma 3 targeting review - revision 2

    It's amusing how uber thorough posts like this have a propensity to squash discussion. I'm thinking it's because a would-be-poster thinks twice about spamming some half thought out comment or complaint cuz they know for a certainty that OP's got the goods. Amazing post
  2. iconoclastdx

    Arma 3 Campaign Cooperative

    I think it's a scripting issue, mostly around locality. Have you tried it?
  3. No takers for this one? Does anyone know if you can or cannot edit the VON tags?
  4. Have you tried it? I've used F3 with Ace3 and found no conflicts. The overlapping features (revive, group management) can simply be disabled. That sort of the beauty of F3.
  5. Whenever you type in a radio channel the appropriate callsign (Alpha 1-1, etc) is inserted before your name. However, when you voice chat over VON with the same channel it just displays your name and not your callsign. Is this not possible to overcome? Even with custom radio channels?
  6. Yes. Arma has long standing flight input control issues that they will not or cannot fix. You may be able to configure your input to your satisfaction but many have not been able to. Good luck.
  7. Thanks Beerkan. I appreciate the reply. My previous research and experience with unitPlay is that it does not work reliably in A3 multiplayer. Have you read that this is no longer the case? I also have extensive experience with velocity and direction approaches which (not that I don't appreaciate the suggestion) , frankly do work horribly with AI vehicles (in my hands) as they actively resist anything that deviates from their prefered path (eg. They instantly break to resist velocity changes) Both of these approaches I addressed in my original post, however I appreciate your reply. I'll try to make my requests more functionally specific in the future.
  8. So I've got this script that launches a salvo of burning, exploding barrels. Works great (below for reference). However, I'm causing the torrent of flying barrels to smoke with: _smoke = "test_EmptyObjectForSmoke" createVehicle (getPos _barrel); but when I try delete the _barrel and attached _smoke with: {deleteVehicle _x} forEach [_barrel, _smoke]; The smoke still emits. This isn't a show stopper but I'd really like to fix it. Thanks! BarrelLauncher.sqf //Creates and hurdles a barrage of smoking, exploding barrels (or whtever you want (goats?)) with setable ranges of amount, rate, direction & velocity, and detonation delay. //by Icono //parameters private ["_numRange","_rate","_xVelRange","_yVelRange","_zVelRange","_detDelayRange"]; _numRange = [_this,0,[1,5],[[]]] call BIS_fnc_param; _rate = [_this,1,1,[0]] call BIS_fnc_param; _xVelRange = [_this,2,[5,20],[[]]] call BIS_fnc_param; _yVelRange = [_this,3,[5,20],[[]]] call BIS_fnc_param; _zVelRange = [_this,4,[5,20],[[]]] call BIS_fnc_param; _detDelayRange = [_this,5,[5,10],[[]]] call BIS_fnc_param; // Pick number of barrels _num = floor(random((_numRange select 1) - (_numRange select 0) -1) + (_numRange select 0)); //hint format ["_numBarrels = %1\nrate = %2, _num, _rate]; //Create and launch barrels for "_countBarrels" from 1 to _num do { _xVel = floor(random((_xVelRange select 1) - (_xVelRange select 0) -1) + (_xVelRange select 0)); _yVel = floor(random((_yVelRange select 1) - (_yVelRange select 0) -1) + (_yVelRange select 0)); _zVel = floor(random((_zVelRange select 1) - (_zVelRange select 0) -1) + (_zVelRange select 0)); _delay = floor(random((_detDelayRange select 1) - (_detDelayRange select 0) -1) + (_detDelayRange select 0)); _barrel = createVehicle ["Land_MetalBarrel_F",[4532,15391,3],[],0,"CAN_COLIDE"]; sleep 0.1; _barrel setVectorUp [-.6,.6,.4]; _barrel setVelocity [_xVel,_yVel,_zVel]; _smoke = "test_EmptyObjectForSmoke" createVehicle (getPos _barrel); _smoke attachTo [_barrel,[0,0,0]]; [_barrel, _smoke, _delay] execVM "scripts\BarrelBomb.sqf" }; BarrelBomb.sqf // explodes the barrels from BarrelLauncher.sqf _barrel = _this select 0; _smoke = _this select 1; _delay = _this select 2; sleep _delay; _bomb = "smallsecondary" createVehicle (getPos _barrel); {deleteVehicle _x} forEach [_barrel, _smoke]; Thanks again.
  9. Well, I guess no one else is bothered by this, or it's completely intractable. Still, I find it hard to believe that you can't script a truck to drive down a bloody hill. Hell, I'd be happy if you could put a vehicle in neutral and let gravity do the work! Anyway, arma has won again and I've abandoned my scripting scenario, again, in lieu of something simpler. Sigh.
  10. This only works for local AI, correct? And not for MP?
  11. I've been battling with AI pathing issues over an over again and I've just about had it. Sometimes I can kludge my way out of it with ugly setVelocity and vectors but usually I just have to abandon my ideas completely. However I'm getting tired of giving up and would like to figure out a viable strategy of forcing vehicles to drive into places where they refuse to go such as water, hills, buildings, vehicles, hangars, fences, driveways, boardwalks, trees, units, goats, over bridges, under bridges, under radio towers, over cliffs, garages, rocks, tiny bumps... I could go on. I've tried unitcapture but its inconsistent at best and consistently unreliable (especially for multiplayer) at worse. I'm sort of at my wits end. Does anyone have a good strategy for forcing units and vehicles to go where you want them to without constantly, incessantly, fighting with the AI???? My latest issue which is driving me mad is simply trying to get a quad to drive down a hill. Its not even that steep of a hill. But it refuses. It just sits there with its front wheels digitally welded to the ground (literally) or drives in circles and gives up. How hard could it be to get a vehicle front the top of a hill to the bottom without rolling out a fukin red carpet. Sigh.
  12. iconoclastdx

    Locality issue with Zeus

    Just a shot in the dark here but you wouldn't happen to be checking for server for this? I know it makes sense to, being a MP mission and all but I believe that zeus created items remain local. So I don't know how much the server will no about it. Have you tried PVing important checks just to make sure?
  13. Thumbs up. Works great for me. Now my civs are all hip and leanin' swag like. Great script! Will use this in every mission. Pic! (btw, had to disable collision to get the lean right. Probably not the correct way to do it but it works ok.) Upon further paying, civs don't respond to blufor. Meaning they don't exit their animations for blufor gunshots or deaths. They DO exit for opfor shots and deaths. Actually, they will exit for opfor ANYTHING, even seeing an opfor will cause civ to exit and flee (normal civs do not flee when they see opfor). In fact, they will not even enter the animation if they see an opfor. Not sure why this is as you don't have any faction scripts in your code that I saw. However, civs are notoriously bad with combat related scripts and don't have the FSMs and don't respond correctly to many scripts.
  14. Do civs / unarmed AI have access to a similar ambient animation set?? I dont remember seeing one. I hate how my civ just stand there like an unhip mannequin.
  15. iconoclastdx

    Dynamics Race Script

    Is there a server running this? (I know, I should just host it myself. Maybe I will.)