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  1. ^^^LOL- kinda undermines your point when you keep bringing Dyslecxi's group and tactics guide up and yet clearly above he approves of the visual effect of suppression :rolleyes:

    Subjective opinions again.

    I used the guide to define what suppression is, which, more likely than not, was pulled from some military SOP manual with him being ex-Army AFAIR.

    Carry on.

  2. Nice find. I bolded some parts. Its alot easier to believe that you are going to get hit in reality when you know that that hit could kill you. In arma, meh, why not play some russian roulette, worst that can happen is I go to spectator mode and have to wait until the next match. Best that can happen is I snipe that guy putting rounds all around me. Priorities are different in reality.

    Yeah, no shit, but it's a game, SHOCKER.

    ACE2 does it right, but it isn't bullet suppression effect of any kind,

    At 0:44 onward, they get hit by 30 mm high explosive rounds from a BMP-2, resulting in wounds, bleeding, hearing loss, mild concussion and some other "features".

    That is what is needed to remind the player of his own mortality in the game, not some FLASH-bullet goes by-FLASH screen blur. That and sharper bullet cracks like in ACE 2 SM - even vanilla ArmA II had more threatening sounds, than we currently have in Alpha.

  3. In real life rounds don't have to impact near you to suppress you. It's enough to fly past you. If they are close enough, you will be pinned down.

    You speak for yourself, alright?

    If they're "flying past me", I'll be the Judge whether that warrants taking cover or not, alright?

    Variable: That is just so ridicolous the only way I'd respond to it would be for the comedic value.

    I agree, hilarious thread.

    ++DoublePlusGood++ Would read again.

  4. How can that be true? Do you even know what suppression means?

    Suppressive fire do not has to be that accurate, that's what makes it that effective. Anything that buzzes past you in less than 10 meters has a big potential to suppress you. It's not even an intentional thing. Your body will react and put you down in cover.

    ROFL, what is this bullshit again - "body will react and put you down in cover" & "Suppressive fire do not has to be that accurate"?

    Have you missed the definition of what suppression actually is?

    "As noted elsewhere, suppression is only effective if the enemy truly believes that they will be shot or killed if they don't take cover from the incoming enemy fire."

    If YOU are not hitting anywhere near my loc, you think I'll hunker down & start crying so you could relocate to a better vantage point & finish me off? Dream on.


  5. scrim, this ain't about TvT, because not once has this come up in proper PVP circles, rather, this is AI bot commanders crying that it ain't difficult enough.

    BF3 doesn't have bo@ts, so that's a no-go. LOL

    ---------- Post added at 10:47 ---------- Previous post was at 10:45 ----------

    nicely and simply said.

    important thing is that if BIS includes it the playing field is then level for all players.

    Look at the God-damn definition above.

    Suppression is already in the game.

    If you peeps are talking about AI ONLY, then name your threads accordingly, so we wouldn't have to shift thru bullshit that is aiming to impose some REALISTIX tactic00l style on us, when we've been fine & dandy for a decade.

  6. I would like to see suppression audio only, as that's what effects people the most.

    Yep. ACE2 SM supersonic bullet cracks instill more fear in the target, than any subjective schizo-blur screen effect could.

    Re: thread,


    Suppressive Fire

    This is the act of putting a high volume of fire on an enemy position to prevent them from being able to return effective fire.

    Note that suppression is only effective if you can make the enemy believe that popping up to return fire is going to result in them being hit or killed.

    You don't have to actually hit them, but you must make them think that you can and might if they don't take cover. Suppression can be used to "fix" an enemy force while another element moves around to their flank to catch them in their unprotected or otherwise vulnerable side.

    Suppressive fire is typically done at a very rapid rate to begin with, which achieves fire superiority. Once fire superiority has been achieved, the suppressing element can slow the pace of their fire to facilitate ammo management, provided that they aim and pace their shots in a fashion that maintains effective suppression of the enemy.


    Tactical Definitions

    The following definitions cover some of the more significant aspects of the employment of team-level tactics. These are important to understand for the purposes of the remainder of this page's content.


    Suppression is the act of using fire and the threat of fire to deter enemy fire or action, as well as 'fix' the enemy in one place. As noted elsewhere, suppression is only effective if the enemy truly believes that they will be shot or killed if they don't take cover from the incoming enemy fire.

    Thread won't die?

    I guess, this is not the definition that the bot-commanders want to see, since, apparently, bots don't provide enough of a challenge to them, hence the cries for some forced "effect" that would provide EPIC, REALISTIX, GAEMPLAY.

    Oh, well.

  7. being suppressed results in vision

    (fisheye vision, darkening of edges, distorted colours), as well increased breathing.

    That's it? That's what this BS thread, and the 90-page one months ago, is all about? Looks like tunnel vision, induced by an (earlier) adrenalin rush - this could be another misc effect, not something central to the gameplay, and it isn't incapacitating in any way, unlike BF3 that YOU guys first mentioned in this thread.

    Either find a better example, or I'll keep ROFL'ing.

  8. FPDR

    So if I talk about what kind of vegetables I would like with my dinner, it means I hate meat and starch? This logic is so bad it's verging on troll territory, and I know you're not a stupid guy. I don't know why you would pull a stunt like this because it is, shall we say, distracting from any kind of point you might have had.

    You know what I implied: diverting dev attention & manpower from things that are objective, and that apply to every human being equally: fire that doesn't burn, tailrotors that don't kill, explosions/.50+ caliber gunfire that don't deafen, MBT fire/AT backblast/any kind of overpressure that doesn't apply a knockback & a lasting concussion.

    ---------- Post added at 03:10 ---------- Previous post was at 03:08 ----------

    If the worlds #1 military training tool uses it (VBS2) - than they obviously share much in common with BF3...:rolleyes:

    VBS 2.0 has many other things, like gore & dismemberment - can we have that as well? Btw, share an example in footage of this in VBS.

    The way I see it, they'd be lucky to reach this level of immersion that ACE 2 provides in ArmA II,

    As always, this video marks a /thread for me.

  9. Could you please name the individuals you are referring to when you say 'they', that hold both the opinion that they would like suppression effects and also they don't want ringing ears? Because I think perhaps you are referring to no one.

    I'd say that would be everyone, who is in favour of this topic, seeing as we don't even have a proper medical system, nor any of the tangible stuff that ACE 2 had, which reminded the player of his own mortality at every single step. Oh, wait, there's death from burning wrecks - that's a start.

    I agree that ArmA II/III feels sterile without the above, but adding subjective, emotional schizo effects isn't the God damn priority.

  10. I'm not sure I've heard anyone down voting ringing ears or anything like that. Are you sure you didn't just make that up?

    We've had this discussion. They want their schizo effects, before any objective stuff that is very real & reproducible on every human being.

    I'll wait for ACE 3, if anything.

  11. No not simulate, as that is obviously impossible. Instead we want to reproduce the human response to a firefight.

    Cool demagogy, bro.

    Enjoy superior tactical positioning. LOL

    The clowns aren't even getting hit, yet they suffer from the schizo effects. So real.

  12. And why the hell people always mention that suppression=BF3? It already WAS in ArmA2 before BF3 was even announced.

    There isn't any in ArmA II - only a slight hearbeat rate increase and hand shake, when bullets lands within a few meters of the player, and even this effect is capped. There is no blurring of vision, or no other schizo hallucinations that incapacitate the player.

    It's more like an adrenalin rush, than anything else.

    You see, the people here want to simulate the emotional/human psyche response to a firefight, and not any of the physiological dangers, such as ringing in the ears from a loud explosion, or knocking back of the player from, say, MBT cannon overpressure.

    Good luck to them. LOL

  13. did you manage to get your AI squadmates to kill both guards in the building on the right hand side of the village without your ever having to enter the building yourself? If so, kudos.

    Well, you can see all of my 4 kills there; The AI squad annihilated at least 3-4 tangos in the initial engagement: one on the shore, 2-3 by the house on the right.

    Funny thing, actually: I ordered them to "Advance" as I was healing myself, and two of them them went uphill to my left & started engaging from there, securing the East part of the village. You can see them regroup with me, when I find the pilot in the shed.

    - Did you un-PBO the mission to change your loadout? I'm curious; why select a gun with iron sights and no laser optics for this night op?

    Nope, it's your standard load-out, I just took off the ARCO scope once we landed; didn't use the IR laser. I prefer ironsights to aimpoint while wearing NVGs.

    - I never saw you put the POW on the helo and use "Radio Alpha" to send it on its way. How did you trigger the end of the mission?

    Heh, I got the message that helo was on standby to extract the cargo, brought him into my squad, then heard a helo flyover and activated Radio Alpha - not sure if the helo was supposed to land. LOL

  14. "Nice & Quiet.

    An allied pilot ejected over Eastern Stratis last night. Intel sources indicate that he has been captured by anti-NATO militia and is being held in the abandoned fishing village of Tsoukalia. We need to get the man back before the militia trade him to the Iranians..."

    Seven Minutes of Glory. Rainbow Six soundtrack throughout the mission. :D