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  1. "I am a traitor who abandoned the army and nation by helping the enemy" West Germany 1945 IFA/ Faces of War/ Rismack/ ZSL poses/ Recolor/ General US equipment
  2. CSA 1938/ Rismack/ Geist/ RHS/ RDS Civ/ CUP/ P44 House
  3. Guess which Move I have in mind? FOW, Firewill F-14
  4. Faces of War/ Sabre's Secret Weapons/ recolor/ zsl WW2 poses/Ambient Battle script by ALIAS/IFA3
  5. "Anaconda 2016" M1A2 SEP tanks moving into positions for target practice at Wędrzyno firing range - Poland. -RHS
  6. Unsung 3.0C RHS Chernobyl Zone (Dark Theme) Tanoa
  7. ingram

    Arma3 Videos

    It's my first time trying to make a video so don't judge me :D It's nothing fancy though. No combat but just a climatic scenery video from the great Chernobyl Zone map with the additional Dark theme. Enjoy: