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  1. Ixian

    Sniper campaign team needed.

    Most likely it wont all be sniper playing. We will have some delta and rangers etc for variety.
  2. Ixian

    Naguals delta campaign probs

    Has anyone encountered problems with Naguals campaign for BAS delta units? Im on like the 22nd or 26 mission called Seek + assault. Big long mission. After completing and went to the beach extraction point and there was no boat or helo. I ran around all over the area on the beach seeing if there was a trigger and nothing. So now i can't proceed on. Also noticed if i would send a guy to rearm at the ammo crate in woods. He wouldnt come back or respond to commands. He would just stand near crate.
  3. Did Frandsen ever release the FAV for Resistance? I thought i heard something about it not being for REs. Maybe thats why my game crashes to desktop every time i try playing a mission editor wiht it.
  4. Ixian

    Black barons ufo

    I forget which movie it is i have it downstairs though. Its a movie that came out in the 1980s and this kid falls down a hill and gets knocked out. But anyways he ends up in this alien ship just like this addon. He sits in a little chair just like the one in the addona and a little eyball comes out of the wall and talks to the kid. And there is like a small lab against the wall full of creatures for specimens. It must be the movie where this addon idea came from.
  5. That truck can run over more than a just a little tank it can run over monster trucks. And most houses.
  6. Ixian

    The Iraq Thread

    The Iraqi resistance in ENgland have agreed to work together and they will form the new government just like the tribes in afgahinstan did. No the US wont be running anything. End of discussion
  7. Does Cpt Moore have a website with these downloads or what?
  8. Ixian

    Any newb friendly tutorials?

    I have no clue what your talking about. All I have is O2 stuff.
  9. Ixian

    Any newb friendly tutorials?

    Well ok, how do you get the file in the right format that you want to retexture? Do I take the addon and convert it or something?
  10. Well that first idea is like the others. And it cant find the script for the 2nd one which is a first. Plus you had some spelling errors in there.
  11. Ixian

    Any newb friendly tutorials?

    Is O2 what to use for retexturing also?
  12. doh its easy just example -name a solgier MyGuy -Create a trigger and in the "On Activation" line put -MyGuy switchmove "FXStandDip" he will then do about 3 push ups then stand back up i,m not sure how to make him to them for longer Ok, I did this and The guy like he says only does 3 then gets up and takes his weapon out. Another guy said to make trigger Repeat so I set it and it doenst work. Is there something I can type into the ON Activiation feild to make him stay down and keeping doing them?
  13. I did already do a search and just did it again to double check. I searched for all forums also and the only thing that came up was this post.
  14. Hi, I just downloaded O2 today and have been reading tutorials for about 2 weeks on O2. And to sum it all up I have learned *nothing* all the tutorials are for people who pretty much know how to use O2 or know what its talking about. Even tutorials that are titled like "O2 tutorials for newbs" arent for newbs there for advanced users. So I make this post to see if anyone knows where I can get a new friendly tutorial somwhere or maybe lessons. texturing and modeling is what im trying to learn.
  15. I thought I remembered seeing it in these forums but cant find it. Where can I get a script to make units do pushups? And is that all the excercises you can make them do or is there some more? Thanks