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  1. ITALIAN WW2 MOD is searching for talented and motivated people to continue the work on this mod faster. We are especially searching for:

    1) 3d modellers able to use O2 (if possible aslo 3ds max, but a good knowledge of O2 is enoguh) and able to provide us completely finished models (outside\inside views and mapping). We provide you high resolution blueprints, based on original drawings of vehicles\weapons what we plan to made.

    2) texture artist

    3) scripters able to create scripts from ZERO (we don't need people able to edit a script, but to ->create<- a new one)

    If u are interested to join our mod send some pics of your previous works to:

    G8MOD@libero.it or webdesigner@storiamilitare.org

    Thx to all

    Indy - Italian WW2 MOD

  2. i've recalculated normals with f5, and next i've used smooht edges on all the model, and it was looking like in the screenshot above, so i've tryied to to like this:

    i've selected all points of the outer border of the tank, but without selecting faces, next i've used sharp edges on the outer border that i have selcted and it worked.


    you must be carefull to select only points of the outer border of the hull and don't select faces

  3. Hi all, i've crated a new model in 3ds max of my CV33 (carro veloce 33) for the Italian WW2 MOD, anyway when imported in O2, i have this problem with normals (look screen)

    how can I solve it? it happens where i have made cuts for windows, or vents, or where 2 faces meets.

    I've tryed to use sharp edges and smooth edges but without a solution


  4. this thing is hard, if someone don't made it before you have to wait for it for some months (i have to go on vacations in 2 weeks and i will be back in september), it needs a lot of new animations, just look how many animations uses a soldier...

    If everything will be working it will be a uncomprssed add-on so everyone can see how it works and how to made some other animals for ofp smile_o.gif

  5. some other bugs i found while testing this great add-on:

    The fire geometry don't works, you can easy fire throw the helo with riffles or launch a grenade throw it, i haven't tryied rockets but i think it will have the same problem, pheraps in only some parts of the helo, i shoot at the middle, also i can walk throw it, but i know it's a big plane and big geometry lods are really hard to made in ofp...

    Also i think too the rotor dust is too back, and shall it will be better if incrased, because a big chopper make big dust...

    Aniway i wanted to report those small bugs

    Keep up the great work wink_o.gif


  6. I believe they are changed in the master config.bin (if you want them to effect default units).

    pheraps yes they are editing the source code...but i don't want to do this, i want to have a soldier with a custom walking\running anim without editing the source code...

    Where I can find the custom RTM's add-on? is it the break dance soldier or it's an other add-on?

  7. Hi, i've been working on some new walking animations for soldiers but i'm not able to put them in game on a soldier, i've tryed to edit the cfgMovesMC class but with no results, can someone help me with a base config for this kind of animation?

    Sorry for the other post in breathe forums but i need to solve this thing asap biggrin_o.gif

  8. Hi all, i'm working on a tank with a Flame Throwher on it. To made the damage working i defined it like a MG ang just edited the MG cloud. I deleted the tracer using the string TRACER_N_ALWAYS; but now i have a problem, is possible remove the crater and the dust what comes out when the bullet hit the ground or an object?

  9. Hello! I saw this thing in OPF, when I'm a commander of a tank or of an other unit and one member of the crew is injured the tank picture become red, this not happens in custom pictures anyone knows how it can be done?

  10. ok, the old version of binarize is working but it give me an erro because the p3d is over then 1MB, so i've installed the new version but the new version give me again "usage: bin addon name"!!! Stupid program....

  11. yes "usage bin_addon name" this appears in the MS DOS window (like using bin.bat).

    I've also tried to write this command C:\binarize\binarize.exe ITA_CENTAURO_B1 and in the windows appears this:


    binarize [options] source destination


    -textures =(folder) copy all used textures to folder

    -exclude =(file) contains list of file to exclude

    -tl optimize files for HW T&L

    -glide convert files for glide

  12. hmm, my binarize is on C:\binarize\binarize.exe

    the add on folder is in C:\binarize\m113c

    so i've opened the DOS prompt and typed C:\binarize\bin m113c...and it give me "usage: binarize addon_name".