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  1. Indy

    Texture problem

    Any idea?
  2. Indy

    Vehicle whit trailer

    No, i have an idea, I can define the triler like the turret of a tank and it will be rotating in the right directions, i have only to try it.
  3. Indy

    Vehicle whit trailer

    I know, but i want to make it whitout scripts
  4. Indy

    Squad logo

    How I can activate the squad logo on mp games when i'm using vehicles created in O2?
  5. Indy

    Squad logo

    On BI studio models i've not see anything what helped me..
  6. Indy

    Squad logo

    Yes i know this but how i can define it?
  7. Indy


    Is possible add some changes at acceleration parameters of some vehicles? I not want to change the speed but the acceleration.
  8. Indy

    How to join 2 near vertex

    ok it works , thx.
  9. Hi all, i have an other question, how i can join 2 near vertex to make a model whitout space between every part?
  10. Hi, is there someone what know where are definited parameters of the Night vision scope?
  11. Indy

    Night vison binocular

    I found this string: /* class NVGoggles : Default { scopeWeapon = private; scopeMagazine = public; magazineType = WeaponSlotItem; ammo=; displayName="NV Goggles"; displayNameMagazine="NV Goggles"; shortNameMagazine="NV"; enableAttack = false; count=1; initSpeed=0; maxLeadSpeed=0; useAction = true; useActionTitle = "Use %s"; sound[]={People\gravel_L,db-70,1}; } */ But if i want to change the color of the NV goggle what i must do? There arn't defined any proprietis of it here
  12. Indy

    Night vison binocular

    Yes but i can't find where all proprietis of the NV goggles are definited
  13. ...i've installed resistance again and the bug isn't here now....strange, airwolf be sure then your add-on have all selection in right places, try to install resistance again if you can't fix it..
  14. Damn, i have the same problem, i don't know why this happens because yesterday i havn't it....strange, very strange
  15. Have u defined all selections in o2 (vrtule, vrtule textura I don't remember if these two are right for choppers but be sure you have difned all selection names in O2 and in the cfg models)
  16. Indy

    Damage class

    What i must write in the cpp to enable damage textures on a vehicle?
  17. You must define the CFGmodel selection in your config.cpp file to fix this bug
  18. Indy

    Cfg moves

    Hi all, i have a problem whit an old add-on. Some times ago we heave created an add-on whit police agents and demostraitors. We have created a cpp whic removes the lying down action and simulate arrest by police when the demostraitor unit dies. We have a problem whit resistance now, and when we try to use the add-on we get this error: No entry config.bin/cfgMovesMC2/actions/No.actions crouch This happens only using ofp v1.75 and the add on can be used, but every time you load it, it give you this error Is there a coder what can help me whit this?
  19. Indy

    Pistol proxies

    I think this is wrong, if you want to add a pistol to a soldier, you need to add proxyes on it. I have made a new unit whit urban-war ewuipement (shield, helmet, and beretta92f) but the beretta 92f isn't shown in-game, there are no model in soldier's hands and it fires from the back of the unit... Anyone of you knows editor names of magazines and of the wepon, the beretta 92 i mean?
  20. Hi, 9 days ago i have asked for my new autorization codes to extend Oxygen license but no one replyes to my e-mail. Can someone of BIstudio make this codes and send me them? (I have to send the mail again?).... Also i think then ask for  codes every 45 days is very stupid, I know then you want to protect your software, but the copy what we can use is very limited and havn't most of the features included in the full version of O2, and can be used only to convert 3ds models to p3d. Also if ofp is still the best game is only because people can use and make all existing units in the world.... Thanks Indy
  21. Indy

    Extending license

    I have your same problem......i have a lot of work to do but i can't finish it...
  22. Hi all, recently i've converted an E2-C Hawk Eye and is almost finished but i need to dlete some bugs: 1) When i disembarg i can't board on it 2) I have added all possible component selections in the fire geometry and geometry lod but in game the model is "too solid" (when i want to walk under the wing i can't). There's a way to delete those bugs?
  23. Indy

    Flaps selections

    Any one knows Flaps selection names? And how i can make a plane whit 2 rudders like the A10 ?
  24. Indy

    Flaps selections

    I know then "klapky" mean flaps but how i can make right flap or left flap?
  25. Indy

    Paa or pac?

    I have a little question: what format is better paa or pac? and what is the difference between these two formats?