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  1. InqWiper

    Funny ArmA quotes

    Unknown person: Contacts, rear! Me: Contacts in our rear? That cant help your eyesight, can it? Hund: Depends on the level of enemy penetration. Typical zeus humor :rolleyes: There is also one in my signature, I dont think he ever realised what he said.
  2. InqWiper

    Bullet velocity - inaccurate ?

    Testing bullet impact was never done by observing dust if thats what you mean. The ballasitics were really off.
  3. InqWiper

    PMC campaign.. 1st mission.

    Artillery seems to be landing with evenly timed intervals. Run from cover to cover. I got killed a couple of times by it before I got better at moving tactically. I saw some rounds landing within 10 meters of enemies some times, that was fun :)
  4. I would probably prefer them to be able to take a couple of shots in the chest since they have armoured vests and include the medical system. If they get hit too much they should die and you have to restart from last save. A combination of withstanding damage, superiour skills, savepoints and a reasonable amount of opposition. Trying to balance this would probably provide the best experience IMO. Put too much on one point and you may ruin it. Btw, I think my SUV was actually hammered by a ZU-23 on the back of a truck in that mission and lived. Cant say for sure since the model changes when the truck catches fire.
  5. I have to agree with the frist post. Just played through the mission. I think its bad enough to see your teammates getting shot like 15 times in 20 seconds and still live in the other mission but this just takes it way way further. If BIS is gonna go hollywood Im not gonna stick around. This was complete BS.
  6. InqWiper

    ive started my own hand to hand combat style based off....

    Why run if you dont have to? And why the hell would you need to kill him? The gun idea is just idiotic, especially if you live in a less crazy country where 90% of the population has never even held a gun. It may also not only be yourself you are interrested in defending. Martial arts is also good for your physique and your mind usually. You do handle dangerous situations better with more self confidence, aslong as you are not an idiot and overly confident. How will you get out of a dangerous situation using your mouth without self confidence? Saying "please dont hit" me is more likely to provoke.
  7. InqWiper

    Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty released

    Not very unlike the video I linked to at the bottom of page 2 ;)
  8. InqWiper

    Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty released

    If you need to queue more than 5 units in a building you really suck. You can actually place buildings in control groups now. You can for example select 4 factories and bind them all to group 8. Then to start spamming vehicles you just press 8 and the shortkey for the vehicle in the factory. The game will then automatically spread the production wisely over all factories so that if you start producing 5 units from 4 factories it will first start one unit in each factory and then the 5th unit will start in the factory which has the least remaining buildtime. You can also set waypoints for the buildings to units so that new units that are built will go and join that unit. The hatchery even has a seperate waypoint for workers and combat units so you dont have to change waypoint when you produce drones/other units. Such a whine thread this is. The graphics are good IMO, the gameplay is balanced, ladder is working very well. Havent played the campaign yet. The editor seems amazing from what Ive seen in videos. If you want to know what the game is like go check out videos on youtube and dont listen to people who dont even know how to play the game whine away. Some of the complaints here are valid but not the ones concerning gameplay or game engine. Video about starcraft editor: There are more videos on youtube made by the community if you are interrested. This is what convinced me to preorder the game. Like OFP, because of the editor there will probably be no end of this game except when a sequel is released.
  9. InqWiper

    ive started my own hand to hand combat style based off....

    For your body type I would recommend getting in close and making it a wrestling match if you get into a fight. You most likely have weight on your side and perhaps strenght aswell. Turn the fight in your favour and dont try to do some kung fu stuff with the body type you have at the moment. If a skinny guy with a kickboxing style was to fight you I think you would have serious problems if you kept the fight standing. If you rush him and take him to the gound you will most likely be able to control him and from there its all your fight. Dont underestimate the usefulness of putting your whole weight on the guy. Not being able to breathe properly has a serious effect on stamina and may cause panic (and no, Im not taking a piss, this is a good thing to keep in mind even if you are the same weight). If you do this for fun just keep it up and dont get into fights. If someone wants to fight you for fun or for whatever reason try to keep it on grass or something so noone cracks a skull.
  10. InqWiper

    Battleye kick

    Im running the steam version and I am running from the only user on this computer, admin user. Changing the .exe-files to run as admin fixed the problem. Odd, but smooth :-)
  11. InqWiper

    Sydney Shark

    OMG, how will I now explain to my friends why I am lagging behind in Bad Company 2 rankings? :( Its a unicorn! Anyone who claims not to like this game is just insecure about theire sexuality! :bounce3::D
  12. InqWiper

    Boy kills father after taking keyboard away

    Its not like there are 20 kids in the world playing these games and so far 5 have killed theire parents. ;) I blame mastrubation, it opens a direct channel to satan!
  13. InqWiper

    ugly defacing of Polish victims in Belgian press

    Noone is asking you to mourn every death but is it too much to ask for to show a little respect?
  14. InqWiper

    ugly defacing of Polish victims in Belgian press

    Whats the purpose of posting in a thread with no purpose? I dont think we should ban everything that offends people but a line has to be drawn somewhere about what is acceptable and what is not. The line is drawn differently in different places and obviously we disagree about where it should be drawn. I think freedom of speech and freedom of press is more about your right to express your opinion and not about your right to disrespect others in any way you want. I think newspapers should be held to a higher standard than a normal person. If someone says all black people are rapists then they are an idiot, but if a newspaper says it they should get some serious heat.