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  1. Ilkka

    Patch 1.91 beta/final feedback

    Again with this patch, you cannot remove any addons. Or you can but when you try to start game, executing fails and error message "Cannot open file 'addons\'addon_name'" shows up. This bug was introduced in 1.85 but corrected in 1.90 and shows up again...
  2. Ilkka

    Anyone have resistance coop

    Well try this: http://www4.filefront.com/iron-bi....h_text; Quite long but works for me
  3. Ilkka

    1.85 patch troubles?

    Yup, did it already, but after playing custom campaign through, I would like to remove it and its required addons. Sometimes 100 Mb of useless addons... 1.85 seems to 'lock' addons somehow and this error did not happen with 1.75.
  4. Ilkka

    1.85 patch troubles?

    Aftere installing patch 1.85, removing any custom addons or campaigns is impossible. Resistance simply wont start, only error message 'Cannot open file 'Campaign\freedom.pbo' or 'Cannot open file 'addons\editorupdate102.pbo' And yes, I did use 'Search' a lot to find any topic.
  5. We tried this MPtest last weekend but could not use this built-in voice support anymore? Well, we used Roger Wilco instead and it worked fine. So this former 'directplay' voice support works no more in this 1.55 socket network code?
  6. Ilkka

    Please download my first mission pack

    I could say "Get mental help" but I wont
  7. Ilkka

    Request- M134 Minigun

    And one minute of fire at miniguns rate of fire weights about 250 kg so...
  8. Ilkka

    how to use the watch and compass?

    Here in Finland kids learn how to use compass and map in 3rd grade
  9. Ilkka

    Suggestion - Snowmobile

    Sure, vehicles like Bandwagn and Nasu <a href="http://www.mil.fi/kalustoesittely/00098.html (Edited" target="_blank">http://www.mil.fi/kalustoesittely/00098.html (Edited</a> by Ilkka at 11:50 am on Nov. 15, 2001)
  10. Ilkka

    OFP crashing with RAM

    Yes, I had the same problem with faulty extra 256 Mb, so did my friend. Ofp seems to the best mem-test available...