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  1. Here's a really simple way to do it. I wouldn't want to use this outside of messing around in the editor, but here you go - Make a marker where you want your squad to drop and in the name field type "AIDrop" Then put this in the init field of your character. _null = [] spawn { _ODSTSquad = 8; hint "Friendly ODST Inbound"; while {_ODSTSquad > 0} do { _AIpod = "TEI_HEV" createVehicle [0,0,10000]; _AIpod setPos [(getmarkerPos "AIDrop" select 0) - 50 + (random 100), (getmarkerPos "AIDrop" select 1) - 50 + (random 100), 500]; _AIpod setdir (random 360); _AI = (group player) createUnit ["TEI_UNSC_ODST_Scout", [0,0,10000], [], 20, "FORM"]; _AI moveindriver _AIpod; [_AIPod, _AI] spawn TEI_HEV_fnc_podLaunchAI; _ODSTSquad = _ODSTSquad - 1; sleep 0.2 + (random 0.5); }; }; Change the amount of AI you want to drop in by adjusting the _ODSTSquad value.
  2. Use this instead for AI. player addaction [("<t color=""#81BEF7"">" + ("Request ODST Support") +"</t>"), TEI_HEV_fnc_podCallAI, "", 7, true, true, "", "_this == _target"];
  3. Says "36 000 new visitors". That's some good publicity.
  4. The speed you can pick up with the Pelican is pretty amazing. I just banked and pulled hard, after a full 360 I had this speed: http://i.imgur.com/BWo3uBY.jpg
  5. Here are some old screenshots. Pieced together by duct tape! http://i.imgur.com/FTPfDiz.jpg http://i.imgur.com/KVhNBrW.jpg http://i.imgur.com/RFpDrzS.jpg With my script, it can hold 48 pods in one go
  6. The SOIEVs were surprisingly compatible with my old drop script! I remember seeing an earlier video where the person could blow the door off, is that function included in the beta? Also, is there a way to open the door automatically via. script?
  7. I've been digging and found no gold. I only noted that the frigate won't make it in time. I'm sure I'm not the only one already a couple of thousand lines of code into a mission for this alpha release based upon what we can expect for this release. Would be a bummer if something was missing. Just put the intern on the job! ;) Here's to hoping I can swap out my DIY space-elevator for yours on friday. http://i.imgur.com/N91zqSi.jpg (206 kB)
  8. We are using a large modpack and I had to use several different assets from that pack to make the mission as "authentic" as I could. I'd say it's about 70% mod content, so I don't think it would be worth it for now. I will of course convert the mission to Eridanus Insurrection assets once they are available to us. From what we've experienced in my ODST mission, the orbital drop mechanic brings in good gameplay features, so I have high hopes for the future. First of all, the initial drop is exciting and gives your system a shock start. Secondly, it brings a good implementation of JIP players as they are able to deploy in their own SOEIV after an optional uplink objective has been completed on the ground. I can't wait to start developing more fleshed out Halo missions once I get a hold on the ground-based assets, so some players will be dropping in as ODST, others will be playing as marines assaulting with Warthogs and Pelicans. Here's what I'm currently implementing. Targets will be transmitted from squad leaders to the commander, who will then confirm the shot. http://i.imgur.com/w4oJRL2.jpg (273 kB) Once again, not affiliated with the Eridanus Insurrection mod, but related.
  9. We have to make do with the assets we've got. Please save us soon! DISCLAIMER: OBVIOUSLY NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE ACTUAL MOD.
  10. Here's as good as I could make the ground impact with the default assets. This mod will be a godsend!
  11. I believe that the death percentage doesn't stem from mechanical faults, but rather pods being hit by anti-aircraft guns.
  12. How does the pod do the ground impact as it is right now?
  13. My DIY ODST mission is coming along well! http://i.imgur.com/Rzweu7D.jpg