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  1. HogRoot

    Military Humor

    How is that funny? Those pilots could have lost their lives.
  2. HogRoot

    Military Humor

    I nearly spat Dr. Pepper all over my monitor. That was friggin hilarious...especially If you have seen the original version Original BigDog Testing
  3. Place an invisible helipad at the place your waning him to land....that should do the trick...be sure to place your waypoint over the helipad.
  4. HogRoot

    Falseprophet's fx mod..

    I have been using this mod since it came out and I am having some problems using the arty and air support functions. Â When I pull up the inventory screen I can briefly see the arty and air strike options, but then they disappear and only leave the reload option under the Special Features box. Â I am not using any other mods in conjunction with this one either. I am using patch 1.14, but I have had this problem since it first came out and with other patches. Â Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also does anyone know what mods this mod is not compatible with? Â I tried using it with my regular mods via mod folders and I lost the option to set up a heli to transport vehicles.
  5. HogRoot

    zSniper in Treetop

    I finally got them to work. I placed them on an unlit fire in the objects section and elevated both using the setpos command. It is a beast moving them around getting them in the exact location in the branches that will give them a good FOV...but hours...days later it was finally accomplished.
  6. HogRoot

    Vietnam: The Experience

    It was fixed that way intentianally ...at least for the helicopters anyway.
  7. Can we get some pics of what these look like?
  8. HogRoot

    RAF Chinook

    Cool...looking forward to the next release...in your post you said you made it more of an olive drab color...does that mean it wont look at shiny when the sun hits it? (I hope)
  9. HogRoot

    RAF Chinook

    Also on the next release could you make the windows a little clearer rather than the smoky texture you have them set to? Espectially the pilot side and chin bubble windows. Thanks
  10. HogRoot

    RAF Chinook

    Actually the cargo ramp can be lowered from both inside and outside the chopper. Â On the real Chinook there is a actuating lever at the aft right location inside the cabin (crew compartment). Â So the crew chief/Flight engineer can raise and lower as he sees fit...there is also a panel that can be opened from the outside so as the reach the lever as well. Â However there is a switch in the cockpit that allows the pilot/co pilot to raise/lower the ramp...but it is very seldom used...the crew chief/flight engineer handles that portion...at least in the US Army anyway. Â
  11. HogRoot

    RAF Chinook

    Very nice model. I like the detail in the cockpit...and finally people are starting to realize the Chinook has chin bubbles for the pilot to see out of. The only problem with it is the rotor system. The blades are spinning the wrong way...the aft head should spin clockwise and the fwd head counter clockwise.
  12. HogRoot

    zSniper in Treetop

    Wow...ok let me spell it out for you...We are using the PMC Vietnam Total Experience Mod. Thanks TellX....I have my snipers positioned up in the trees...I used an unlit fire pit and placed the sniper on top of it...the only problem I have now is the sniper isn't firing at my troops. Â I can start from 200m away and walk right under him and he still doesn't fire...and most of the time he has his weapon pointed straight up. Â I have tried placing him on different objects to no avail. Â This is what I have in his init line <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">this setPos [getPos this select 0, getPos this select 1, 15]; this disableAI "move"; this disableAI "dotarget"; this setCombatMode "RED"; this setunitpos "middle"; Â ...and I have also played around with removing certain commands out of it, but still doesn't get a reaction no matter what I take out or leave in. Â If I put him 5 feet off the ground it works fine..my ai squad fire on him and he fires back..but I need him @20 feet up.
  13. HogRoot

    zSniper in Treetop

    Thanks for all the responses guys...I will try them and see how it works. @Andersson...In Vietnam the snipers would climb up in a tree and tie themselves off with a rope and set there waiting for GIs. @Wollie ....Excuse me...thought I was in the right thread
  14. The SF units look great!! Would it be possible to see some modeled without the helmets like with some baseball caps turned backwards and maybe some boonie hats? Outstanding work!
  15. OK guys I need some help. I am making a mission where the guys in my unit will be on patrol along a certain path. What I want to do is is put some snipers up in the tops of the trees like they use to do in 'Nam. I am using this <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">this setPos [getPos this select 0, getPos this select 1, 20] And messing around with the height trying to get him to stay in the tree, but they always fall to the ground. Does anyone have a better way to accoplish this? Thanks HogRoot