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    Copy Protection/DRM

    While I could live with a one-time activation, that still begs the question what happens when in three or four years the company running the activation servers may not want to keep maintaining them. I'm running flightsims that are 8 years old, some of those companies no longer around. With an activation requirement I would be up a creek for a reinstall of those classics. That's the conceptual problem I have with systems relying, even infrequent, on 3rd party services after sale. This of course is not an issue if for example a patch could be released after a year or such, removing the activation requirement. Thanks for the replies, the answers sounds encouraging - waiting for the reports on the physical disk then.
  2. Hi Team I feel that Bohemia Interactive has always treatened us customers well. Even Arma2 had it's disk check removed after a while, there's no silly connection requirements or such. Is the same relationship planned with TOH, or are you going to introduce online activation, Steam requirements or other such things? For me a game is only really MY game when I can install it with privacy and with no need to register or beg for authorization at an online service. It gets harder each month to find games that we really "own" and are not just leasing/renting. Please keep providing us with titles on physical media and customer-friendly copy protection. I sure could need a good helo sim. regards Helmut
  3. Thanks. I don't play online at all - are these scripts used in the INV44 missions? If it doesn't do any harm I'll put it in, but I just wasn't sure if it applies at all if I have no previous DAC installed. ---------- Post added at 02:08 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:00 PM ---------- Sorry for being tense today... It seems Oden's Warfare missions are not working correctly in 1.08 anymore. Is there really no chance this will work with 1.05 Arma?
  4. I'm downloading all the install files now, but please someone explain: what is the DAC fix? I've seen that Abbreviation on the forums every now and then, but what does DAC do, and do I need the fix anyway?
  5. Thanks, good idea. Haven't tested the installer, but if it allows to select directory that certainly will work.
  6. Thank you, but I'm always a bit worried about overwrite/incompatbilities with installers such as that... will wait then.
  7. Hi all Mod looks awesome, I tried to read most of the thread however and didn't see if there has yet been a straight PBO/Mod Folder install done?
  8. Helmut_AUT

    Oden Warfare Pack

    You are awesome in the speed to add new maps and features.
  9. Helmut_AUT

    FDF Podagorsk

    I don't know how it's done, but in Oden's Warfare for Podagorsk there are Civs and Vehicles around. Hand placed? But they seem random, so I thought it was ALICE. Awesome map. While optically similar to Chenarus, seems to me to have much tighter vegetation which totally changes the kind of battles.
  10. Helmut_AUT

    Oden Warfare Pack

    Found another bug: I get the occasional error message "you can not play this mission as it needs downloaded content that has been deleted" (you know the exact wording I think) refering to a AH-64. It seems to happen when my BLUFOR AI calls in an Apache. But the Apache works fine in normal editor for me, nothing missing there. Oh, and while I like the Arty handling as "batteries" placed near Town Camps, my Mortars have a great skill of killing themself when placed under trees (Podagorsk Power Station South Outpost for example)
  11. I didn't try at any specific range, but I know that when I buy normal non-silenced ammo for it, the sights work as they should at any range I tried. There is no reason this rifle should be given to the player with SD ammo, it has no silencer. So the fix is to give it the correct ammo, then the sights work again.
  12. Helmut_AUT

    Oden Warfare Pack

    BTW Oden, I found a bug in official BIS 1.05 Warfare missions which also affects your edits: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=93590 M1A4 Holo Rifle gets bought with incorrect ammo (STANAG-SD instead of normal Supersonic 5.56) which results in shots flying too high for the sights.
  13. Hi all I had reported this bug directly after 1.05 release - in a WARFARE game with default BIS missions (Cold War, War Begins on Utes) any M4A1 Holo Rifle (the Green SpecOps M4 with 203GL and Eotech Holo Sight) will have it's sights off. The shots go high on the top of the crosshairs. Now I found what causes it: By default when you buy that rifle, you get STANAG-SD ammo with it, ammo for silenced rifles with lower MV. Physically correct it is flying a higher arc at medium range to hit it's zeroing line at 300. Please someone at BIS take note and fix this.
  14. Helmut_AUT

    Oden Warfare Pack

    Sweet, great update. So the 9 Man Limit is not from you? But I could swear I regularly run 10 man teams in BIS Superpowers as OPFOR (BTR-90 and BMP-3 are optimized for 2x4 Infantry Fireteam and 2 Crew). Maybe something to look into? Besides it isn't working right, since a 9 Man limit shouldn't prevent buying empty vehicles...and it can easly be "overloaded" if you buy faster than the stuff gets built. If you could make this limit a customizable parameter it would be awesome, not sure how the AI teams would react though. Also, I noticed that when Group-Respawning I get the Weapons from the Guy I spawn into, but not the Character Class. That is, if I spawn into a Spec Ops soldier, I'm still using the external model of the normal Marine Soldier, but with Spec Ops Weapons. Since visibility against AI is particularly depended on player class as far as I'm aware (Snipers should be least easily spotted...) it would be cool if there was a way to change player class type. It would also make it possible to be a Tank Commander in external view, it always looks silly when an Infantry Soldier flys a chopper or commands an Abrams. Great idea with the Infantry-Heavy Mod.
  15. Helmut_AUT

    Oden Warfare Pack

    After some more playing, I really like the style of this. It's not feature-overloaded as Bennys (in my opinion), offers the same parameters as original BIS (which is important since reducing towns improves performance) but fixes everything that BIS left out. There seems to be one small bug, that sometimes I can't buy units despite having enough money. Seems to happen after a save game, requires a respawn. Come to think of it, I actually like the "respawn into group" feature. That makes it possible to become a Tank Commander or Spec Ops soldier (external model) which I like. The one thing I haven't yet understood is what happens to an Arty Battery when it runs out of ammo. I found a previous thread saying I can't reload them, have to buy new ones - will the old ones disapear? Also, I really like that the CivWar version features no NVGs for player or bought units. This makes illumination arty and other tricks finally important, and sets a nice difference to the "Major Forces" where everyone has NVG. ---------- Post added at 01:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:56 PM ---------- Okay, maybe a small bug, or I don't understand the feature correctly: If I already have 9 units in my team, I can't buy a 10th unit. I can't even buy an empty vehicle. If I have 6 units, and rapid-click to order more (so that I order faster than they are built) I can get up to 15 units. For a decent marine squad, I need 15 (13 soldiers, two AAV7 crew). Even for a decent russian squad, I need 10 soldiers in total. So either the limit at 9 is a bug, or maybe it could become a parameter.