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  1. HeyHiHello


    agree supporto!
  2. HeyHiHello

    armed civilians

    ok I now see! Thank Placeho!
  3. HeyHiHello

    BD Grenade Pack v3.3

    boom boom boom!! greatness (english leanring)
  4. HeyHiHello

    Bests Game Place!?!?!?!?!

    cooooooollllllll dooooooooodddddddd! I go in late nighttime!
  5. HeyHiHello

    FFUR 2006 2.0 Total conversion pack

    I no try yet! I try soon! report much done!!!
  6. HeyHiHello


    I try brit SAS soon!!!
  7. HeyHiHello

    Voices/Radio etc.

    where mods download? they keep up so why no reply? delete?...it help so thansk posts people!!!!!!
  8. HeyHiHello

    Thermal optics

    is doing!?!? Show ways Big Al?
  9. HeyHiHello

    Bests Game Place!?!?!?!?!

    bests place online OFP game?!
  10. HeyHiHello

    Performance Issues

    seeing distances low low low yoooo and ground pretty low low low
  11. HeyHiHello

    Steel the map (or laptop)

    make mission soon yoooo! I play then!!
  12. HeyHiHello

    problem with hungry script

    he full after eat much dinners!!!!!!! hope you find laughs while wait for answer ..scriptings hard!!!
  13. domo! how make wepon on ground? table place? good for others also! many
  14. HeyHiHello

    need american voice actors

    my accent bad but hope you find good voice! What mission making!? Cant wait!!!
  15. HeyHiHello

    armed civilians

    yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yyooooo Texas man!!! Try! civs should have gun ftp://www.gamepark.cz/ofpd/unofaddons2/BM59Pack.zip BM59 rifles Pack