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    Armed Assault.<br>Football.<br>Army Cadets.<br>Operation Flashpoint.<br>My Pc.
  1. Heathen13

    XFire Accounts for ArmA

    Yeah, it does sound pretty cool. Username: riflesspitfire Get some games going.
  2. Heathen13

    Game physics

    I'd say jumping was out of the question. What about a "clamber over" type control like in H&D2. Wasn't exactly jumping but you could get over a fence.
  3. Heathen13

    Music Recommendations

    Bands I listen to - Dragonforce Ensiferum Firewind Iron Maiden Metallica Dream Theater Avenged Sevenfold Pantera as well as others but my music list spans a few hundred songs Well into Metal
  4. Heathen13

    XAM 1.3 Released

    For me and 10mb took me 55 minutes...
  5. Heathen13

    Squad/Clan looking for player

    Name: The Rifles Armed Assault Regiment. Website: www.theriflesregiment.co.uk Info: The Rifles Armed Assault Regiment is based on a real-life British army unit. Only recruiting mature, realstic players and not John Rambo ensures quality of gaming. Using real life tatics and weaponry in many difficult and challanging missions all realism based is what makes this unit stand out. Be you a squaddie with an LMG, or a Sniper on a hill calling in an airstrike, this units for you. We use no crosshairs, infact, we use no aids at all, just you, your map, compass and weapon. We don't mind what your skills are, don't know how to use a map? We'll teach you. With nightly training sessions and massive all day coops on weekends, this is one intense close-knit unit. Age limit: 13+ Game types: Primarily Role-play Coop, few Clan V Clan battles. What we do: Kill communists, what it should be all about.
  6. Heathen13

    Sniper looking for Realism clan

    www.theriflesregiment.co.uk Get through basic and apply for the Sniper Reconaissance Section. Don't need to apply straight away, join us for a few games.
  7. Hey. Another British-unit clan eh? Check out: http://www.theriflesregiment.co.uk some time and maybe some joint co-ops! Spitfire.
  8. Heathen13

    06 -07 -07 Attempted London Bombing

    I'll tell you something, those 72 virgins must be busy.
  9. Heathen13

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Hey, think we could get a decent SA80 (L85A2 IW) with a X4 SUSAT?
  10. Heathen13

    New sniper system?

    I don't think we should have wind and elevation just to make sniping more fun. By doing that, EVERY weapon would need to be elevated and take in wind, and, personally I do not want my bullets landing ten metres to the left to get shot by some person with an SVD. Not worth it in my opinion.
  11. Heathen13


    'tis would be hilarious if they made it mandatory for everybody to have Werewolves from DogSoldiers in their game. "Right guys, a Shilka!" "One moment Sir! This wee doggies got my arm! Wait... that ain't no dog!!"
  12. Heathen13

    Version compatability

    Jeez. Do you honestly think BIS would rip this game into by seperating the community? No. They will release a Czech and German patch bringing us back to speed with the UK version.
  13. Heathen13

    East Wepons vs West Weapons

    M4 Aimpoint is more disapointing than the Ak in my eyes and the damn weapon calibrations on the M4 (on my clanserver) dont quite cut it, so I just attempt to grab M16.