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    What do you play Ofp with?

    New test in July 05 showed: The AMDs are faster for 3d-games. They are cheaper and for they are working faster with lower frequency they produce much less heat and use much less electric power. Thats it for me. I do now understand, why they had to use "extreme contracts" to get them all: http://www.amd.com/us-en....00.html
  2. Hannibal- I.

    BIS...perfect Game company?

    We all seem somehow to agree that Codemaster did a real bad job. It sure was Codemasters task to distribute and do all the marketing for OF. What else did they get their big share of the license fee for? Did they ever understand how far reaching the technology was in 2001 and that it still is? Did they ever publish nice facts like those, that the most modern Armies use OF for training etc.? There surely one parallelism to Linux and OpenSource: Worst marketing, best product. (Only remember OpenOffice having no problems with big documents whereas MS-Word still staggers early and that WindowsXP continously sends your data to MS always including the last media you used on the MS-Mediaplayer; @Moderator: If you need a prove for legal reasons, I will send you). It must be upsetting for everyone finding OF for 15 Euros beneath the counter but on top of the shelves you find Battlefield and many other ... low quality products - with high quality marketing! I do not know their contract but I know contracts of that kind a lot. It is not easy to fix the marketing obligations and, I think, BI was rather new to this. They should not have transfered the brand "Operation Flashpoint" to Codemasters either. Something has gone legally wrong, not well balanced contract ... I think. My perfect world: OF (or Armed Assault or whatever from BI) on a Linux System! Faster, stable, beautiful .... trustworthy ...
  3. Hannibal- I.

    BIS broken with CODEMASTERS?

    CM is somehow focussing anew on Online-Games .... they say ....: "Codemasters gründet neue Online-Spiele-Abteilung Casual-Gaming-Portal und verschiedene MMO-Abkommen geplant Der britische Spielepublisher und -entwickler Codemasters will sich mit seiner neu gegründeten "Codemasters Online Group" nun auch Onlinespielen stärker widmen. Geplant sind ein Casual-Gaming-Portal und auch im Bereich Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) will Codemasters bald Ankündigungen machen." Source: http://www.golem.de/0507/38986.html By the by: I dont like CM pressing Bohemia with that brand "Operation Flashpoint". Their marketing performance was bad as bad can be. They should be ashamed to have OF now laying beneath the counter for a 15 Euros, whereelse bad - but new! - games (like BF2) cost a 50 Euros.